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Kris Humphries

Ringless in Minnesota

11/4/2011 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries no wedding ring
Kris Humphries released some of his post-split aggression all over some weights at a gym in Minnesota yesterday ... leaving the place without his wedding ring.

Almost single ... ready to mingle?

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you know why he's not wearing his wedding ring? because he's getting a divorce.

1053 days ago


he desrved better then to learn about his divorce
online and his then still wife met with reggie a couple days before...wow!
keep your head up kris things will work out good for you in the end!

1053 days ago

Loving Latina    

Kris, file for an annulment...This was a fraud wedding. When she married you, she married you for a long term commitment, through better or worse....she lied!!!.... You have given into her and her family demands many times, put yourself first. She portrayed you as a fame seeker.... a man that was using her and her family for personal gain. I know you want to be the nice guy, but this is your reputation as well that you need to think about. These fame slores want their men to be submissive, ignorant, and easily manipulated, and you would stand your ground and she didn't like it. You more than likely tried to keep her grounded and tried to make her to be humble, but all it did was bruise her huge ego!...Sue all of them.... they have no right to disparage your name, nor manipulate your words, and to put them in a different context in order to make them look in a better light. She doesn't deserve you..Don't let her make you feel like your to blame either, she did this all to herself for not even speaking to you about the divorce, but yet wanted to state that you two remain friends... I feel sad for you, not many guys want to marry women nowadays, because they have lost their faith in marriage, and here you come along, fall in love, ask this woman to marry you and she and her family sabotage your relationship. they are money hungry, control driven, manipulative slores, with no respect for marriage. They deserve all of this backlash for being so Fake!!!

1053 days ago



1053 days ago


Team Kris H.

1053 days ago


He needs a cute boyfriend. Gay marriages last longer...

1053 days ago


I'd date him... He's kinda cute... but I wouldn't wanna mess around with anyone Kim did... Who knows where she's been!

1053 days ago


I liked Kris Humphries. I thought he was reasonable and sensible. He seemed like he was just a normal guy, and not into all the flashy things. I think that he will come out of this a better person than she will. I always liked her too, but it's a little ridiculous that she couldn't take her marriage a little more seriously. I would definitely date Kris Humphries. I think it even says more about him as a person that he is letting her keep the ring and everything else he had got her, because it was a gift. I understand that is the right thing to do, but not all people would be kind of enough to think like that.

1053 days ago

S D M F    

Kris Humphries should contest this divorce and make Kim pay big bucks to have him walk away!

Kim K. has been stretched by more athletes in professional sports and been on more hotel pillows then a mint at turndown service!

Don't let Kim off easy, fight it! Make it worth your while, she is going to drag you through the mud!!

Hopefully you walk away with minimal STD's

1053 days ago


I hope he was sleeping around on Kim because she deserves it.

1053 days ago


He is probably better off without her.....I am sure that that family is so overwhelming that you have no life to call your own.....

1053 days ago


hey kris, your ex piss on me whore just got back in town, looks like she put back on the ring and also looks like there is a huge effin "c word" tail between her legs.. her and her PIG family can't beleive their plan backfired..please do not let the whores play you anymore..they will now need you HELP THEM..walk away from their evil manipulative ways..

1053 days ago


So many episodes showed clearly how Kris was a NICE NORMAL HUMBLE guy with terrific values. Kim insisted upon a 7 bedroom home and he couldn't understand why they needed all of that. He was so grounded and normal for a basketball player who has EARNED more money with his talents than any of those golddiggers ever have. DASH was a pathetic excuse for a storefront.

Kris is a HOT talented hardworking guy with a grounded sense of values. Kris Jenner and Kim took over that ATROCIOUS black and white wedding and left him out. My goodness, this is the only family other than Lohan et al who manage to make Hermes bags look cheap.

What a big disappointment.

Oh By the way, Bruce Jenner is the ONLY ONE with sense on that show. Kris Jenner has raised some women to worship money and has done a very good job. Bruce is the ONLY one who keeps people grounded in that home.

Bruce, I don't know how you have survived that madness- they finally put you on the wall of family pics, shee*****hat mother is OUT OF CONTROL and sadly Kim K is showing her influence on her as she is morphing into Kris Jenner, physically too.

1053 days ago


Kris looks more relaxed than I've seen him in months!

Get an STD check as soon as you can buddy!

1053 days ago


I certainly hope he's not in on this drama. We can only hope the Kardashians go into hiding, never to be see or heard from again.

1053 days ago
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