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Kim Kardashian

Banning Divorce Drama

From E! Reality Show

11/5/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
There will be no two-part Kardashian divorce special on E! ... this according to sources who tell us Kim did NOT want cameras to document the private, emotional moments behind her divorce.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Kim will not be shooting any footage for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" until the beginning of next year ... and is insisting she does not want to exploit the "real" moments behind the divorce on TV.

We're told Kim will most likely acknowledge the split when filming picks up again -- but all of the behind the scenes crying, fighting and other divorce-related stuff will not air on the show.

If you're still craving a nasty reality break-up ... don't worry, "Jersey Shore" starts again real soon.


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You mean all the FAKE drama. You would think that E! would cancel the shows since the backlash is going to tank their ratings.

1083 days ago

Lynn M    

I actually thought KK was a sweet girl who made a mistake and I felt sorry for her. What I failed to notice was her self-centered, controlling, and selfish personality. I have yet to hear her apologize to Kris for putting him through a marriage she KNEW in her heart was an alleged fraud. She entered the marriage knowing she was going to bail and allegedly has admitted it!

So what gives her the power to decide what will and won't be shown. I'm sure sshe will make sure a hatchet job will be done on Kris when Kim and Kourtney's show hits the air.

KK knew Kris was sarcastic when she married him. She also knew he loved his family and home state. The show made sure the issue of a pre-nup was mentioned, one that allegedly treated him as an unequal partner. And her alleged refusal to return any and all gifts makes me sick.

In my mind, he deserves an annulment AND a settlement for her allegedly entering the marriage under false pretenses. I am sick of how KK family is not just calling her out on being a selfish "B" to Kris H. I, for one, will never look at her in the same way. Good luck in finding a decent guy, KK, who will put up with your "everything is about me" attitude. I'm fed up with you and your selfish and often rude sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. Khloe is inappropriate beyond belief. Run, Bruce, Run. And take your impressionable young girls with you!

1083 days ago


A GIF of Kim getting eaten by a shark, this should really happen.

1083 days ago


I think Kim Kardashian takes right decision. she needs to stop all activity until she gets mental stability. Roofing PA

1083 days ago


she got paid 18 million dollar for the fake wedding. kim is a hustler!!!

1083 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

omg tmz stop fkin reporting on this bitch! IM TIRED OF SEEING HER UGLY FACE

1083 days ago


Stupid slut. Another bad call by your "handlers." (Zoo animals have handlers too.) You're on a reality television show, you married to make a few bucks and have some more programing. What's wrong, you are quickly finding out that people are sick of you and are disgusted by your latest action so now it's not part of the reality? I never watched your show once, never will and hopefully now everybody will see you for what I've seen you as all along, a slut who likes to get pissed on. You're no victim, you're disgusting.

1083 days ago


Oh poor, poor KIM... now she cares... give me a break.... The NY show stopped shooting... and that was the end for Kris... How in the world can you expect a man just married to live under the same roof with Kim's sister & her boyfriend with the baby... That's the show folks... This was such a sham... and now that we ( the viewers) know it... Kim and the K Klan are trying their best to keep their fans... BOYCOTT THESE PHONEY SHOWS...
PS... KIM is not returning the ring because SHE BROUGHT IT HERSELF... come on - all due respect.. look at Kris H... can he even spell D-I-A-M-O-N-D-S....

1083 days ago


so when it's really real, it's not going to be on TV. And when it's really fake, it's going to be on TV. (Forget) Keeping up with the Kardaskanks!

1083 days ago


If she has the divorce thing televised, it's to make money off it and she's bad. If it's private, it's a scheme and she's bad. She can't win with you people lol.

1083 days ago


why not? they exploit everything else! so fake and pretentious!

1083 days ago


Kim you are such a fake and a phoney. Why not air the divorce? Is it because your marriage was as real as Kourtney's breasts? I Knew it was fake from the moment you had to leave the room and conjour up some fake as tears to cry into Bruce's shoulder, talking about how much you wish your dad was there for your farce of a wedding! I mean I know most of all reality shows are scripted but I've watched long enough to know that you have the ugliest crying face and that ugly face was nowhere in sight while you were wishing your dad was there!! Please! Why cant we just have Kourtney and Khloe take New York or whereever?! You are a boring talentless liar and the show, in my opinion would be better off without you!

1083 days ago


More BS from the Armenian Gypsies /Fame Whores/Low Budget Porn stars/and so on….Either E! received too much negative feedback about all the negative feedback the “K” Klan is receiving or Kimberly is trying to playing down the roller coaster events so she can escalate all of this psycho drama at a later date.

1083 days ago


she's got a real purity mouth

1083 days ago


Well, I don't know how much details you can create out of a 72 day marriage that would be TV worthy? Who watches this crap anyway?

1083 days ago
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