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Tiger Woods

Ex Caddie Makes Racist Comment Towards Him

11/5/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stevie Williams and Tiger Woods
Stevie Williams -- who was Tiger Woods' caddie for 12 years -- accepted an award in Shanghai last night ... where he described the feeling of beating Woods during an event in August by saying, "It was my aim to shove it right up that black a------."

Williams quickly apologized for the remarks on his web site, saying, "I now realize how my comments could be construed as racist. However I assure you that was not my intent. I sincerely apologize to Tiger and anyone else I have offended."

Woods' agent reacted to the comments, saying, "It's sad it's come down to this."

The back story ... Williams was unceremoniously dumped by Woods in July and then worked the bag for Adam Scott at an event in August. Scott won the event and Williams stuck it to Woods after, calling it "the best win of his life."

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No Avatar


It was just an adgective to describe Tiger's ass, which must assume he is familiar with.

1053 days ago


I don't think it was racist. But, how far as Tiger fallen that ANY bad joke about him would be tolerated.

1053 days ago


Shuda said, "Asian ass". He would still be half right.

1053 days ago


Steve really went above and beyond the call of duty if he was subjected to doing anything that exposed him to Tiger naked @ss. I guess I'll would be p!ssed too after being that "hands on" and getting kicked to the curb. Personally, I thought Tiger would have an off-tan-yellowish colored @ss ... but Steve apparently spent a lot more time down there to know and I'm not in position to argue with him.

1053 days ago


If he said the N-word then you whites out here would be hollering and b!tch!n about how blacks are allowed to use it among themselves. Anyway why could he just not call tiger an *******, why was his race used before. It was meant to strike a nerve.

1053 days ago


Well, he's from New Zealand, and they're racist as hell there, trust me. Nice, strange people, but no tolerance for other races.

1053 days ago


That is not racist! He is black. He has an ass, and this guy wants to shove something up it. What's wrong with that? Jeez

1053 days ago


Since when is calling someone an a------ racist?

1053 days ago


If anyone is surprised at this...they should be paddled...typical thing in America!

1052 days ago


Why doesn"t Williams grow up,all bosses can hire or fire anyone they want, Do not tell me he did not make any money in the twelve years they were together, Probably really over paid, Grow up williams

1052 days ago


I cant say for certain if it was racist or not but why would Steve even need to mention black in the statement? "It was my aim to shove it right up that black ass." If his intention was to shove it up Tigers ass, then why not just say that? For whatever reason he felt it important to point out that Tiger, whom everyone knows is part black, Granted, Tiger Woods is asian and black but most people don't look at Tiger as the representation of being black nor does his demeanor or personality reflect that of the personality of someone who has a black mom and dad. Not to mention I would think Steve Williams who has known Tiger over 12yrs to look at him more than just being black. After breaking that all down it does sound like Williams obviously has pent up resentment for Tiger. Which is also mixed with a little racist jealousy. Because based on the two's history together, one would think a none racist person would be over the fact that Tiger is part black and wouldn't even acknowledge it at this point. But like I said earlier Steve Williams for whatever reason felt the need to point out the obvious. But why?

1052 days ago

Mike in San Diego    

**** that white mother ******!

1052 days ago


As I black person. I don't think saying black @ss is racist at all. But I will say its not polite and I refrain from telling a white person "shut yo white ass up"(unless we were VERY good friends) because even though its not racist per se its racially disturbing and I wouldn't want to offend.

But more importantly I want to point out how bi-racial people who are mixed with black are so quick to say how they are NOT black and don't identify with it until someone makes a "racist" comment about that side they "don't identify with" then they pull race cards out. Oh, but I thought you weren't black Mr. Woods? Riiiight.

1052 days ago

sandy k.    

I'm black, and I would be sensitive to a remark I deemed as racist. I don't think Stevie Williams remark was racist. While Stevie did reference Tiger's skin color, the reference was clearly PERSONAL and directed AT Tiger, and NOT his race or ethnicity. In other words, he wasn't attacking Tiger because he was black, but because he is (in his eyes), an a--hole. (Nor did he call all blacks a--holes, which would have been racist.)
Another possibility is that he was taunting Tiger, by calling him "black" (as most people see him), but knowing that Tiger is sensitive about this and does not identify HIMSELF as "black", but as multiracial.

1052 days ago


Ungrateful idiot.

1052 days ago
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