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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humprhies

Reconciliation 'Up in the Air'

11/7/2011 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries threw a Hail Mary Sunday ... to see if they could save their marriage -- and after a four-hour meeting with their pastor, sources close to the couple tell TMZ a reconciliation is "up in the air."

According to our sources, the meeting with Pastor Joel Johnson went well as they talked through lots of issues. We're told the two expressed respect and love for each other ... but both acknowledged a lot is wrong with their relationship.

Our sources say Kris was "ecstatic" Kim made the trip to Minnesota and he truly thinks he can win her back.

As for Kim .... she's unsure if she even wants to give it another go ... but for now, she's willing to keep talking.

Stay tuned. 



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What a joke. They both say there is a lot wrong with their relationship? Then why did they get married? We're talking marriage here...not a date. I can only think of two and publicity. The SNL skit really nailed the truth about this family.

1059 days ago


This is about image and saving face. To late for that Kim. Even if you got back together this marriage will never work as many of us all ready know and then again more drama with another story line. Since watching your shows, I know that you 2 are not meant for one another. You need to live in the real world and without money, attention and your family. The family should be ashame as in your mother. This family is not a class act family or even example to others. Selfish, vaugar mouths and right down sinful. Your mother needs to be mother to her younger girls. At first I thought the 2 younger girls belonged to Bruce only because your mother pays very little attention to them and they act like she is not even their mother. Your mom also wants to be noticed and is more into making millions off her no talant children. As for Bruce, how could anyone have any respect for him. I can see why he is so out of touch with his other children. He could be a great father to all of his real children if he also considered a divorce from your mom that doesn't show much love between the 2 of them. Why he stays in this marriage is beyond any of us.

Young lady you need to quit everything your doing and get into the real world. How many more millions do you need since your image is just hanging by a thread now?

Let Kris go because he doesn't deserve this. He is alot of growing up to do and is not ready for a marriage as either are you. You don't have a clue how to be a wife or a mother at this point. Your more afraid of losing a diamond.

This whole ordeal is very sad and disgusting. With the money and drama, there is nothing good going to come out of this in God's eyes my dear.

1059 days ago

Loving Latina    

We all know that she is using Kris Humphries, so at this point it is up to him whether he will be a sucker or not!! But, people are still tuning into her... Her twiiter followers have increased since all this **** broke out!! Why, because of idiotic people that obsess about her. As much as we are tired of the Kardashian clan and voice our frustration with comments about them, if people are still interested in them, they will still make bank. It's that simple. Don'*****ch their shows, and they will lose ratings. Don't buy their products, and there won't be a high demand for them. It's that simple.. This family claimed to be real, but they play for the cameras. Kris Humphries is younger than her, he also doesn't understand how manipulative she is.. Everytime he leaves that home without her, its just time alone for her to make calls to her new boyfriend and her PR representatives. I still feel sad for Kris Humphries because he doesn't see it coming. Kim Kardashian and her sisters are all selfish, manipulative, ego driven, lieing, backstabbing, jealous whore bags!!! I wouldn't buy their make-up, clothes, jewelery, shoes, handbags, home line, nada!!! Keep making the Kardashians Richer suckerz!!!!

1059 days ago


The only reason Kim K. is even in Minnesota is because she didn't get the sympathy she expected to get. It backfired & now she's doing damage control.

1059 days ago

Steven Emmitt Bitetti    

Its truly a shame when people have to go out of their way to spill their mental anguish upon another party. An act like that is unwarranted. Such disrespect and ignorance that the anonymous coward displayed in this hopeless rant is of a hopeless ground of destruction. Be a civil human being and give up your ranks and try to be a civil person. Any human being can hide behind a monitor and supply a lashing or berate another human being. Justifacation is something that you greatly misinterpreted and in Kim's defense she needs people like you to inflict emotional distress, in all actuality your sad attempt at a hopeless rant WILL FAIL.
You will just be another sad person that had to take their time to try to defame Kim Kardashian's character. May God have mercy on your soul.

1059 days ago


I only hope this is Kris playing Kim. I hope he lets her grovel and strings her along....the whole time knowing she's only there for publicity and image redemption.

Can you image the accolades HE'd get by dumping her? I'd love to see that.

1059 days ago

Loving Latina    

HOW SAD!!! He's "ecstatic that she's there" and she doesn't know if she wants "to give it another go!" How pathetic, she continues to taint his image and he doesn't even get it. Her mind was made up a long time ago to make you look pathetic kris...She counseled with attorney's in New York 3 weeks before filing... What a scam!!! She wll be returning to L.A in a couple of days, and there will be a leak that she has so much to think about... She just wants kris to speak up on her behalf and play for the cameras.. this is all a ploy... sry, i hope everyone gets it.

1059 days ago


Boy he must really be stupid, hope his parents talk some sense into him before he makes the biggest mistake of his life, these people don't do anything unless it makes them money. Don't be a tool Kris she does not love you, she's in love with the idea of being in love.

1059 days ago


pimpmom will NOT Like this at all! she wants her number 1 money-maker all to herself!

1059 days ago

Dr. Patrick    

The whole Child Support laws in the USA is utter nonsense and designed to destroy families . Change the laws now and offer a flat Child Support payment BASED on the needs of the child say between $100 - $1,000 per Month and you will immediately see a drop in Children fathered out of wedlock This will also help to keep married people, married. It is simply Ridiculous and insane to grant $20,000/month to anyone for having a baby. The very foundation of the USA Society is threatened by these punitive and draconian laws.

1059 days ago


TMZ is "meeting with Pastor" a typo for "meeting with producer" ? this smells of poorly executed damage control to me.

1059 days ago

Dr. Patrick    

My Comments #53 was actually for the Terrell OWENS child Support Story. Not Sure how it got here.
Will typically not Comment on these people that are simply rubbishing the institution of marriage.

1059 days ago


Ok Kim...what is next in line for attention? Your such a media WHORE!!!

1059 days ago


For someone who was supposed to go into hiding she flew to HEE HAW Minnesota to get back and/or get counseling with Kris. Mom Kri$ goes on TV and makes a fool of herself and now a week before her daughter's book comes out Kim decides to see if they can save their marriage. Pleaseeeeeeee someone give me a's all a money game with that family.

1059 days ago


Oh YEA made marriage sound as bad as the "N"

1059 days ago
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