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Ashton Kutcher Apologizes

Ooops, Paterno Did What?!

11/10/2011 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher
attacked the Penn State Board of Trustees for firing Joe Paterno last night -- but there was one little problem, seems Ashton didn't know about Joe's misdeeds.

Right after Paterno got the chop, Kutcher tweeted, "How do you fire Jo Pa?  #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste."

Almost immediately, Kutcher was attacked by people informing the actor about the situation -- writing things like, "F**k you. He covered up child rape you sick, geriatric f**k."

Roughly 30 minutes later, Kutcher removed his original tweet -- and replaced it with, "Heard Joe was fired, fully recant previous tweet! Didn't have full story. #admitwhenYoumakemistakes."

He later continued, "This is an insane story, I just heard paterno was fired, getting the rest of the story now... Wow."

He added, "As an advocate in the fight against child sexual exploitation, I could not be more remorseful for all involved in the Penn St. case."

Kutcher also replied to people who called him an idiot -- saying, "I am" -- adding, "Honestly just had half facts man my bad ... I need 2b more responsible 4 my voice."

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tracy b.    

This fool knew all the details. He was trying to look good ASSuming the masses were gonna think the same thing but he got it wrong. Now he's trying to cover his skinny, pale azz!

1041 days ago


If charlie sheen is a narcissistic Hollywood Privileged douche HE KNOWS he is and YOU KNOW he is. This A whole here wants all his sycophantic followers to believe he is A. Intelligent B. Cultured C.KNOWS what the F is going on in the world. Wank off Ashton Butcher YOU SUCK!!!

1041 days ago

yeah right    

the biggest mistake is him being on Two and a Half Men, the show sucks now that Charlie is out of picture. Ashtons character on Two and Half Men reminds me of Kelso from that 70's show and thats why I really never got into that 70's show because there were too many annoying characters. I don't see Two and a Half men lasting much longer, I think there is so much everyone can take with Ashtons hyperactivity, its gets old and tiring after awhile.

1041 days ago

Throwback kid    

Ashton Kutcher is an uneducated young man, every time he opens his mouth he reminds you of it. Maybe he should stop twittering every 5 minutes like a teenage boy and go back to school and learn something. He is your typical celeb, he confuses having money and fame with actual brains

1041 days ago

Joan K    

Wow people are first starting to realize that Ashton is an idiot who should start acting his age and maybe wash his hair so he doesn't have to cover it up with that stupid looking knitted hat. Loser. I wonder if he thinks he looks like Jesus with that hair, I never could understand what people saw in this jerk

1041 days ago

eve from eden    

Of course this fool is for it. He screws the 'boutdead and the oldsters screw the newborns. Pat your pee pee loser. Now go find an old woman to stick it to.

1041 days ago


Typical hollywood dumbass. Uninformed, yet thinks everyone needs to hear his 2 cents about something he knows little about. What a moron...

1041 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Ashton needs to attend to his wife.

1041 days ago


Please bring back Charlie.

1041 days ago


looks like 3 careers were destroyed yesterday joe paterno, rick perry and ashton kutcher

1041 days ago


Hey idiots he didn't cover it up he reported it to his supervisor and his supervisor. Granted he should have called the police, but he didn't cover it up. Get your facts straight MORONS!!!

1041 days ago


Remorseful for all involved? Remorse implies guilt. Is there a reason he should feel guilty for them?

1041 days ago


This geek is such an idiot and tool. Stop tweeting nerd! This news was everywhere, maybe read, instead of tweeting your dumb thoughts. By the way, the tramp that he cheated with, is ugly - have some taste too. Kutcher will bring down the rating on the show immediately - terrible talent.

1041 days ago

tracy b.    

Liar. Didn't expect the backlash now he's in CYA mode.

1041 days ago


Paterno didn't cover anything up. It reported it to the proper authorities--his athletic director. It isn't like he witnessed the incident. Come people. The wrong people are being focused on here.

Also, obviously the students aren't rallying in favor of molestation. Have a bit of charity and integrity in your interpretations.

1041 days ago
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