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La Toya Jackson to MSNBC

Don't Air the Doc Murray Doc

But At Least Show it to Us

11/10/2011 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson is on the attack against MSNBC, claiming the Conrad Murray documentary that will air tomorrow will give "a murderer and convicted felon ... celebrity status."

La Toya fired off a letter to the network -- a letter obtained by TMZ -- in which she complains that Michael Jackson cannot defend himself against Murray's claims.  TMZ first reported, some of Murray's comments about MJ are extremely critical.

La Toya says she finds it "disgusting to permit this criminal to profit from homicidal acts that left my family without a brother, my niece and nephews without a father, my parents without a son ..."

La Toya wants the network to shelve the show, but if they don't she's asking the network to give the family an advance screening.



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Many of you are so wrong about the family not trying to help Michael. MJ had handlers that kept the family away. Tito was on the Tom Joyner Morning Show yesterday and he told exactly what happened when the family tried to intervene and help Michael. I don't know how to post a link here but here is the link or you can Google Tom Joyner Morning Show and click on "What You Missed". There is an audio of Tito.

1081 days ago


But it is ok for her child rapist and drug addicted brother to keep his fame and fortune.

1081 days ago


I find LaToya's face disgusting. Also the FACT that her brother is the KING OF PEDOFILES is disgusting too. SHUT UP HO

1081 days ago

OhPaleese and most of all the pay day for the family that stopped on giving....

1081 days ago


Talk about celebrity status. Like she has done something to be a celebrity? This whole clan lived off of Micheal except for Janet. They don't have a dime of their own. They have a lot of nerve to call anyone else out.

1081 days ago


I think what Latoya is asking for from MSNBC is very reasonable.

1081 days ago


I have to agree with La toya. I wish MSNBC would not air this do***entry. If they are the LEAST they can do is let tne family view the tape before anyone else.
Michael should be ALIVE right now, and Conrad Murry was the cause of MJ dying. it is appauling for MSNBC to air this do***entry.

1081 days ago

Jack Watson    

Does anyone in America, nay, THE ENTIRE WORLD care what this trainwreck has to say? I'm betting that the MSNBC folks are chuckling to themselves at the very idea LaToya Jackson thinks she is or ever was relevant enough to be taken seriously or matter. This hosemonster looks like she's been hit in the face with a shovel, is a "never was", and her only claim to fame is she has a dead popstar brother and the nose of a turtle. If ANYONE on earth is even less of a human being than Kim Kardashian I'm guessing it's LaToya Jackson.

1081 days ago


oh my god Laytoa shut up now the trail is over get on with your life, I think its you who wants to make money off your brother you and all the Jackson, my god let him rest in peace.....

1081 days ago


Dont she realise shes gettin people all curious to no what Doc Murray said now? And really its jest his opnion, right? Might be right, might be wrong, who knows?

1081 days ago


what gives you the right to see the Do***entary before anyone else? Wow La Toya = dumb bitch,

1081 days ago

My Little Girls    

La Toya, you have nerve to shoot a letter off to anyone..IMO
Did you appear on the Howard Stern show? How much did they pay you to humiliate your own family? As they they say, you reap what you sow in life and I think it's about time the Jackson's (except his children ) reap all the rewards of what happened to Michael. As enablers you all played a main part in what happen to your brother through the years and now you want everyone to pay the family for the treatment Michael was showed during his childhood and his life. Values/Moral are the two major character flaws lacking within the Jackson family... IMO... All the information will always be here on the Internet for all to read.. all they have to do is Google It...
The trial is over... as for Michael, "That Was It", time for the family to move on but considering you have the children... the hands will always be there for the hand-outs... IMO
Now let's see how much money the family can make off the auction and let's see if Michael's Estate has anything to say about all the proceed. The main items of value were taken by the family... the home videos of the children.. sold to the major Networks for Money... I'm wondering if Michael had music material he had been working on in his safe that disappeared.. I bet that was worth a bundle.
IMO.. it's time for the Estate to protect the children's future and make sure the Trust is Upheald.. IMO
Why do children always have to suffer for the good of the family... so sad... Prince, Paris and Blanket.. God Bless You

1081 days ago


Michael called, he wants his nose back....

1081 days ago


Is there some way we can get LaYoya "SHELVED?". She has to be the most annoying person I have ever seen.

1081 days ago
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