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Manny Pacquiao

Sticking It to Marquez

with Post-Fight Song

11/13/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It wasn't enough for Manny Pacquaio to beat Juan Manuel Marquez in a close decision last night in Las Vegas -- later on in the evening, Manny took the stage at the House of Blues and performed "La Bamba" ... perhaps the most famous song from Marquez's native Mexico.

Soy capitan indeed.

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Take a look at this:

1076 days ago


I don't see what the big uproar or "controversy" was about this fight. Anyone who knows just a little about sports & boxing is that you have to BEAT the champ, that means basically knocking him out, you can't go to the score cards. If JMM left it to the cards then that's his fault. Pac doesn't have to beat Juan, but Juan HAD to beat Pac. Plane & simple. Every other argument is more rooted in nationalism & race which is NEVER a determination of winning or losing. If you're mad because JMM lost because he's Mexican then move on.

1076 days ago


mightymad- i can sense that you still feel bad/sour about the result...ur questioning...Hey, rabid Pacman fans, a question: if your idol got so much problem against a 38-years-old fighter, how exactly will he supposedly KO a boxer who never went down in his entire career? Just asking... my answer is...why dont you ask mayweather why he wont fight pacman, last time i checked it was mayweather who doesnt want to fight pacman...maybe he is a chicken like you...bwahahaha...or just a though that this fight might be a set up for mayweather to get over with his fear and face pacman on the ring...

1076 days ago

gay hermael    

hermael,ha,ha,ha.......you and your mom are the reason of my life, you felt proud to be ****** by mexican garrote.
I waiting for you in home.......Cya!!

1076 days ago


I'm a huge Pacman fan, and I'll admit it wasn't his best fight. I expected more, but Marquez is his achilles heel...he just knows how to frustrate MP, and at times even outbox him. BUT, from what I saw Marquez did NOT win this fight. At the very least, the results should've been a TIE! MP outpointed him, that should not be disputed. Marquez landed some really good power shots, but the reason why he lost was because his coach was telling him he had already won the fight with 3 rounds to go. Had Marquez pushed forward and became the agressor at the end, he could've finish Pacman off BUT he didn't! PACMAN edged him out, and you have to remember being the Champion carries weight! Marquez needed to take the belt from him but he failed to do that. MP isn't the only Champ to have one this way. I've seen this many times where the contender seemed to have won the fight but in close fights like this, the Champ usually comes out on top. I'm not satisfied with this win, but as a Pacman fan I'll take it! I'll say this, if Pacman doesn't straighten up he should NOT fight Mayweather because he'll get outpointed and lose. I don't see Mayweather KO'ing MP at all but I can see him "outpointing" MP for the win. C'mon PAC get your head straight and get back to basics! NO MORE Hollywood celeb stuff, train hard like when you had nothing and were homeless! You can beat Mayweather if you focus!!! Props to Marquez, he fought a damn good fight!

1076 days ago


I think Marquez fought boringly, just waited for Pacquiao to throw the first punches. Pacquaio charged like a bull each time which made the fight interesting and entertaining.
Pacquiao's punches were just lighting fast and such a blur. I can understand why some people think Marquez should have won. I think some people REALLY need to replay the fight and watch it in slow motion.

1076 days ago


Asians can't sing? How about looking up Charice Pempengco, the Glee star, the "Pyramid" singer, and other nice songs she sang. Look her up please, and your heart will melt. She is so adorable and lovely with a powerful voice, I swear you'll not only accept Asians as good singers, you might become their fans.

1076 days ago


He didn't land hard, clean punches on marquez and he couldn't even hit the right notes to this song.. LOL

1076 days ago


cheaters never win look for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9z5jkzyRT7s

1076 days ago


He sang that song before the fight with Marquez in Mexico during the promotion. Do your freakin' research TMZ you dumb **** and quit turning that **** around.

1075 days ago


Check this out: Marquez cheats??


1075 days ago


To all of you who taught JMM won the fight, you are just jealous because Manny got his millions! hahaha....

1068 days ago
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