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Manny Pacquiao

Sticking It to Marquez

with Post-Fight Song

11/13/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It wasn't enough for Manny Pacquaio to beat Juan Manuel Marquez in a close decision last night in Las Vegas -- later on in the evening, Manny took the stage at the House of Blues and performed "La Bamba" ... perhaps the most famous song from Marquez's native Mexico.

Soy capitan indeed.

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I guess a win is a win huh Manny?

1073 days ago


While La Bamba is a traditional Mexican folk song, the version nearly everyone sings it Ritchie Valens version. Ritchie was born in LA and didn't speak any Spanish.

1073 days ago


I saw Pacquiao's face indeed and he just couldn't believe he won the fight. He should decline the title as it was a theft all over

1073 days ago


People who really don't understand boxing are angry that Manny won. By the score cards its undeniable that he won the fight fair and square. The last 2 rounds of the fight are what took Pac Man to victory. Personally I think that Manny overtrained for this fight...hence his leg cramping starting in the 4th round. Freddy Roach should instruct MP's S&C coach not to over work him.
There will always be people with their opinions and while it was a very very close fight Manny was the clear winner. I do believe that he should give Marquez another shot - rematch.
In the meantime if he wants to be Floyd he better go back to the drawing board asap!

1073 days ago


Pac-Man Beat Marquez fair and square..Not a lot happened in the fight from either of them, but Manny won hands down. He was the aggressor the whole fight.

Next up will be that trash talking mayweather, because he will take the fight after this ok performance by Manny, but believe me Freddy Roach will make sure Pac man is ready for all the running and counter punching Gay-weather will be doing in that fight.

1073 days ago


The fighter with the big name wins close decisions. That is the way it is, and has always been, in boxing. If you can't accept it you should find another sport.

1073 days ago


All the retards saying Pacquiao won dont know **** about boxing. I watched the fight LIVE and most of Pacquiao's punches were missing or either hitting areas that dont count. Marquez out classed him and out boxed him. Pacquiao had to win this fight no matter what cause its obvious the Media and Bob Arum wants to capitalize on the Floyd Mayweather - Manny Pacquiao mega fight. Floyd was right all along about Top Rank Promotions and their nastiness. I hope Marquez either encourages an investigation to find out if the judges took bribes (which they clearly did) or sues whoever is held responsible for being robbed a victory yet again.

1073 days ago

box sucks    

oh yeah, pacquiao wins no matter what you see, huh?, box sucks

1073 days ago


You bunch of idiots! Try to count the punch landed and look at the fact that Manny is the aggressor all night long. Hey just a piece of advice, when you return to your tribe try to learn English 101 first before putting some stupid comments. By the way, are you a Mexican? or should I say are you a part of the race which is called human? Just go to sleep lame ass! you don't know anything about boxing so just suck your father's **** like you both did earlier this morning.

1073 days ago


Marquez Won That Fight...ENOUGH SAID!!!

1073 days ago


It looks like the uninformed armchair boxing experts will stay in denial about Pac Man winning this very close fight. I have made my living for the past 10 years in the boxing expert and consider myself more qualified that most if not all posters on this thread.
From a professional to all the nay sayers......Manny won fair and square and nothing is going to change that decision. try your best to take a deep breath, wipe away your tears and move on. Maybe you will get your wish if theres rematch but for now Manny better get busy if he plans on beating Floyd.

1073 days ago


Asians can't sing, im not a racist this is just a fact.

1073 days ago


But let Floyd Mayweather do something like this post fight, TMZ would call is classless...CACs who write on TMZ never cease to amaze me.

1073 days ago


Lol, you guys are such instigators TMZ, Manny's not trying to "stick it to Marquez" with that song, he's sang that song WITH Marquez on Mexican TV before the fight, you dopes!

1073 days ago


Hey TMZ if you're going to post up this thread, at least get his name right: it's 'Pacquiao' not Pacquaio!

1073 days ago
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