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Wrestling Legend Kamala

I Got My Leg Amputated

11/14/2011 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wrestling legend Kamala just posted a video message online from his hospital bed, claiming one of his legs has been surgically removed ... but the Ugandan Giant insists, "I'm blessed. I'm alive."

According to reports, the amputation was a medically necessary procedure due to complications from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Kamala seems in good spirits in the video, saying, "I only lost my leg, not my life."

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Big Daddy    

Get better soon big guy. It's no fun being sick, and in the hospital to boot. Get healthy for everyone who loves you out there. You'll be back up, and around soon.

1011 days ago


I remember him when i was growing up, sad to hear he can no longer wrestle anymore. He had a very entertaining character in the Whacky world of Pro Wrestling.

1011 days ago


get well big guy. you were always a great person to watch on tv.

1011 days ago


Good attitude and a will to live! Best of luck, Kamala!

1011 days ago


thats Kamala the living legend. why is Kim Kardashian richer than him? oh! thats right, she did porn.

1011 days ago


another "wrestling legend"?

1011 days ago


God bless you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

1011 days ago

David Martinez    

I have been a big fan of yours for many years. I wish and pray for you strength for the upcoming challenges that lie ahead with your amputee. You have many fans still cheering for you. Prayers and strength for your family as well. Keep us posted on your condition and recovery on your facebook. Blessings of healing to you and your family. Warm hugs.

1009 days ago

Andre R.    

Good luck in your recovery, Kamala! Or James Harris as he's known to family and friends. I wonder why TMZ didn't mention his real name, or the fact that he is NOT really a savage who can't speak English, and that he's really American?

Apparently the "Ugandan Giant" had three separate stints on WWE, once in the mid to late 80s, but it was in 1992 when I first saw him. He had a "handler" named Kimchee (I believe it was really Steve Lombardi) and was managed by that little wimpy wuss Harvey Whippleman. They really toned down the "savage cannibal" schtick for his second time around, when he was competing in the 80s, he and Kimchee would talk about getting a bunch of vegetables and "roasting their opponents alive" in a giant pot. Wreslecrap.com put Kamala on their list of most racist gimmicks ever, along with "Akeem", (formerly One Man Gang), and "Saba Simba", African tribesman, complete with shield and spear. I kid you not, these characters really existed!

Anyway, Kamala briefly feuded with the Undertaker, who Tombstoned him at Survivor Series and rolled him into a custom-made wooden coffin that he had "built himself", and nailed the lid shut. Kamala would return the next year a changed man, as the Reverend Slick (himself at one time considered a racially insensitive character) "civilized" him somewhat and taught him how to bowl. Kamala would later be deemed dead weight and was released from the company later that year, I'm pretty sure it was because they had another giant fat guy that they wanted to push to the moon instead of him, it being the late Yokozuna, who died at age 36, weighing over 600 pounds. At least Yoko was World Champ for almost a year and later held the tage titles with the late Owen Hart. They then turned him face and his bad-ass credibility he had previously held while being a hated heel was all shot to hell. And he just kept gaining more and more weight until, well...

It's really too bad that Harris has lost a leg to diabetes, the same thing happened to the late Haystacks Calhoun, one of the biggest men to ever set foot in the ring. Anyway, I wish him well, and hope that he will get better soon!

1008 days ago

Carmen Esquivel     

i hope you read this comment. I feel compelled to tell you I have seen many people reverse their diabetes with a 2 month raw food diet and green juice detox. There is a lot of free YouTube videos online that could guide you and get fully recovered. But if you don't want to do it alone there is a clinic retreat in Patagonia AZ. I forget it's name but you can stay there and take care of all your meals and many leave without diabetes! please people can anyone get this message to him? well my grandmother has diabetes and is blind and on dialysis. I wish I had known before her he'll got this bad, that is why I want you to know. It does not have to go worse from here. <3 Love

1006 days ago


That is really too bad :(
he should be in WWE 12 video game
I wish him all the best.

1003 days ago


I hope he recovers well. It's good to here he still is in positive spirits.

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1002 days ago


I have been following James(Kamala's ) career since 1974 and in all my years i have never heard him speak once god bless him one of the most talented big man to ever get in a ring

997 days ago

janice watkins    

Yes we only have 1 body, but let me tell u peeps out there when u have SUGAR rhats no joke and u have to do what u hv to do. The frist think that goes frist is your TOES,next Part or your leg theen the whole leg so guys what your SUGAR and your Starches to because that turns into Sugar. hey Read up on it if u don't beleave me. Holla. God Bless u and get well real so to!

997 days ago

mark Lowe    

Glad to hear he is in good spirits. That is a horrible procedure to go through. Hang in there Kamala.

980 days ago
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