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Roseanne Barr

Ex Says She's Worth $42 MIL

Demands Lawyers' Fees

11/14/2011 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Roseanne Barr
's ex-husband is demanding $75,000 for attorneys' fees, and another $100,000 for dragging him through a child custody battle -- and he claims that's a tiny fraction of her $42 MILLION fortune.

Ben Thomas filed legal docs today demanding that massive amount of money ... in the wake of their extended custody battle over their teenage son, Buck. The exes reached a settlement back in August -- but Thomas claims Roseanne's efforts to strip him of custody were only motivated by revenge ... hence the demand for $100K.

In the document, Thomas points out the $100,000 is a mere .002% of Roseanne's net worth of $42 million.

By the way, Thomas claims he earns $7,305 monthly ... compared to Roseanne's $211,667 per month.



No Avatar

That explains it    

7k a month ain't chicken feed; more than enough to live on. I'm sure his son is proud of him trying to bleed his mom dry. What a role model he is.

1074 days ago


Another Fing loooozer. Get a job buddy.

1074 days ago


$42 mil? Its unbelievable considering that she is not funny

1074 days ago


And this is news worthy why?

1074 days ago

William J Clinton    

How did this worthless do nothing fat whore get 42 million dollars

1074 days ago


Imagine what it would be like living with her... OMG

1074 days ago


I think he should get it. She makes agreements, renegs on them, then takes him to court again. The expense of court if more burdensome on him. I think the only reason she does it is to blackmail him into agreeing to what she wants.

1074 days ago


O.k. so she is a wealthy woman. What's his point? That he shouldn't pay HIS lawyer's bill because he isn't wealthy? He hired the lawyer so he should pay the bill he made with his lawyer. As far as the $100,000 goes what did the judge give him in the divorce? Wouldn't all of that have been decided in the divorce? If not that's just tough. They are divorced and she doesn't have to foot his bills anymore. Her concern is for their child and she should do everything she can for her son. The father is an ex and he should just make sure that his son is cared for. Chasing money he is not entitled to is just going to drag out the situation that much more. If you think Roseanne hasn't already got her legal team on this your crazy. How is he going to pay a lawyer for another battle? Thomas might want to rethink his position. I can promise him Roseanne is going to fight him on this.

1074 days ago


another loser who wants a woman to pay his way.........what a phkn snake!

1074 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

This guy is some kind of crazy. He's constantly making insane demands to get his hands on her money. He'll lose this one too and is racking up even more attorney fees. I guess he figures he better do it while the child is still a minor.

1074 days ago


If reports are correct, each time he has gone to court it is because she has refused to honor a binding agreement negotiated by the courts regarding custody for their son. In almost every case, the courts have sided with him as the wronged party. She continues to violate orders and causes him to go to court. Are you suggesting that he should exhaust his resources fighting for already established rights? She causes the problems. She forces him to apply to the courts for intervention, and at some point, she should be liable for the legal fees.

1074 days ago

John T.    

This is has been trying for years to suck any money he could off her, whats he going to do when the kid turns 18. Free loader, put your wife to work.

1074 days ago


It's got nothing to do with how much each of them makes or is worth. Who's dragging whom back through the courts again and again? If she is, she should pay. Their 'child' is a teenager; shouldn't all of these issues have been settled by now unless one or both parents are still trying to make the other pay?

1074 days ago


This sounds like another lawyer taking advantage of a desperate parent. Isn't the kid old enough to talk to the mediators and child Dr. to tell them where he wants to live? If she has been the caretaker, she should remain the caretaker and vice-versa with the other parent having visitations. At her expense because of her move to Hawaii. That's fair. As far as the lawyer goes, when there is a parent at fault for non cooperation of an agreement, sometime the court orders some sort of legal fees or at least 1/2. $100,000 seems very excessive for a custody hearing.

1074 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

She spends more on pork rinds in a week. Pay up. He fell on the grenade for all of us.

1074 days ago
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