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Roseanne Barr

Ex Says She's Worth $42 MIL

Demands Lawyers' Fees

11/14/2011 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Roseanne Barr
's ex-husband is demanding $75,000 for attorneys' fees, and another $100,000 for dragging him through a child custody battle -- and he claims that's a tiny fraction of her $42 MILLION fortune.

Ben Thomas filed legal docs today demanding that massive amount of money ... in the wake of their extended custody battle over their teenage son, Buck. The exes reached a settlement back in August -- but Thomas claims Roseanne's efforts to strip him of custody were only motivated by revenge ... hence the demand for $100K.

In the document, Thomas points out the $100,000 is a mere .002% of Roseanne's net worth of $42 million.

By the way, Thomas claims he earns $7,305 monthly ... compared to Roseanne's $211,667 per month.



No Avatar

that is 0.2% not 0.002 nor 2% ... ahhh zzzzzzzzzzzzz

1074 days ago


Male golddigger. The poverty line stands at $1,800/month and that's people who work their butts off to feel their children and a lot of people aren't even making enough to meet the 100% poverty guideline. They can't find jobs either because there is no work.

This guy is getting paid $7,305. That is more than enough to take care of himself and buy the kids food and clothes. Then Rosanne can also buy the children things, without worrying about paying the electrical or buying children food. Grow up rich people. Get over yourselves. Maybe you should live a year in a housing project and re-evaluate your lives.

1074 days ago


TMZ is correct. It is .2%, which is 00.2%. A little mistake in placing the decimal point.

1074 days ago


Just because someone has money doesn't mean an ex is automatically entitled to is like this ass apparently thinks.

1074 days ago


Does Rosanne provide the 7k a month he gets? Wasn't he a chauffeur or something? I know there is no way a chauffeur is making 7k a month. In this economy you would be hard pressed to find any job that pays that much.

1074 days ago

Illinois person    

First, when will rich celebs ever stop marrying way below their financial equal? With that said, dude if you're earning more than $7500 per month then you too are way, way above the average for middle America. Does your teenage son not live with his mother? What isn't mentioned is what was your payout at divorce time for you to go away? Have you gone through it all already? Just because your ex-wife has $42 mil, so? You too could earn that much and more - remember this is America. For some of you posters that are asking how she has this much, really? Were you not alive in the 90s? You've never heard of the Rosanne show and a thing called risiduals? Just ask Jerry Seinfeld and Ray Romano among others what they are. Rosanne is no different. Funny how some of you posters call Rosanne a whore so what's the baby daddy? Gigilo comes to mind.

1074 days ago

There's a problem here    

He was nobody who rode her coattails while she was winding down her 15 minutes. Fortunately for him, he was able to impregnate her. Any time there is a pregnancy involved with a golddigger, be it male or female, there are going to be money problems somewhere down the road.

1074 days ago


What a leach! Get a job and create your own life! This is the same guy who makes her pay for his wife and other children to vacation in Hawaii to "visit" his son! Good thing the kid will be 18 soon so Rosanne can stop paying for this loser!

1074 days ago

stan de man     

that ole nag/hag told the protesters they should bring back the guillotin and behead millionaires.. now shes worth over $42 million dollars..guess where they should start???

1074 days ago


Another deadbeat parasite who doesn't deserve a thing.

1073 days ago


If he kissed her just one time, just one lip: then he deserves every penny he is asking for.

1073 days ago


They are in a custody battle over a kid that is 16. He will be an adult in 20 months. What is the point?

1073 days ago


My niece went to the same preschool as Buck and would have play dates at the Roseanne abode. My sister said reports were that all Ben would do is sit around the house and watch TV. Seems he didn't like to work. Hmmmm.

1073 days ago


it wouldn't be because she has a little show on the TV now would it?

1073 days ago
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