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'Love & Hip Hop'

Glass BANNED from Set

After Multiple Violent Brawls

11/17/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Security has been completely revamped on the set of "Love & Hip Hop" -- including a total ban on all glass and metal silverware -- after several bloody, face-stomping, weave-pulling fights among cast members.

Fabolous' baby mama Emily Bustamante tells TMZ, the massive blowout between Jim Jones' fiancee Chrissy Lampkin and Juelz Santana's lady Kimbella Vanderhee during Monday's episode was the final straw (watch below).

We're told producers are fed up with all the injuries on set from girl-on-girl violence -- the bloodshed, the stitches -- and have decided to institute an all-plastic policy while camera are rolling ... plastic cups, plastic knives, plastic everything.

But it doesn't end there -- we're told each cast member will now be accompanied by a personal body guard wherever he or she goes.

A rep for VH1 had no comment.


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More garbage on tv. Amazing that people watch this trash and think it's cool. And women fighting? The absolute bottom of the barrel. Reality tv rots your brain.

1039 days ago



1039 days ago


REALLY... Three words... Bad Girls Club!!! :/

1039 days ago


you do not openly tell another woman u had an affair with their husband. it is 100% disrespectful. she was no remourseful about n still had an attitude that was the annoyin bit of the situation. chris shudnt have hit her but she deserved it. chrissy is an ass-wooper. lol.

1039 days ago

Billy Bob    

Wow that really was a sucker punch. How you just gonna walk up on somebody and then punch them, as they fall back, prevent them from getting up. When someone is ready to fight, you say
"Get up, because I'm about to knock you out." She did opposite and has her chest stuck out. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.
Give me a break. These people got kids too. I would be so embarassed of my parents. Their not known for being good parents, just ghetto brods.

1039 days ago


Regardless of their behavior, comments about them being trash and animals is going to far. I wonder about the person's character that speaks in this manner. They are just as f...'d up, low down and trashy as the people they talk about. So as a man thinketh; so is he. Read your d&mn Bible-if you have one.

1037 days ago


Chrissy is a bully and needs anger management...she better stop all that fighting before the big ass mole gets ripped off her face and she bleeds to death. She's angry because JJ won't wife her ass.....Bitterness does not look good Chrissy. Who does she think she is trying to straighten errbody...Silly!

1035 days ago

Priest Forever    

You wanna know what really amazes me about these reality shows (RHOA, Basketball Wives, and the ilk...) It's the fact that the main viewers of these shows that make women of color look absolutely dysfunctional, are women of color. The only thing that is more tragic than that is the fact that a couple of these shows are executive produced by women of color (Shaunie O'Neal, Mona Scott-Young).

As a respected member of the Hip Hop community, I decided to take action and start a petition to remove the term "Hip Hop" from the title of "Love and Hip Hop" as this show has absolutely NOTHING to do with authentic Hip Hop culture. I did this because I did not feel it was right of me to complain about something without taking action to affect change. Not only that, I am a father of 2 daughters who I dont not want to be judged or equated to the stereotypical images of women of color that the behavior of the women on this show perpetuates.

Some people in the music industry, the press and especially the so called "Hip Hop Media" will be scared to sign this petition or to publicly support this movement because they have financial ties or relationships to protect. I can respect that. This issue here though, is bigger than Hip Hop, (pun intended) it is about corporate entities promoting negative images of our culture and our people for financial gain and there is nothing "Hip Hop" about that.

Some people talk the talk while others stand up for what they believe in. This is what I believe in. Read this petition and if you agree with what it says then pass it to others. All you have to do to is sign your name to take a stand.

I thank you and Hip Hop thanks you.

Please sign this petition to change the name of the VH1 show, "Love and Hip Hop".

Priest Forever

1035 days ago

Truth Hurts    

If you put chains on them they dont act like this...Just sayin....

1035 days ago

Mz. G.    

Gotta luv dis show....u go gurl christy, u da BOMB..I luvvvvzzz me sum Jim Jones n Christy`...

1035 days ago


Damn, people acting like they never got into a fight!!!the people making these comments is probably the main ass in the bar getting thrown out, & if it was being taped I would watch that ish too..

1034 days ago


Chrissy should have been charged with assault.

999 days ago


Holy crap , that chick can fight! ouch

999 days ago


The ladies of Love and Hip Hop should be ashamed of themselves. Who does that anymore? Old women still fighting? Especially Chrissy. So classy. "Step outside...." It looks so silly on T.V. They have been given a great once in a life time opportunity and more times than not they are so immature. They should all take a grammer/English class and an etiquette class.

968 days ago


chrissey is so damn corny and act like she the ****. she needs to take that ugly booger off her face... she went out like a sucker for that wack display..

936 days ago
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