Selena Gomez' Alleged Stalker LAPD Says It's Not Over yet

11/17/2011 10:17 AM PST

Selena Gomez' Alleged Stalker Thomas Brodnicki -- LAPD Says It's Not Over Yet

Thomas Brodnicki
-- Selena Gomez' alleged stalker who was sprung from jail yesterday -- remains a real threat and the LAPD has a Plan B -- this according to law enforcement sources.

The judge in the felony stalking case ruled Wednesday ... there wasn't sufficient evidence that Brodnicki intended to convey his death threats to Selena -- and that's an element of the crime.  Brodnicki did, however, tell cops and his shrink that he had discussions with God about killing Selena.

We've learned LAPD's Threat Management Unit will send detectives to re-interview Brodnicki and, if appropriate, place him on a mental health hold.  Detectives would then go to court for a conservatorship, making Brodnicki a ward of the county.  Once that happens, they would contact mental health officials in Illinois -- the State where Brodnicki resides -- and ask them to take custody of him.  At that point Brodnicki would be sent packing to Illinois -- far away from Selena.

Detectives believe Brodnicki is still a danger, although they can't provide special protection because the criminal case has been dismissed.  We're told Selena is currently being protected by private security.