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Selena Gomez' Alleged Stalker

LAPD Says It's Not Over yet

11/17/2011 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Brodnicki

Thomas Brodnicki
-- Selena Gomez' alleged stalker who was sprung from jail yesterday -- remains a real threat and the LAPD has a Plan B -- this according to law enforcement sources.

The judge in the felony stalking case ruled Wednesday ... there wasn't sufficient evidence that Brodnicki intended to convey his death threats to Selena -- and that's an element of the crime.  Brodnicki did, however, tell cops and his shrink that he had discussions with God about killing Selena.

We've learned LAPD's Threat Management Unit will send detectives to re-interview Brodnicki and, if appropriate, place him on a mental health hold.  Detectives would then go to court for a conservatorship, making Brodnicki a ward of the county.  Once that happens, they would contact mental health officials in Illinois -- the State where Brodnicki resides -- and ask them to take custody of him.  At that point Brodnicki would be sent packing to Illinois -- far away from Selena.

Detectives believe Brodnicki is still a danger, although they can't provide special protection because the criminal case has been dismissed.  We're told Selena is currently being protected by private security.


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Blair Berk will deal with this.

1070 days ago


Maybe they should search his computer - I'm sure its filled with child porn since Selena looks like a 3-year-old. That would put him away for a long time.

1070 days ago


a friend of mine was stalked.....the guy was set free just like this friend was hurt by this stalker cause the police would not do anything about i see if youre some hollywood whore then you got their protection, but a normal good person like my friend gets the shaft...wonder who selena is blowing for xtra protection from the police?

1070 days ago


The case against this man has been dismissed, so he's under no obligation to talk to LAPD.

1070 days ago


That's how EFF'd up the system is. They would rather wait until he successfully kills her and then they will do something about it. That's scary!

1070 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

That's if they can find him, right? If I just got out for stalking, first thing I would do, is get on TMZ and read what the object of my stalker obsession had been up to. Maybe I'd send TMZ a thank you note for the heads up that the man was after me, again.

1070 days ago


If he must stalk someone why not someone worth stalking. Why this nobody? I don't get it.

1070 days ago


I would love to get my hands on Selena Gomez. I'd take her home and make a woman out of her.

1070 days ago


Well let's hope this psycho doesn't go through with it. I don't think the distance would stop him if he's serious about it.

1070 days ago


If he's talking to god he is definitely crazy

1070 days ago


The days of negligence in government is coming to a major highlight with Occupy Cities, which is only going to get bigger and angrier. Part of the protest flows from the fraud and corruption in the financial hierarchy, which has enabled by the legislations passed (or not passed) by politicians. This stalker is mentally ill, and a danger to society, specifically, Selena Gomez, yet in all their awesome powerness, they can't stop him from free access to killing her, which he has implied could happen. This is the ultimate stupidity of government being ineffective in their duty to protect society, so they should not continue to get 40% of everyone's tax dollars for life for mismanaging it. They can't even keep the public safe when there is a blatant threat, so the system is not working. People should demand their tax dollars back, because they broke the contract to perform this public service effectively. To put my argument in perspective, the American government spent a lot of your tax dollars to extradite Marc Emery from Canada, for selling pot seeds on the internet, and then incarcerated him for five years on your dime (thanks for feedng him for five years, considering that you have hungry American children), and yet, while this "non-violent" man gets to occupy an American prison cell for five years, they can't do anything about a crazy man who is threating to kill young girls? Seriously, are you buying into this crap? If Selena Gomez gets murdered by this delusional man, it's on the judge who pemitted his public release, and that judge should then be charged with "accomplice" to murder!

1070 days ago


it's good that she has her own security, she needs to take the threat seriously. I also wanted to say that a lot of veterans are out of work. Celebrities should look into hiring them for their security needs.

1070 days ago


Yhe baby looks like Bieber.

1070 days ago


Freaky. this guy looks like defense attorney...Mark Geragos

1070 days ago


That guy its my neighbor!! he stays at motel right across the street from my house omg who would of thought!

1070 days ago
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