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Shaquille O'Neal

REJECTED from Nightclub --

You're Dressed Like a Schlub!!!

11/17/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shaquille ONeal
Shaquille O'Neal
couldn't power his way through the lane at a New York nightclub this weekend -- getting TURNED AWAY at the door ... all because he was dressed like a lumberjack.

TMZ has learned ... Shaq rolled up to nightclub/restaurant Mars 2112 on Saturday night wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, tennis shoes and a beanie (pictured above with random fan later that night).

But according to the club promoter, Mike Mogul, Shaq's attire wasn't up to club standards ... so security politely informed the retired NBA star that he would not be allowed inside.

Sources at the club tell us Shaq calmly replied, "Are you serious?" ... then shrugged his shoulders and walked down the street to another place that welcomed The Diesel with open arms.

The move is pretty damn shocking, considering TONS of clubs would pay some serious jack to get Shaq to stop by, no matter what he was wearing!!

Denzel Washington does not have the same problem.

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Some dumb ignorant promoter just trying to get his name in the paper - tweeting all about it - great move duma$$ now more celebrities will be sure to come to your lame parties - I am sure Applebees, I mean Mar2kwhatever is happy about getting alienated by future celebrities and Shazaam fans - so dumb - what is even worse is that i posted a comment about this - I just hate ignorant people like promoters who think they are special because they control the door to a club - pathetic..

1040 days ago


In the clubs defense...it was not a "white event" it was not a "black event". Mars 2112 was closed for a while do to certain events where the people were dressed like this and did not know how to act. So this night was an upscale private event that had a dress code. Yeah I know its Shaq but would you let Shaq be in your wedding photos looking like this? Its just principle. You cant make an exception for one just person. I mean he sticks out like a sore thumb already being 7 ft tall...imagine a room full of people in suits and ties, all black gowns & dress...and then him...just not a good look!

1040 days ago


He's dressed fine. For the life of me I don't understand why people would wait in line to get into a club that is judging who can come in or not, to pay for overpriced drinks all night? If you don't want my business I'll take it elsewhere, and tell everybody what a piece **** this place is.

1040 days ago


He is nice & casual with that $200 Sean John top on but, yea ny is like that. He did that right thing though

1040 days ago


good grief, this guy just keeps getting fatter by the minute. shaq ate his way into retirement. he probably went to a club that had a buffet and ate everything they had.

1040 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Say what you want but to me it's refreshing to see that the rules there apply to everyone and not just the entitled.

1040 days ago


Oh , So MARS 2112 is like Applebees or TGIF ?lmao - No wonder shaq quietly left .- Some things u just don't fight..lol- hmm, why didn't he just turn around and buy the place..

1040 days ago


Have you ever heard the term "cutting your nose off to spite your face?!"

1040 days ago

nina turner    

SHAQ should be turned down. I know that everyone likes to dress down sometimes, but this look would not have been accepted by "my son". He qwould have been viewed as a thug. KEEP IT REAL. This guy has stylists and people to wait on his every need. He don't do anything, but shower and put on the clothes laid out for him. He has the money to buy the threads, why would he show up like that. He dressed appropriately earlier that morning when he appeared on the "VIEW" tv show!!!

1040 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

love it.

1040 days ago

northern gypsy    

lumberjack...indeed !!!
sorry...i'm with the club...
2 words...dress code...get it???

1040 days ago


Hey.... it's SUGE KNIGHT

1040 days ago

karen darvin    

Hello NYC, what's up?Guess what..I don't want to live in some roach and bedbug infested city where I would be lucky to get a one room apt for thousands of dollars.I don't want to go to your roach and bedbug infested nightclubs with dress codes because i t hink the 50's are over now.No one envies your grey cement world and dark creepy subways.I don't een care what designer handbag you're wearing because you can have any o ne you want and it doesn't mean a dam thing to you.Because my values are not outward appearances and the idea that how nicely you're dressed buys respectability.Live in your heartless grey world, turn people away as if they are beneath you, judge,belittle,enjoy your small moment of victory.How much of a man you must feel.You can pretend that every person in that club wouldn't have mentioned that as one of the highlights of their night out or taken a picture etc.Beneath that nice suit is a BEDBUG!

1040 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I really like Shaq, & I think he's one of the best sportsmen in professional sports, but I have to agree with the club.

Many restaurants & other establishments have had to loosen or even abandon their dress codes over the years, for fear of "offending"(my favorite word) people. I say too bad. I like walking into a high-end restaurant where people don't look like they just got in from a soccer game. Or just got up off the couch, put their sneakers on, & went to dinner.

Exceptions will always be made for celebrities, Denzel's the most recent example, & that's their choice & is most likely a money decision. But I don't blame the establishments who are inflexible either. This ain't Bamboo in Seaside Heights or McDonald's. I don't care if you ARE Adam Sandler, who doesn't even dress for movie premiers. Make an effort or you're not getting in.

1040 days ago


WWHAT!!!If i were the owner of that club, that bouncer would be fired!!!

1040 days ago
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