'Jersey Shore's' Deena Goes BALLISTIC During Club Appearance

10/5/2011 12:10 AM PDT

'Jersey Shore's' Deena Goes Ballistic During Club Appearance

In case you forgot why she's on "Jersey Shore" ... Deena Cortese launched into an all-out verbal onslaught last weekend in Connecticut -- ripping apart a nightclub bouncer for booting her out of the VIP -- and TMZ has obtained the footage.

Deena was at The Alchemy in New Haven for a paid appearance -- but once her scheduled 2-hour hosting gig ended, sources tell us a bouncer asked her to make room for paying guests.

We're told the bouncer tried to physically guide Deena out of the VIP section -- and the "Jersey" star flipped ... unleashing foulmouthed mayhem.

According to sources, Deena eventually calmed down and hung out in the non-VIP with the riffraff. Calls to the club were not returned.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with Deena ... who tells us, "After I did over an hour of taking pictures, dancing on stage, and talking on the mic, I was done with my 2 hrs of work ... the owner decided to grab me, put me to the side, speak down to me , embarrass me in front of my fans, kicked my best friend out of V.I.P. and made me cry."