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Demi Moore Divorce

The Aggresive Statement

11/17/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore drops the divorce bomb on Ashton Kutcher ...  and delivers an oddly harsh message too -- why she's taking a direct shot at Ashton's alleged cheating scandal.

Plus, Selena Gomez'  accused stalker, Thomas Brodnicki, is now on a 5150 psycho hold -- and our bizarre video shows why. Did the justice system fail Selena?

And is it okay for moms to be topless in front of her kids? It's our wildest debate since ... well, yesterday. You gotta see a TMZ staffer get OWNED by a viewer!


(0:00) Breaking news! Demi Moore announced she's divorcing Ashton Kutcher -- and her statement strongly suggests she's publicly accused him of cheating.
(5:05) It's been a great -- and terrible -- year for Ashton.
(12:50) Should couples stay together for the kids?
(14:25) Harvey's chicken scratch ignites a war with Tyler.
(19:01)  Twitter shots at Ashton and Harvey.
(22:30) Why did a judge let Selena Gomez's alleged stalker Thomas Brodnicki go free? Jason can't make sense of it.
(26:30) You won't believe what Thomas said to us -- it's as crazy as it gets.
(38:00) Hilarious -- Dean McDermott accidentally tweets a picture of Tori Spelling boobs.
(41:20) Ding, ding. Ryan and Jason go toe-to-toe over the breast issue of the day -- should a mom go topless in front of her young kids? TMZ Live just got real.


No Avatar


How soon before Demi changes her twitter handle?

1040 days ago


At least now Ashton can date Rumer Willis without it being awkward?

1040 days ago


Harvey is an idiot!!! Takes him forever to make a point, always gets off subject, somehow he can work himself into every story and he can di***** out but can't take it!!

1040 days ago


What's aggressive is being a well-known actor who cheats on his wife, exposing her to public humiliation once the other woman blabbed.

1040 days ago


If, she had stayed with Ashton what type of example would she be giving her beloved daughters?

It's NOT alright to cheat!

1040 days ago


It is definitely an aggressive statement and I think it comes because she realizes that Ashton in the end probably doesn't care about the divorce that much deep down because now he is free to **** younger, hotter girls and doesn't have to lie about it. He can become Charlie Sheen in more ways then just taking his job. I have no doubt Ashton is stoked today!

1040 days ago

No comment    

Maybe her doctor informed her she has an STD and she is pissed.

1040 days ago


it definitely harms the kid to stay in a marriage just for the kids,i know this from experience

1040 days ago


I feel I am the poster child to not stay together for the children. When my parents finally divorced, and revealed they had wanted to do divorce since I was a child, I felt my childhood was a fraud. It is much worse the older the child gets. Be honest with your children. it is nothing but alienating to remain unhappily married.

1040 days ago


Did not D More not cheat on Bruce W with Ashton C?

1040 days ago


Ashton should pay Demi back for all the money she spent making him a star. His popularity went into overdrive when he started dating Demi. He's a little twerp and he should hang his head in shame for what he did. I don't believe for a minute he wanted his marriage to work. C'mon he cheated on his anniversary! He's not a man, a man would've told his wife he wanted a divorce and got one BEFORE seeing someone else.

1040 days ago


Jason Beckerman You are the best!!! I think your opinion on naked breasts and breastfeeding women is bang on!! You are very mature and your points are well spoken!

1040 days ago


there is nothing wrong with seeing a a naked body, its the INTENT that matters.

seriously, some people need to grow up

1040 days ago


What's the big deal! They are breasts, she's breast feeding her 3rd child. I have one and he at times sees me getting out of the shower / and or getting dressed. He isn't scared, he's 6.

1040 days ago


The guy Jason is arguing with has no brain and is immature Jason. You might as well give up arguing with an idiot like that. If a family is comfortable with being nude around their children and teach them to respect their bodies and other peoples then it's not a problem! There is no reason for people to sexualise anything at home! He's got a warped mind and is thinking everything is sexual..he's the sicko!

1040 days ago
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