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What Happened to Natalie?

Captain, Sis & Author Speak Out

11/18/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


All the major players in the Natalie Wood death investigation joined us today ... and gave up all the details that led to the case being re-opened after 30 years.

One huge revelation -- Dennis Davern, captain of "The Splendour" -- says everyone on board, including himself, was wasted on booze! Plus, author Marti Rulli on how her dogged efforts renewed investigators' interest in the case.

Also, Lana Wood talks about her strange relationship with Robert Wagner since the night her sister died -- and they all tells us what they think really happened that mysterious night.


(0:00) Harvey breaks down the entire Natalie Woods case.
(12:05) Author Marti Rulli -- who spearheaded the campaign to have the case reopened -- is on the phone.
(13:45) How Rulli convinced cops to open it back up.
(16:30) What did Christopher Walken see?
(29:10) Natalie's sister Lana calls in -- and says Robert Wagner never talked to her about what happened.
(31:45) Lana says the captain of the boat, Dennis Davern, told her that Robert didn't save Natalie to teach her a lesson.
(37:05) Lana says Davern told her Robert was responsible for Natalie's death.
(43:00) Davern is on the phone now -- and he explains the events leading up to Natalie's death.
(45:50) What did Dennis hear that night?
(46:20) Davern says Wagner told his straight-up ... DON'T call the Coast Guard.
(51:01) Davern says he was smashed the night of Natalie's death.


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What difference does it make? If Wagner did say "leave her in the water" and she drowned before he realized it - seriously, what can he be charged with? They were all drunk and it was an accident.

1040 days ago


Why can't they interview Walken? if four hours elapsed after she went missing, he must have heard something and can shed light on the fight

1040 days ago


Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen in "LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER" One of the best movies ever!!!

1040 days ago


Not to start this again, but the whole tori spelling thing
Breastfeeding mothers are breast feeding most of the day. They also need to allow time for their nipples to dry as to avoid problems. There is going to be a topless mommy around as long as a baby is breastfeeding. In most places they want you to breastfeed till the child is 2. This is very time consuming. Grow up people. They are just breasts.

1040 days ago


And I'd like to add damn some publicity, its about getting justice for this lovely,!! Regardless of how Popular her husband is!

1040 days ago


ok - now i really have a hard time believing robert wagner held him captive in his house - and how does she really know what happened - and yes i do know ppl who sayed she was stumbeling drunk that night

1040 days ago

Don Alex    

Ooo, the lady is being "paid" for an interview by CBS? Gosh, we know that TMZ never does that, do they? Get off your high horse, Harvey. By the way, what is Elvis Mitchell doing sitting next to you? ;)

1040 days ago


I find it very interesting that the case has been closed and stale for 30 years and now, on the anniversary of her death, it is being reopened due to new evidence. It sounds like a PR stunt to sell books!

1040 days ago


If Robert Wagner thought his wife wanted to get with Walken, his reaction to her being missing was strange- he supposedly said his wife was "missing." If she was truly missing, and he was this jealous husband, he would have stormed Walken's room instead of feigning concern that she swam herself to shore.

1040 days ago


For heavens' sake, somebody tell Harvey/Charles to ask about the time after that weekend when the claim was that the Captain lived at Wagner's and had no control over his life, with bodyguards following him...!

1040 days ago


Even if it was proven Robert Wagner did kill Natalie Wood either by accident or on purpose that was some 30 years ago and the the courts will do little or nothing about it.
The court system give celebs and wannabe celebs a slap on the wrist for crimes they commit today so you know the system won't do a damn thing to RW for a crime that happened 30 years ago.

1040 days ago


Why are you just taking the word of the captain? He could be the one lying. He could have been the one that said hold on, I"m coming to get you out

1040 days ago


hmmm he got awfully quiet in his story when you got him to admit he was drunk!

1040 days ago


You guys are trying this possible case, before probable cause has been determined. OK, the captain was drunk, we all know that when,drunk,and faced with a horrifying,traumatic incident, that the body will produce adrenaline on a massive scale, having a counteractive effect on the toxicity of alcohol. Every cop knows this,every doctor knows this, and every lawyer knows this. What's your excuse, Harvey. Maybe RJ is paying you off. This guy (the former captain) has reliving this for 30 years. Every night before he goes to sleep see's the visuals of the start of the argument, Hears the sounds,of a continued argument. This man, has been tormented enough, you can see it in his face and hear it in his voice. He is trying to right a wrong he did 30 years ago. The truth will certainly set him free.

1040 days ago


The first time I heard the news 30 years ago the first thought that came to my mind was Robert killed her. I am not surprised by this, the boat captain's conscience is killing him. Hopefully one day her soul will rest in peace.

1040 days ago
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