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Mike Rowe Sued

I Get Teased in Prison

... and It's All YOUR FAULT!!

11/22/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Rowe
can't stand the nickname "Dirty Jobs" ... he HATES Lee Jeans ... and he's suing mad -- but he's not Mike Rowe the TV star, it's ANOTHER Mike Rowe, who happens to be an inmate at a South Dakota prison.

TMZ has learned ... Mike Rowe (the prisoner) is SUING Mike Rowe (the celebrity) -- claiming he copyrighted the name earlier this year and celebrity Rowe has no right to use it ... but that's just the beginning.

In the docs, Rowe (prisoner) gripes that his life behind bars is a living hell because of his name -- insisting, "I can't live here in prison without being called Dirty Jobs or ... Dirtiest Man."

He adds, "I am subject to this ridicule every day that I live."

As far as the copyright claim goes -- Rowe (prisoner) claims he has a major problem with celebrity Rowe's endorsements -- saying, "Lee Jeans states Mike Rowe wears Lee Jeans or [is] for them. I do not wear nor have ever worn Lee Jeans and further, I am not for them."

Rowe claims he's not a fan of Viva Towels either.

According to prison officials, Rowe was sentenced to several years of hard time after his 3rd and 4th DUI bust.

TMZ called Mike Rowe (the celebrity) for comment -- so far, no response.


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Prisoners will do anything to get out of jail for a couple hours. That picture above looks similar to Harvey.

1065 days ago


Shouldnt he be concerned with more important things such as not dropping the soap?

1065 days ago


I see this prisoner has gone to the Lindsay Lohan school of how to make money from lawsuits.
I thought prisoners go by numbers anyways.

1065 days ago


Change your name and leave Mike Rowe alone . Mike is a celebrity and has done over 300 jobs.. He has testified before Congress about the working man . He set up a foundation to help tradesmen and has elevated the perception of the tradesmen in the US.Mike Rowe has done so much with his celebrity to help people. Mike spends most of his time when not working finding ways to help other people. If some of you learned about his ability to speak , narrate and communicate besides Dirty Jobs , you would be suprised what good this guy has done in the past 7 or so years you would be shocked .

1065 days ago


Now I'm not certain, but I bet it's easy to differentiate between the two Rowes.

1065 days ago


Mike L, cool your jets dude. i live in south dakota, in fact im an hour south of this jackwad thats in prison. i wish i could go pay him a visit and smash him in the mouth for being a dumb bastard. as for celeb mike, i like him cept for the stupid jeans commercials he does.

1065 days ago


OMG!!! Nerve!

1065 days ago


Tough cookies - Mike Rowe the prisoner! Did you really think your life in prison would be a bed of roses. You could be called worse!!! I would imagine it's the tax payers that are paying you to sue also.

1065 days ago


I love Mike Rowe's self-deprecating sense of humor.

1065 days ago


Maybe it will get so bad he will find Islam and change his name to Barack Hussein Obama. Is that name taken yet,surely no American would have that name.

1065 days ago


Is Mike Rowe, the Prisoner still drunk?

1065 days ago


I know a Mike Rowe in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada as well... wanna sue him too?

1065 days ago


Really??!! This coming from a guy who's in prison and has done something horribly wrong to someone or some thing. Please! If any judge or jury allows him to win this case, they're just as much a low life as he is.

1065 days ago


Maybe having a rough time in prison will stop him from drinking and driving.

Hey, I saw this weird website:

1065 days ago

wow! if this stands (which is won't) could you imagine being named Michael Jackson? I bet he wishes he could wear Lee jeans.

1065 days ago
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