Mike Rowe Sued I Get Teased in Prison ... and It's All YOUR FAULT!!

11/22/2011 4:00 AM PST

Mike Rowe Sued -- It's Your Fault I Get Teased in Prison!!

Mike Rowe
can't stand the nickname "Dirty Jobs" ... he HATES Lee Jeans ... and he's suing mad -- but he's not Mike Rowe the TV star, it's ANOTHER Mike Rowe, who happens to be an inmate at a South Dakota prison.

TMZ has learned ... Mike Rowe (the prisoner) is SUING Mike Rowe (the celebrity) -- claiming he copyrighted the name earlier this year and celebrity Rowe has no right to use it ... but that's just the beginning.

In the docs, Rowe (prisoner) gripes that his life behind bars is a living hell because of his name -- insisting, "I can't live here in prison without being called Dirty Jobs or ... Dirtiest Man."

He adds, "I am subject to this ridicule every day that I live."

As far as the copyright claim goes -- Rowe (prisoner) claims he has a major problem with celebrity Rowe's endorsements -- saying, "Lee Jeans states Mike Rowe wears Lee Jeans or [is] for them. I do not wear nor have ever worn Lee Jeans and further, I am not for them."

Rowe claims he's not a fan of Viva Towels either.

According to prison officials, Rowe was sentenced to several years of hard time after his 3rd and 4th DUI bust.

TMZ called Mike Rowe (the celebrity) for comment -- so far, no response.