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Christopher Walken

Reacts to Natalie Wood Case --

I Just Don't Know (Wink)

11/22/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Christopher Walken says he just doesn't know why cops have reopened the Natalie Wood case ... but judging by his response, it seems like he's not saying what he REALLY thinks.

Walken was on the boat the night Natalie died -- but he retired to his cabin after Robert Wagner and Natalie started arguing.

We're told Walken is not a suspect in the investigation.


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Justice for Natalie!! The REAL CRIME is once she was in the water - no one helped her! It's so clear! Don't tell me no one heard her! This outrage will be paid back in multiples!!!

972 days ago


Well, I think C. Walken knows something about that night...why else would he lawyer up with a criminal defense soon as the case was officially re-opened?
Don't think he did anything though, maybe just kept quiet.
Someone threatened the female witness who gave a statement to the LEO's at the time. Her boat was 50 ft. away from the Splendour, her time line fits in...and she heard a lot.
Got a note in her mailbox at work, where she was a stockbroker, at the same firm Robert Wagner used. The note said to the effect "If you value your life, you'll keep quiet about what you know"
Well, that sounds pretty suspicious to me.
The Captain lies, doesn't do any search at R. W.'s reguest.
Everyone else keeps their mouths shut.
The woman, her son, and boyfriend come forward immediately and tell what they heard, but for some reason, that's all dismissed.
The lifeguard boat was 100 ft. away from the Splendour, during the night when Natalie Woods goes overboard.
Lifeguard finds her dead body and it's still warm, no rigormortis.
Something's fishy, even it was only someone being negligent and not caring enough to save her.
There's still some chargeable offenses associated with that, if not outside of the statute of limitations.
Did she fall, was she pushed?
No matter and under what cir****tances did she really die?
That should finally be found out.
Not saying he is guilty of anything...but I always thought R.J. W. felt a great amount of guilt about that night.

I'm deathly afraid of water & drowning too...yet I still go out on boats quite often, and stay overnight too...
but I sure the bleep, am not going to try to get in a dingy at night, to grab a bottle of wine, or try to to go ashore.
Someone afraid of water will go onboard and enjoy themselves the entire time.
They do not ever at night get near any part of the outer edge of the boat, and especially they don't when intoxicated.
Been there and not done that.

970 days ago


We don't know, even though it may appear that Wagner would be most likely to murder her. It may have been just an accident after all. She may have slipped during her drunken state and fell into the water. Wagner may have been angry with Wood when he told the navigator not to look for her. He may have regretted that statement when Reality took hold the next day and they found her dead. If he did do it, why isn't he contacting an attorney? If Wagner did it, and he blackmailed Walken, it may be that's why he's seeking legal assistance. What if Walken did kill her instead of Wagner? Nobody knows. Again, it may have been an accident, Wagner angry with her and that's why he didn't look for her. Why didn't the navigator look for her anyway knowing the state both Wagner and Walken were in? I blame him in a very large way.

969 days ago


Walken just said "I don't know", not "I JUST don't know" and TMZ thinks that sounds like he knows more?????? Good Gosh - get a life and leave the man alone. Quit trying to make something out of nothing again.

966 days ago


Most everyone has it wrong. First of all, Christopher still fears Robert Wagner. Wagner is known inside hollywood to have an unreal temper and makes threats. Plus he has some mobster friends and Chris is a wimp. Chris was makin' a move on Natalie before Wagner murdered her. Oh, exuuuuse me, before Natalie, who had a dreadful fear of dark sea water, went for a swim at night after drinkin' some booz! Took a dingy 'just in case'! Anyways, not a good idea Chris! Wagner went postal and threw her into the water and released the dingy. Then told the captain and Chris "No way, let her learn her lesson" when they said they had better go get her. This is the captains account and shame on him for lying about this in the first place. Natalie was first class/top drawer and made a huge mistake with Wagner in the first place. There are three witnesses still alive that refute Wagner's account and confirms the captains. And THEY have no dogs in the race! (Nothing to gain. Monentarily or otherwise) I say it's time for a noose! I remember when this happened and Wagner's response on a TV talk show. He wasn't shedding any tears! Then within a few months he was shackin' up with his co-star on 'Heart to Heart', the redhead, we won't mention her name for now, but it was obvious for about a year he was bangin' her. Pix were all over with them lip lockin' etc.. Time for the noose!!! (As Natalie's sister, Lana says, "Natalie deserves her say in court"!!! Time for the NOOSE Mr. Robert Wagner)

966 days ago

Megan Breaux    

Turns out Christopher Hitchens had fans and admirers from all walks of life. Found this post commemorating Hitchens by a rather unlikely blogger. Funny and poignant. He will be missed. Click here to read it for yourself

951 days ago


Natalie Wood's death was such a sad event! She and her fans deserve a closure. If Robert Wagner is guilty, he needs to be brought to justice. The question still remains: Why did Christopher Walken keep mum for 30 years? Doesn't he have conscience? If his breaking the silence now is just to get a book deal and cash on this tragedy, hope he will be made to pay for wasting public funds...

946 days ago


I Agree with one person on here. Natalie was scared to death of water and would NEVER tried to get in that dingy by herself. That I believe more than anything. Robert I am sure lied. Give Robert the lie test and see if he passes like the Captain did. And also the other guy. I never ever believed Robert when this happened and I never will. Someone payed off someone years ago. Really is a sad case. Never assume anything about this. It is a fact Natalie would have never gone out on that dingy at night alone drinking or not. I truly believe that. And it is stange another person or persons on another boat heard he scream. I truly hope Robert can sleep at night. God Bless Natalie and her family.

927 days ago


He's gotta know something., that boat wasn't that big.

Sorry Chris.

749 days ago
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