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Mike Rowe

Responds to Same-Name Lawsuit


11/22/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Rowe (the celebrity) tells TMZ ... he understands why Mike Rowe (the prisoner) has a beef about his name ... telling us, "The guy has a good point, I've wanted to sue myself for years now."

TMZ broke the story ... some unfamous prison inmate in South Dakota named Mike Rowe is suing the celebrity -- claiming he's constantly being harassed behind bars because they share the same name. He's also pissed that Lee Jeans claims Mike Rowe wears their product ... because "I am not for them."

Now, Mike Rowe (the celeb) is responding to the suit ... telling TMZ, "My attorneys are taking the charges very seriously. Naturally, since I got my last name from my Dad, I'm preparing my own lawsuit against him."

He adds, "And since my first name was my Mother's idea, she'll be named as well. It's a bit awkward, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna be left holding the bag on this one."

"If they'd named me Steve or Frank, none of this would be an issue.  As for the other Mike Rowe, I really do feel his pain, and can only suggest that he avoid Lee jeans while behind bars. They really do make your butt look good."


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HAHAHAHAHA!! Thank God SOMEONE still has a sense of humor on this planet! Was starting to get depressed...

977 days ago


What a great response...I knew I liked him for a reason great sense of humor!

977 days ago


You GO, Mike Rowe! LMFAO!

977 days ago


Too funny!

977 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

Awesome. Mike Rowe...the "Dirty Jobs" and narrator of EVERYTHING Mike Rowe... is the tits.

977 days ago

Tom Brokaw    

I dont know whats worse, calling Mike Rowe a celebrity or taking almost 24 hours to come up with a Lee Jeans / Prison related joke. yeesh someone open a window

977 days ago


Priceless! Great response and sense of humor from Mike Rowe(the celebrity). I appreciate our freedoms but a lawsuit like this is ridiculous.

977 days ago


ROFLMAO, ok that guy is funny, sue himself, LOL.

977 days ago


Ok, finished reading the article. Mike Rowe the celebrity is hilarious, he's going to sue his dad for his last name, his mom for his first? Then the comment about the guy shouldn't wear the Lee jeans in prison because they make your butt look good? Talk about NEW humiliation for Mike Rowe the inmate, LOL.

977 days ago

Booger McGee    

Most awesome response. Evah.

Celebrity Mike is boss!

977 days ago


Funny how memories come back...

Very early 90's, I met this guy (the real Mike) in Phoenix along with a few of his friends, who are also very clever and witty as my memory tells me. I remember laughing the entire night. He is very charming. I liked him and even kissed a bit. Nothing crazy, a couple of pecks.
I remember liking the look of his hands...silly.

I was not real smooth or agressive with guys, still am not, so nothing more occurred as I shyed away.

Just wanted to say he is a complete gentleman and very likable.

Like I said very quickwitted as you can see from his comebacks to the lawsuit. From what I saw of him in person, this guy seems to be exactly the guy you see on TV and hear in these quotes from him. Very likeable. (Mike, if you are scratching your head who I am, I am just a girl that came along for a small get together on Camelback at your famous friend's (won't tell) rock star house as you guys said...with a few of your other buddies. Famous friend not home at the time. Rock radio personality (un-named) was with my friend. (un-named). For all I know you all were lying about the famous house we were in, but I remember a red cannot miss vehicle that I do believe the famous (un-named) rock star owned(s). Rockstar does reside in the valley and does have the connection to the mountain.

Anyway...missed opportunity...Mike was a really nice down to earth guy...before Dirty Jobs and all the tv...I think he was a voiceover guy at the time. My friend really liked the dj and he was kind of cute...but Mike was the star of that group. At least that is where my attraction was. I was young and stupid and just did not know the moves that I am sure girls today would put on. One of the other guys was some kind of math genius/bookwriter. Very nice group, all just gentlemen. Most guys in that kind of group tend to be jerks. Not my experience.

This lawsuit goes to show that the USA and or states need tort reform now...loser pays. Frivilous lawsuits waste peoples money and the courts time, cloggs the system.

Tort reform with Mike Rowe as the poster boy.

To this very day...I am most attracted to smart, funny, nice handed guys...I am still not smooth with the guys though. Ha Ha.

977 days ago


FINALLY... someone in Hollywierd with a real sense of humor. Hilarious stuff!

977 days ago


Love me some Mike Rowe.

977 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Great comeback. Blame it on the parents... lol. Mike Rowe awesome guy for doing that show. It's just too bad the foolio's behind the station don't want to air it on the local channels for everyone to see. The ratings will sky rocket for sure but would rather have it on cable.

977 days ago


oh my god, i'm dying laughing. Mike Rowe (the celeb) is badass. He single handedly handled a stupid PR situation while giving a big eff off to the guy suing him.

977 days ago
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