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Former 'Sex Rehab' Star

I Didn't EXTORT Anyone!!!

11/23/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" star who's accused of attempting to extort a mystery victim in a threatening letter appeared in an L.A. courtroom today and pled not guilty to the crime ... TMZ has learned. 

TMZ broke the story ... Duncan Roy -- who directed the 2002 indy hit "AKA" -- was arrested last week for felony attempted extortion.

It's still unclear who Roy allegedly tried to extort -- and what he allegedly demanded.

Today, Roy's lawyer argued that as a movie maker with two projects in the works, Roy should be granted bail so that his employees can keep working.  The judge obliged -- and set Roy's bail at $35,000 ... though Roy has yet to be released.

Roy is due back in court December 2nd.


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Gobble Gobble......the sound of a sex addict

1066 days ago


So Jake 'the liar' Bauman had Duncan arrested? Got bored on Manhunt? Stay strong, Duncan.

1066 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Why did this guy need sex rehab? Were his blow-up dolls popping from over use? Who would even want to touch his funky love muscle? YUK.

1066 days ago

I hate Duncan     

Biggest loser I know

1066 days ago


How could he be punished? He would LOVE jail and the Penn State atmosphere.

1066 days ago

valerie woodruffe mullalo    

Sex rehab tell me about it, I've been there it doesn't work

1066 days ago


I believe in Duncan. I still support him, even if I am wrong and he were guilty, he has been very kind to me and we all make mistakes.

1066 days ago

I hate Duncan too    

The 'Talentless Mr. Roy', has previously been inprisoned in the UK for similar a similar offence, where he was arrested and jailed for impersonating a Lord. His ability at Extortion excels, unlike his film making ability, or lack of.

1066 days ago

I hate Duncan too    

who did he further extort to raise the $35,000 for Bail ????

1066 days ago


Whoever is posting, as "I hate Duncan too" seems to have very personal bone to pick with Duncan Roy. You can say what you want about him, but he is not "talentless". I wouldn't be surprised if your the one making up these phony charges. Just because he had done something when he was very young, does not mean that is the man he is today. Your comments show your character, or lack thereof, not Duncan's.

1066 days ago

I hate Duncan too    

Carrie, you must be deluded, he has a criminal record and went to prison ! His talent lies with living off other peoples money. As for his film making ability, did you ever have to endure "The Picture of Dorian Gray", not only is it awful to watch, it never got picked up by any major film distributor, which spared the viewing public.
I am sure that the Los Angeles Police Serious Crimes Division would be most interested in hearing from anyone else who Mr. Roy has attempted to extort, they can reached at 877-A-THREAT (877-284-7328)

1065 days ago


Duncan has stole from those who have rented his home. He doesn't honor his contracts, and steals their security deposits. He doesn't have a steady income, so he steals from others.

You can read more here:

1064 days ago

Animal Rescue    

The thing about Duncan..hes a con man. We have an animal rescue which he got a dog from. His dog wa***** by a car due to his negligence in keeping it leashed. We demanded our dog back from him, for it's safety (which, by the way, was reported stolen to the police per our contract which allows the recovery of a dog is abused, neglected, or unsafe)
he then stole the dog, brought her to NY, sent us many threatening emails, and eventually "gave the dog away" to some other stranger. We were unable to recover the dog, unfortunately. He is a mean man, a bully who extorts and threatens people and thinks he can take whatever he wants and dispose of whatever he wants- including animals (and people).
i would avoid doing business with, or being involved personally with him on any level. He is poison and sucks the life out of every person he comes into contact with.

1054 days ago


I have a big, fat personal bone to pick with him and it's almost as big as he is. He is a completely unstable and dangerous person. He verbally assaulted me in a fit of irrational, unchecked, and highly visible rage at a public event and I honestly feared for my safety and for the safety of those around me. The police were called and the event was disrupted. I'm glad he's in jail, although a nunnery would be a more healing environment for him because he is one severely emotionally disturbed individual who could benefit from decades of good - and clearly lacking - TLC. Good luck to him.

1053 days ago


First of all Duncan impersonated a lord when he was a young man. He did his time and paid for his crime. Quit bringing it up people. would you like to be judged now for the things you did as a teenager/young adult?
Secondly, Jake 'the liar' Bauman, is a guy who contacted Duncan under false pretenses of doing a book deal, seduced him, admitted he was living with a woman and cheating on her, and when Duncan quit giving him the attention and fame he wanted the guy turned on Duncan and has been the biggest drama king I've ever seen or heard about (except my own ex).
Duncan is a passionate man. He may yell or even get irate to get his point across but that is a far cry from being violent.
To the animal shelter worker who posted here SHAME ON YOU. Seriously, I volunteer at a few rescues and posting something like that publically is not only rude it violates any sense of privacy one should have. Duncan was completely destroyed when his dog died. To this day he is traumatized by it and he treats his other dog like a king. He had an accident with his dog. It could have happened to anyone. Show some compassion. Tia from Pitbull and Parolees had a person who had the same thing happen and she adopted to them again knowing they had learned from their mistake. If you weren't there you can't know what happened. Maybe the dog got off leash, it happens. Maybe he ran out of a car door. That too happens. Slandering Duncan anonymously shows you for the coward that you are.
I watched the show he was on because I am personal friends with one of the other people who was on the show but I ended up totally falling in love with Duncan for his honesty and vulnerability.
It is so obvious to me that Jake 'the liar' Bauman keeps dragging Duncan to court because it is the only way he can get the attention he so desperately craves from Duncan. And I'm sorry but you can't expect to stay in the closet when you sleep with a gay person who is in the media. Jake should go back into the closet he crawled out of until he can act like an adult. Why doesn't he move on with his life?

1050 days ago
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