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Ad Man Defends

Anti-Semitic Billboard

11/23/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The guy who greenlit that "Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing" billboard calls in -- Brian Gordan claims he had no idea Jewish people would be offended, and you gotta see what happens when we tell him ... we ain't buyin' it.

Plus, Congressman Aaron Schock joins us ... and wonders why Jimmy Fallon isn't catching more flack for his mean-spirited welcome to Michele Bachmann?

And Harvey takes a stand -- President Obama's turkey pardon is pure hypocrisy! What do you think?


(3:40) Wodka Vodka puts up an arguably anti-Semitic billboard -- does it make it okay that guy behind it is Jewish?
(16:20) Jimmy Fallon's house band plays "Lyin' Ass Bitch" for Michele Bachmann's entrance -- wrong or funny?.
(18:30) Love or hate her -- Harvey says it was a cheap shot. But ... "lyin' ass bitch" is fun to say.
(20:30) Rep. Aaron Schock calls in -- he's ticked off about the "inappropriate" song and says an apology is in order. 
(22:20) Schock says "lyin' ass bitch"!!!
(28:00) Brian Gordan -- the Jewish guy behind the vodka ad -- is on the phone ... and he doesn't think it's all that bad.
(31:00) Evan -- who's Jewish -- rips into Gordon. You gotta see this!
(37:50) Polygraph expert Dr. Edward Gelb explains how drinking affects the test.
(40:05) Harvey's crazy connection to Gelb -- involving O.J. Simpson! 
(47:05) President Obama pardons a turkey -- which means a pissed off Harvey's going to rant about being a vegetarian.


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who dat    

The pop-ups on your site are REALLY GETTING ANNOYING.

877 days ago


Yes the Roots crossed the line. Would that song fly with an intro of FLOTUS or Hillary Clinton, etc? Lack of respect for any woman being introduced....

877 days ago


When will Yeater allow the baby to take the paternity test? Do you know TMZ?

877 days ago


It's culture-ist, not racist. There is usually truth to most generalizations about cultures that derives from their past cir****tances and sometimes their religions. Some of it can be harmful, some of it, funny. This one, is in poor taste, but, on the funny side. Many Jewish people admit that other Jewish people are cheap. Black people don't tip, white people are uptight, Latins are emotional... All true!! *BUT*, not universally. There always exceptions!!

877 days ago


Perhaps the song with "Lyin" in the title is inappropriate or just wrong. Maybe song titles with the words "stupid", "ignorant", "unqualified", or "religious nut" may be more appropriate.

877 days ago


It is interesting to note that Brian Gordan, the advertising pro behind the Wokda sign, is himself Jewish. He claims the sign is being interpreted differently than it was intended. Maybe so, but as someone who usually rails against the current obsession with strict Political Correctness and especially the inability of people to laugh at themselves, I have to admit that this sign does seem to cross a line. But the company has said they are abandoning the advertising campaign, so can we all just move on?

877 days ago


They definitely crossed the line. It says a lot about our society when that question even has to be asked.
Perhaps some time in the unemployment line would teach them some class.
I'm sure there are other musicians out there that would gladly take the gig and be grateful for the opportunity.

877 days ago


So, Harvey Levin, you have problems with Anti-Semetic billboards, but you have no problems with ridiculing the Amish. You are pathetic, Harvey Levin.

877 days ago


Oh please, just proves the Jews run Hollywood. hahahaha Put the billboard up on The O.C., we get it! Plenty of people down here celebrate Christmas too!

877 days ago

Gee Man    

Hey Harvey and Charles.....when you guys argue it's so obvious...fighting is flirting you guys should get a room and work on it untill you get something straight between you

877 days ago


hey Charles, if you want to feel at home in Toronto....pronounce it like the locals kinda slur yes, tell Harvey that Schmuck really is my last name..

877 days ago


all the presidents have pardoned turkeys and they don't get slaughtered, they are sent to a farm, it's just that by the time they are pardoned they were already raised as food, so they are too over weight and only live a couple weeks, but it's not just obama it's every president - the only one who offended was sara palin talking about turkey pardon with some one slaughtering the birds in thr back ground

877 days ago

The Bob    

It's OK to call a woman a bitch but offensive to call a Jewish person cheap? Interesting...

877 days ago


I don't think this campaign backfired for the company. It is on every major website. People all over the country are talking about Wodka Vodka. Good marketing plan.

877 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

my gosh. jews are soooooo unbelievably sensitive. 'oh, it's because i'm jewish...' lol. fried chicken and watermelon!! relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax, you cu de ferro.

877 days ago
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