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Bootyful DUI Model

Sex Tape Was STOLEN!!!

'I Want Justice'

11/24/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Model SueLyn Medeiros -- the hottest DUI arrestee of all time -- tells TMZ, the sex tape that just hit the Internet featuring her and her BF was jacked from her computer without permission ... and now, she's gearing up to sue.

She has no idea how it happened -- but SueLyn claims she has already contacted a lawyer, and plans to drop the legal hammer on the website that published the video.

SueLyn tells us, "I am very upset and angry with all this and the way it was released and what was said about me ... I am in a loving relationship, and me and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does."

She adds, "Someone stole these files from us ... My family is very upset and disappointed. My mother can't stop crying. I want justice."

Attempts to reach the people behind the site were unsuccessful.


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What's in the water in Brazil? It seems the world's greatest a s s e s are grown there.

1066 days ago


Hmm... anyone remember that scene when Augustus Gloop goes down into the chocolate river and his mother yells at Willy Wonka to do something. Willy Wonka just absolutely loving every minute of it musters up his most sincere sarcastic " Help, Police, Murder" without really wanting to get the kid help.

That reminds me of this... she seems absolutely devastated that her sex tape was just sitting on her laptop and taken.. what a shocker. I particularly like the absolutely natural non-posed screen captures from her vid tape... totally natural. lol..... I am so glad that Kim Kardashian is posing as a worldwide inspiration to many aspiring young girls. If you try hard, don't' go to college, get a job as a clerk in your sisters store, that you too can be a multimillionaire if you screw on camera. Remember the old days, when you needed a college degree ? that was soooo 1980.

My hats off to you Ms. Suelyn Medeiros... at least your incredibly leaked sex tape looks watchable. I am sure the E channel will pick you up in due course and one day we can watch the Wonderful Ass of Medeiros on Disney on Sundaynights.

1066 days ago



1066 days ago


Who wouldn't film having sex with this woman? I know I would break the lights, boom operator, and director for our flic...

1066 days ago


At this point any celeb should know that if they have a sex tape or nude pictures it WILL get out eventually. So I have less sympathy for her than I might have 10 years ago before this was commonplace. Plus she has a pretty pretentious name and endangers the public by driving drunk, so I'm not shedding any tears for her.

1066 days ago


"and my boyfriend took a few personal private videos doing things I'm sure every couple does."

SMART people don't RECORD those things for others to get their hands on.

1066 days ago


wer can i watch the video??

1066 days ago


If you are a model and your boyfriend wants to make a sex tape with you, That's a red flag.

1066 days ago


Here we go again. "Alleged" sex tape stolen, call E fast! How many times are we supposed to fall for this crap? So if you want to get a head in the celeb world and your a female, make a porn then let it "leak" to the public. Is her mother her manager now? Lets face it, the E channel is nothing but a pimp promoting prositutes the calling them role models.

1066 days ago


Here's another opportunist trying to claim fame with a "stolen" sex tape. C'mon this tactic is getting old !

1066 days ago


"Stolen"? SURE IT WAS!

Yet another lazy skank who's gone to the Pari******on career school.

1066 days ago


People, people, you can't have a sex tape released without the permission of one of the participants. SHE released it HERSELF. End of discussion.

1066 days ago


Here's a novel concept...if you don't want a sex tape being made public, don't make one! Especially if you are constantly in the public eye. This isn't rocket science, people!

1066 days ago


The whole "my video was stolen" thing is so played out...give me a break...At least be original!

1066 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Fun fact... people that do intimate sex tape don't wear make up. Get over yourself. I'm sure if it was jacked from your computer, your computer would be missing but if it was hacked from your computer, I'm sure it can be traced backed to whomever it was being downloaded from. People just don't sit behind 7 proxies to download porn all day.

1066 days ago
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