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Tobey Maguire

Folds In High-Stakes Poker Suit

11/28/2011 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tobey Maguire
is buying his way out of that high-stakes poker lawsuit -- agreeing to fork over $80,000 ... this according to new court docs.

As we previously reported, Tobey was one of 22 people sued this summer for taking Ponzi schemer Bradley Ruderman to the cleaners ... in multiple underground poker games back in 2007 and 2008.

Ruderman was arrested soon after for bilking boatloads of money from his clients.  In a grand showing of chutzpah ... Ruderman filed for bankruptcy and the bankruptcy trustees turned around and sued Maguire, Nick Cassavetes and others, trying to recoup Ruderman's gambling losses in an effort to pay his Ponzi victims back.

It sounded like a bogus bunch of lawsuits, but  according to TheHollywoodReporter, Tobey folded by paying $80 grand.  Still not bad, considering the actor burned Ruderman for more than $300,000 at the tables.



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Cheryl A.    

Whatever the reason, that was income and should have been taxed so, oh well.

1058 days ago


He should have done the right thing and turn over all $300,000.

1058 days ago


Dang! I would've held out. How was Tobey supposed to know what a dirtbag the guy was?

1058 days ago


I guess the cards weren't in his favor

1058 days ago


This makes Tobey part of the problem and not the solution in regards to nuisance law suites.

1058 days ago


4 years..he'll serve two and can get this pedophile druggie out of his life.......with you all the way dr murray!

1058 days ago


So what am reading here is that if I go to a casino, gamble my money away, file bankruptcy, and the bankruptcy lawyers will get it back?

1058 days ago


Tobey's entire problem is that the trustee was attempting to prove these were ILLEGAL poker games. They didn't take place in a casino, and California law has something to say about illegal gambling. Yes, sometimes you have to cough up ill-gotten gains.

1058 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

The only person responsible for the money is the guy who lost it.

1058 days ago


SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is about to be passed in Congress. Basically it gives media and music companies the ability to shut down any website they think is 'stealing' their intellectual property.

I might be mistaken, but it seems the SOPA is being passed so that Tobey and his Hollywood buddies can continue having $300,000 grand poker nights fueled by cocaine and hookers.

IOW, SOPA = keeping the cocaine party going in Hollywood. I think the Occupy Wall Streeters should use vigelante justice and go Occupy Hollywood Cocaine parties. The stars are glutenous sinners who deserve to be punished.

1058 days ago


Ha Ha, ****wad. That's why they call it "gambling". Now go make another Marvel Comics blockbus, er, I mean, "Lack"luster movie.

1058 days ago


So let me get this straight. Tobey gambles and wins $300,000.00. Since Tobey was unaware that the money he won had been embezzled, he is responsible for paying it back. What? Does this mean that since I am paid through public funds (taxes) and most politicians are corrupt I must return the money? Wow! A bunch of freaking idiots.

1058 days ago


Bankruptcy trustees can only go for your money or investments you liquidated over the last 365 days after applying through these trustees.. Anything after that is fair game.

@ Cheryl A - Who is going to declare income to be taxed after winning $$$ from some private gambling session with some buddies or winning $$$ from a bookie?

1058 days ago


wow. people are so fickle. when the story first surfaced five months ago about 90% of the comments were in support of maguire. now everyone thinks he did something wrong. make up your damn minds. oh i forgot how can any of you make up your minds when you don't have have one. my bad.

1058 days ago


There was no judgment in place on the guy when Toby won the money, so at that time it was that guy's money to invest or lose. There was no 'house' taking a cut of the money being gambled, so the games fall outside of the illegal gambling laws in place at the time. Its not my money to choose what to do with, but even with as much of a headache as it would have been to fight this, I would rather have paid the 80k to attorneys to defend the case than to the looters who think they're entitled to someone else's money.

1057 days ago

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