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Dr. Conrad Murray

Sentenced to the Maximum

11/29/2011 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Michael Pastor threw the book at Dr. Conrad Murray
Judge Michael Pastor threw the book at Dr. Conrad Murray, sentencing him to 4 YEARS IN PRISON.  But Murray will not spend a single day in prison because of a new California law.  He'll serve his time in L.A. County Jail.  And in jail, at most Murray will only serve half the sentence.
The judge was angry, talking repeatedly about Dr. Murray's documentary in which he laid the blame at Michael Jackson's doorstep.  The documentary clearly weighed in the judge's decision to give Murray the max.

As for restitution, Judge Pastor ordered Dr. Murray to pay "appropriate restitution" to the Estate and to MJ's kids at a later date ... but the judge seemed dubious about the $100 million request by the prosecution.  

Judge Pastor ruled Murray must pay an $800 fine, a $30 court security fee, and a $40 criminal conviction assessment. 

Judge Pastor said, "There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint.  There are those who feel he's the devil.  He is neither.  He's a human being." 

Judge Pastor says it's irrelevant to him that Michael might have met this fate with some other doctor.  The fact is, Pastor said, Michael Jackson died because of the actions of ... Dr. Murray."

The judge said he looked at Murray's whole life, and he was impressed.  But he added Dr. Murray's recklessness with Jackson overshadowed the doc's good deeds, calling the treatment, "a cycle of horrible medicine."

The Judge noted, "Dr. Murray engaged in a recurring, continuous pattern of deceit and lies."
The Judge was incredulous, saying far from being remorseful, "There's umbrage and outrage on the part of Dr. Murray against the decedent."  The judge was making note of Murray's critical comments about MJ in his recently-aired documentary.

In the end, the judge said, "Dr. Murray abandoned his patient," calling his conduct ... "medicine madness,"  "egregious" and "a disgrace to the medical profession."

Brian Panish, attorney for Jackson family, read a statement:  "We still look at each other in disbelief.  Is it really possible he is gone?"  The statement goes on ...  "We are not here to seek revenge.  There is nothing you can do here today that will bring Michael back."  In terms of the sentence, the family said: "We respectfully request you impose a sentence that reminds physicians they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder."

Prosecutor David Walgren, who asked the judge to impose the maximum, 4-year prison sentence, reminded the judge ... Dr. Murray repeatedly lied to authorities about the events in the bedroom where Michael died.  He also noted the recklessness of Murray's medical treatment.   Walgren called Murray's treatment a "pharmaceutical experiment."  Walgren said, "The defendant was playing Russian Roulette with Michael Jackson's life every single night."

Walgren also asked for $100 million in restitution for MJ's kids, because that's what Michael Jackson would have made in the "This Is It" tour. Walgren also wanted Murray to pay a fair amount for the $1.8 million funeral.

Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, told Judge Pastor, Dr. Murray did not want to address the court, but the lawyer said no doubt Jackson's death is a tragedy that demands punishment, but Murray's "book of life" is much better than this one chapter.  Chernoff noted Murray was born "dirt poor" in Grenada and led an exemplary life that made him a cardiologist. But Chernoff noted Murray "will always be known as the guy who killed Michael Jackson."  Chernoff did say, "Michael Jackson was a drug seeker, and Dr. Murray was wrong in providing it."

As for restitution ... Chernoff shockingly never addressed the obvious -- that Jackson is worth more dead than alive.  All he said was Murray couldn't afford to pay it..

Murray Found Guilty


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Dose Of Reality    

I liked the Judge throughout the trial but I think he made a mistake with some personal comments today. It could really show that he was biased. All actions by the court should have been done without MJ's fame coming into play.

At least he acknowledged that MJ was a drug addict that paid someone stupid enough to give him the drugs he asked for.

Lots of people on MJ's payroll had degrees of negligence. Except of course his personal assistant which was only hired because he looked like a 13 year old boy.

1026 days ago


Why is every one so hung up on "Remorse", how do you show remorse if you don't feel you did something wrong. He was tried by a jury of his peers and found guilty. That doesn't remove his belief of innocence.

1026 days ago


What a crock. California the land of star struck judges and doctors. Should Murray pay 100 million. No the estate has already raked in more than that, they should probably send Murray a thank you note at the least. After all the death is a money maker the concert was a gamble at the best.

1026 days ago

get it right    

Pastor's hands were tied, and Walgren bless his heart tried like hell to get in citing those two other cases that would HOPEFULLY find a way to allow Pastor leeway to over ride the 'alignment' issue...but, no go.

Just judging by the Pastor's reddening of his face as he was speaking you KNOW he SO wished he could have sentenced him AS A MURDERDER, locked him up for life and thrown away the key.

Justice? Not really, but damn satisfying that Walgren and Pastor were so there IN HEART.

The tension of Pastor's frustration that his hands are tied, you could cut with a knife.

As to Cali "legislation" --- How in the F*CK is KNOWINGLY MAKING someone DEAD.. ANY one DEAD ... a "NON-VIOLENT" crime. F*cking makes me wanna PUKE. Cali "legislation" HANG YOUR pieces of **** HEADS, your "criminal justice system" aka Cali *legislation* shames the entire f(*king nation, to the entire f*cking world.

I never thought I would feel sympathy for a Cali judge or Prosecutor, but this sentencing day and Pastor's passion made it happen. ONLY FOR THOSE TWO. Well... Chernoff to drunken lush pos Flanagan's "Com'on you have to admit, he (MJ) was weird.... really weird" Chernoff, "I think the MEDIA made him out to be weird. Weirder then he actually was."

Chernoff I don't think really wanted to be there today whatsoever. So... ugh... yeah, I gotta add him to Pastor and Walgren on that level. Bet he feels he can't take enough showers to scrub off the FUMES of alcohol that Flanagan must be breathing all over him just sitting there on the OTHER side of Consh*t even. Anyone notice the CAN OF FABREEZE on the table right behind Flanagan??? LMFAO!! The bald dude, and Flanagan... totally embarrassed themselves (Flanagan in that "faux do***entary" LMAO drunken whining slob LMAO) just fast tracked their selves straight to "office for rent!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAA BOOYAH!!

1026 days ago


Who gives a ****? One dirt bag killed a child molesting dirt bag. Lets be real, if MJ had OD'd on Meth, would they try putting his dealer in jail for manslaughter? No? Then this is a witch hunt for a dealer. No one cares anymore. This is all about money to the Jackson idiots. They are enjoying their 15 mins back in the spotlight on the back of their brother's corpse. I would say it was sick, but MJ was a child molesting pervert, so who cares?

1026 days ago


Why can't Lindsay Lohan get this judge? Maybe she'd finally learn a lesson!

1026 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

To some degree Murray is paying for all the high profile cases that went bad in the past.

The kids have enough money. Even though Murray will hardly pay a dime, it should all go to pay for the cost of the trial.

1026 days ago


Walgren is a total POS as well. Wonder hos much the Jacksons paid him to put the blame on Conrad. They are the ones who let their drug-addicted family member die.

1026 days ago

middle finger    

4 years = 1460... days
he will do 20% = 292 days
take away 46 days he has already served = 246 days
so he will be free and clear in 8 probation...

1026 days ago


I think the judge didn't fall for the other mob "We loved our Michael so much" If they did he wouldn't be lying 6 foot under and they greedy mits wouldn't be looking for £75 million.

1026 days ago

middle finger    

if lindsay had that judge,he would throw the book at her..but it wouldnt matter because she is home schooled and cant read

1026 days ago


I can't help but feel a little sorry for Dr. Murray. Michael Jackson was a drug addict who would have eventually done himself in with any combination of all the other drugs he was taking. I think Dr. Murray was a scapegoat for MJs drug addition, he was not the only one who had been prescribing drugs for him. MJ could have gotten any combination of drugs from anywhere, as people catered to whatever he wanted. Dr. Murray certainly could have used better judgement, but I don't believe he was solely responsible.

1026 days ago


Do you think Michael Jackson is raping little boys in Hell? What does that feel like MJ? Do their little bottoms make you feel like you have a big pecker or something? You filthy pig.

1026 days ago

middle finger    

if any one gets in trouble in cali,it would be a wise idea not to use those defense attorneys...they were like dumb and dumber...the judge had 2 years on his paper before that "my cousin Vinny" lawyer spoke..what time do they have to be back at shady pines retirement home?
conrad next time use Holley, she can jump tall crimes in a single bound...

1026 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

For the same reason that slut Lohan spends merely hours in jail, Murray will spend at the most 1 year in jail is my guess. Then he'll get out and make a bunch of money with a book or movie deal. Most of it will go toward the civil suit he loses though.

1026 days ago
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