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Dr. Murray's Lawyer

The Documentary Was a Mistake

11/29/2011 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Conrad Murray's lawyer J. Michael Flanagan admits the decision to do a tell-all behind-the-scenes documentary was "probably a mistake" ... but tells "TMZ Live" the Doc really needed the money.


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Sonya in Tx    

Murray is an idiot to do the do***entary. His words hung him.


1061 days ago


Uh,.....Ya think????

1061 days ago


So was administering Propofol in a home environment without the proper equipment. See what happens when you make little mistakes? They can kill someone!

1061 days ago


Murray has/has had plenty of money. He has (had - haha, no need for them now! for the next years) two full time body guards. Three lawyers, a gazillion children, holiday with "the Instrument", their baby + body guards. Plenty of air-fares, fancy clothes, fancy cars etc, etc.
I don´t believe all that money came from the do***entary. WHERE DID IT COME FROM???
That is the million dollar question!

About the docu: we all knew it would come back and bite him in the azz. That is just FINE! The idiot thought that everybody would fall for him and buy into his sob-stories and lies. Nope Murray, your bad.

1061 days ago


Ah no, Flanagan you and Chernoff "NEEDED" the $$$$ from the do***entary !!

1061 days ago


i am still in shock after listening to that - worst atty ever! he's even admitting to letting murray do do***entary to pay his lawyer fees - even though that what got the book thrown at murray - speechless!

1061 days ago

Give me a break!    

I think Murray got what he deserved, but holy cow, does his lawyer even have a puls?! Sorry, I wouldn't want my lawyer worring about what's PC, I want him working hard for me like a pitbull. Harvey's arguement about Jackson making more dead than a live is absolutley spot on. I would want my lawyer throwing in the kitchen sink to save my money and ass, instead his lawyers seem like they already thrown in the towel.

1061 days ago


And just how long did it take this genius to figure THAT out?

1061 days ago


seriously??!!! It "might" have been a mistake??
Wow, world's worst attorneys and now world's stupidist

"duh" comment. idiots

1061 days ago


I know he's the defense attorney so he can't turn on the guy - but how on earth he can say Murray didn't do anything wrong is beyond me. At least Chernoff acknowledges that. I also felt that Chernoff was the more likeable of the 2 in that do***entary. I watched Chernoff during Walgren's sur-rebuttal and he was just rubbing his head and looking down at the table. I think he knew it was not a winable case. During the do***entary when you have Chernoff, Flanagan and their PR guys coming up with stories to plant in the media (which I'm sure meant TMZ), that was when I really lost any respect I might have had for them. I know they have to put on a defense, but to make up stuff is not right.

1061 days ago

Trevis Miho    

"Don't worry"....HAHAHahahahaha.

1061 days ago


In the do***entary Michael Flanagan called Michael Jackson a sick weirdo and a freak because he had dolls in his bedroom. Flanagan made a huge mistake because Michael Jackson was considered a pretty decent human being and an excellent father by a lot of people who really knew him. Having dolls in his bedroom did not mean Michael molested children. Real pedophiles do not sleep with dolls in their rooms. You won't find baby dolls in Jerry Sandusky's bedroom. Michael was childlike which means he had the mannerism of a child and unfortunately some people like Flanagan confuse that with pedophilia. Michael wanted to have more children and that is why he was sleeping with a doll that looked like his oldest son Prince.

1061 days ago


that is the first time i have seen harvey that speechless!!!

1061 days ago


and on a completley unrelated note: man is flanagan ugly.

1061 days ago
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