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Kim Kardashian

I'm NOT a Fraud

I Really Loved Him

11/30/2011 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is telling close friends today ... she NEVER defrauded Kris Humphries into marrying her.

Sources very close to Kim tell us ... Kim loved Kris and the marriage was legit, but just fell apart in short order. 

As for Kris filing for an annulment on grounds Kim defrauded him, she says the two of them actually discussed annulling the marriage before she filed for divorce, but they were advised there were no legitimate grounds for an annulment.  Under California law, someone can annul a marriage if there's proof of impotency, incest, bigamy, unsound mind, force or fraud.

In fact, Kim is saying she wanted an annulment and filed for divorce only after being told it was her only legal option.


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i love how every story you read about her it says "sources EXTREMELY close to the star" aka kim calls TMZ herself LOL. shes so pathetic... and her face is a pool of plastic surgery and botox.

1059 days ago


What a fat worthless ****. and wtf is up with the giant sister. she has the body of a sasquatch and the face of a wildebeest. and she alway's looks like she has a bucket of **** hanging under her nose.

1059 days ago


I think she thought marrying a midwest boy would improve her image but soon found out that she couldn't control him. I hope his first interview exposes that whole family once and for all to the few fans they have left.

1059 days ago


And by marrying him, she doesn't have to give that gigantic pointlessly expensive ring back. The only thing she loves more than herself is money.

1059 days ago


she is a gold digger porno star

1059 days ago


I am so tired of the Kardashians bull can we get on to something that is worth reading about. I sure hope Kourney does a better job of her kids up bringing than what she had. As far a Kris's family not liking Kim what is there to like(not much) to bad they didn't talk Kris out of going into the worst mistake of his life.Kardashian's need to pack up and go straighten out their life's

1059 days ago


The only thing Kim is in love with is "her brand."
She didn't want a relationship. She was casting the role of husband for her reality show. Please, people, quit rewarding this useless family by watching their shows and buying their stuff.

1059 days ago



1059 days ago

G. Harden    

Kris: SUE Kim Kardashian for DEFRAUDING you and get that marriage ANNULLED! She screwed up -you're a MAJOR CATCH!

1059 days ago


i think kris is gay for being with her if i was him i would have treated her like the princess that she is! :) and kourtney and khloe,there hot to. :)

1059 days ago


Why is it this woman can not speak for herself. It is always friends of, or sources tell us, but she has never come out and said any of these denials. She may have typed them on Twitter to her idiot fans, but has yet to make any of these claims herself. Instead she uses her Bigfoot sister, and (I want to be just like Kim) mother to make all these false claims so when she is finally confronted she can honestly say "I never said that". Just another spin from the FRAUD

1059 days ago

Lola Marie    

Kim is a pathetic liar and a disgusting human being....she forgot the letter she wrote her twitter followers where she stated that she was in a roller coaster before the marriage and she should have end it then, but she did not want to upset some people.....who saids that...only someone that is marrying under false pretenses. This woman is pathetic, a fame whore that should disappear from the news already. I hope Kris gets the annulment.

1059 days ago


Kim, u are spoiled, u don't know what love is and he is a jerk who was mean. The whole "marriage" was a joke. Move on everyone. Gross people. I feel bad for the two young sisters to have to grow up around them all. I feel bad for that little boy Mason and that unborn child who will have all the money in the world but no moral standards to be guided by. Lots of money but no morals...and please stop defending " poor innocent Kris H". He wanted the publicity.

1059 days ago

Lola Marie    

Kim you are a pathetic liar...a fame whore, just like the rest of your family. Your marriage was a fraud or you already forgot that you wrote your twitter followers that you where in a roller coaster before marrying Kris and you wanted to get out but did not want to disappoint anyone....what kind of crap was that. You married Kris Humpries under false pretenses...so yes it was fraud. You and your mother probably planned all these media frenzy.....I hope Kris gets his annulment.

1059 days ago


What type of love will cause to to file for divorce after 72 days. It must have taken 72 days for the checks to clear. Whateva Kim. Kris, I wish you well getting that annulment.

1059 days ago
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