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Kim Kardashian

I'm NOT a Fraud

I Really Loved Him

11/30/2011 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is telling close friends today ... she NEVER defrauded Kris Humphries into marrying her.

Sources very close to Kim tell us ... Kim loved Kris and the marriage was legit, but just fell apart in short order. 

As for Kris filing for an annulment on grounds Kim defrauded him, she says the two of them actually discussed annulling the marriage before she filed for divorce, but they were advised there were no legitimate grounds for an annulment.  Under California law, someone can annul a marriage if there's proof of impotency, incest, bigamy, unsound mind, force or fraud.

In fact, Kim is saying she wanted an annulment and filed for divorce only after being told it was her only legal option.


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No Avatar


Shes a dumb skank who is just into herself and geedy...come on kris u shouldve known better this whore dont love u she just used u..

1001 days ago


KARTRASHIAN...This whole family is horrible. Poor Bruce Jenner...married to a pimp. Money at any and all costs drives this clan. Filthy mouths and filthy hearts. Face facts, Kim...porn star...you are a fraud.

1001 days ago


quit lying. You had your publicist try to get you hooked up with Gallinari from the Knicks. Kris was your second choice and you married him months later. You are the very definition of the word fraud. Look the word up in the dictionary or hire someone to do it for you. Then that person can explain what the word means. You got paid for something that wasn't real. Your marriage was like the housing market. Don't insult the intelligence (debatable) of the people tha*****ch your shows and buy your products. This is why the vast majority of people are siding with a third-tier basketball player they never heard of before you put him on the scene. They side with him despite the way that your show has been edited to make him look even douchier than he is. I think he's a sucker and not very bright but you drove this whole thing so you are a manipulative user of people which makes you worse. At least when you were sexing Ray-J on film it was authentic.

1001 days ago


How many people out there really thought this marriage would last anyway? People need to stop getting all pissy because it didn't. The media and everyone talking about this marriage will last longer than the actual marriage. For those who don't like them and want them off the TV, you have an option, it's called change the channel! If you don't talk about them and the media uses the option they have not to print stories about them they will go away! Sheesh!

1001 days ago


Boycott Barbara Walter's special on Dec. 14 featuring The KarTRASHians. The whole thing from engagement to wedding to divorce has been a Jenner/Seacrest hoax to keep the public hooked on the show. Don't fall for it and don'*****ch the show!

1001 days ago

alida rose    

oh please kim. you found a way to make a pile of money and make a lot of people look stupid for believing you. at least kris will get to keep his last name unlike that pathetic bruce jenner kardashian

1001 days ago

Steven Emmitt Bitetti    

Well sorry Mr. Humphries you knowingly signed a contract and you should cut ties and your credit card. DO NOT waste tax payers money with your frivolous lawsuit . You DO NOT deserve a fair trial.

1001 days ago


These two do not even look like they are of the same species. While I think she has absolutely no moral character or anything resembling a soul, I do admit that I have seen some photos of her where she looks quite lovely in spite of the lack of anything on the inside. BUT, she piles on tons of makeup, wears everything two sizes too small, and pretty much negates every attractive aspect of herself. With all the fake, she looks old enough to be his mother, and to me, that makes the idea of anything sexy between them hopeless. And of course, she was advised that she could not get an annulment based upon fraud. It was SHE who committed the fraud. Kris, count your blessings. You never want to have to explain the whole sex tape thing to your children.

1000 days ago


Of course she was advised that SHE could not seek an annulment on fraud grounds because it was SHE who committed the fraud.

1000 days ago


Although she has been way too enhanced surgically and with pounds of make-up, she does have some looks going for her, I have to admit although I admire nothing about her that she is actually responsible for. But what she got in looks, she did not get in the way of anything that is decent, self-respecting, caring of others, and just generally ladylike qualities. That is too huge of a tradeoff. No decent man who wants to marry a confident, self-respecting woman, would ever marry this severly damaged woman. How do you tell the kids Mommy didn't mean to get pissed on?

1000 days ago


So, how does that work Kim? You were really, really in love with him and it wasn't a plot point for your stupid television show, but you couldn't sustain the "love" for more than 72 days? I think Kris Humphries (who should get counseling for stupidity) has a case for fraud. She used him. Maybe the next "plot point" for that stupid trash show should be Kim joining up with Pari******on to see how many "boyfriends" they can go through in a year.

1000 days ago

stella sherman    

This whole family is a fake starting from the mother down to the rest of them. Their so call brand is fake n fraud. They ALL come across as whining uneducated wannabes. They look pretty but that's abt all they have. They have no brains, they whine n act like 16 yr olds.

1000 days ago


You people are so lame get a life. Kim is not the only one to blame yea she has her flaws and sometimes her family is a little off the wall, but Kris was not a perfect angel he did have a lot of problems and never seemed to care what she wanted any way. So they were bound to break up.

1000 days ago


I think Kim is just DESPERATE to be in a relationship, period. She settled way too quickly with Kris. He treated her like crap! I would not put up with everything he did to her. He acted like a 10 year old, and she was his classmate. Very immature guy. She should have stuck with Reggie Bush.........SEXY SEXY SEXY! Hey, I have an idea: STAY SINGLE

1000 days ago


Her father would be killing himself to see how this broad turned out. But first he'd pull an OJ on Kris Jenner for creating this monster. They can sugarcoat it all they want, what they've become is beyond horrible. They live pathetic lonely lives and are completely out of touch with reality. I also expected more from Bruce. He's a spineless chump who has ruined his own self-respect by letting that money mongrel wife of his steamroll him at every pass. He used to be a hero of mine. Now he's just a chump with no balls.

1000 days ago
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