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Kim Kardashian

Does Kris Think

I'm Some Sorta Dummy???

12/1/2011 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

kim kardashian makeup smokey
Kim Kardashian
is telling friends ... she's incredulous over Kris Humphries' claim that she used him as a disposable groom just to get a pop on her reality show.

Kim is bragging -- and on this one she has a right to brag -- she and her mom are marketing geniuses, so why would she set herself up to be skewered in the media by dumping her husband after only 72 days?  Kim acknowledges the split has been rough on her image and she would never have intentionally self-destructed.

And, Kim says, if this were really a wedding truly made for TV, she would have made it "way better," telling friends, "I'm no dummy.  The divorce would have been just as dramatic and dragged out as the wedding." 

Kim is telling friends Kris' latest move is "pathetic," adding, "Why fight over any of this?"

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************THE ABSOLUTE ARROGANCE OF KIM KARDASHIAN************There has been such a backlash from her filing for divorce. The public has spoken and has made it very clear that we all believe she duped the fans and general public with a sham wedding for publicity yet she ****still****opens her big mouth and thumbs her nose at us by continuing to come back with her ridiculous statements about what she thinks. Does this dumb ass even have a publicist?? *****DIG A GRAVE KIM****** Your arrogance proceeds you.

1057 days ago


Everyone knows that Pimpmomager was f*cking O.J. on the side. That's where her whore daughters got that from. F*ck a black athlete and your set. Words to live by, right whores? Which black athlete do you think Pimpmomager will commission for Kendall and Kylie. Maybe they'll go green and recycle Reggie Bush. Pimpmomager will promote the two younger girls as "untouched" and rarin' to go! Reggie, don't take the bait. I'm sure Pimpmomager has already schooled those fast girls on the art of poking a hole in a condom.

1057 days ago



1057 days ago


Yes he does, and yes u r a dummy Kim, u money hungry fraudulent famewhorin liar...

1057 days ago


i really wish the whole family would just fall off the face of the earth. must be nice to be famous and rich as hell for doing nothing. that whole family makes me sick. talk about spoiled pompous brats.

1057 days ago


Simple. Because she and Pimp Momma and very GOOD at famewhoring but they are not GREAT. They are not publicity geniuses. They overestimated the family's popularity and thought a quickie divorce would be more sensational(and they were right) but they thought the backlash would be more minimal. They overestimated the "woman gets all the sympathy" rule and thought it would be easy to paint a little known basketballer as a money/fame hungry douche (it's true that unknowns making a grab for fame via hooking up with a celeb are generally percieved in a very poor light). However it didn't work out the way they planned - mostly because Kim's image was already pretty awful so everyone saw through it. They bit off more than they could chew and are paying the price.

1057 days ago


Omg...can you just please get lip cancer and shut the fxxx up?! Kind of regretting selling your soul to the devil now Kim Whoretrashnscam? Time to pop your DVD in again and watch you get pissed on. Makes me laugh every time. Hahaha!

1057 days ago


"Kim is telling friends..."

TMZ, stop lying! Kim has her PR people call you and tell you this ****. Stop starting every post about her with " Kim istelling friends".

And why wouldnt she divorce? She decided to do it BEFORE the show aired, and ratings went through the roo. What a coincidence! She could have waited till after the show. Why not? Would make more sense.

Yeah that a genius move right there.

1057 days ago


Kris and the rest of the world are right; it was a sham made-for-tv marriage for her benefit and for her benefit alone.

1057 days ago



1057 days ago


Hey Mike at TMZ, here are some similar questions to go along with your powerful "Why would she shoot herself in the face" tripe:
>Why would President Lincoln go to the theater just to be shot?
>Why would Capt. Sully take off from the airport just to land in the Hudson River?
>Why would Bernie Madoff rip off all those people just to go to prison?
>Why would you keep flaunting your Kardashian fetish in public just to make yourself look like an unsupervised 9 year old little girl?
Stop abusing your brain, Mike. The damage can become permanent.

1057 days ago


Yeah, she's no dummy...which is EXACTLY why this has turned into a media hot topic...she just didn't expect people to get so tired of her so fast, and be so OVER HER after this marriage stunt...so she's trying to slant the outcome to improve her press...Kim wants the media frenzy, she just doesn't want the brand damage that can come with it...I guess ANY press isn't GOOD after all...at this point, I'm whatever with this girl! Follow me on twitter @iGossipOnline

1057 days ago


any woman who is famous because she allowed a sex video to be released is first a whore and then a dummy.

1057 days ago


Is she nuts...I think she thinks she can do no wrong. You don't marry someone only to discard them after you get what you want from them.(the wedding $$$$$$$$]Kim this is a person you are using not your Prada handbag. You can't do such harm to someone and have everyone love you for it...She is just a spoiled,hurtful.poorly brought up child.

1057 days ago

Kris H is a classy guy    

You are a nassty piece of work. How can you be soo mean and insensitive?

1057 days ago
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