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Kris Humphries

The Annulment Documents

12/1/2011 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the annulment documents Kris Humphries filed in response to Kim Kardashian's divorce petition.

As you can see, Kris is seeking an annulment based on fraud.

Take a look.

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Remove his name Kim!

1054 days ago

King of TMZ    

Hello TMZ loser-envious-ladies & loser-pigs this is Kim Kardashian I am not blonde like Pari******on & here is my PR Make-You-Love-Me-Again-By-Force Ploy:

- Plan A: Make Kris look like a horrible monster pig & me like the virgin “hoepeless hoemantic” princess I am
- Plan A2: Showcase some dirt about Kris from his ex-friends (try make him look gay even or some controversy about him) He might not be Shrek but he is definitely Frankenstein
- Plan A3: Show Kris as verbally abusive when he tells the truth to my REAL x-ray proven silicon ears as he tries to destroy my self-esteem about MY CAREER & the EMPIRE I built because he’s trying to turn me into a housewife while I am a hoe hopeless hoemantic Peanesscess.
- Plan A4: Blame vague evil forces that pushed me for to do the wedding blame the hoopla and blah blah I am innocent you guys come on! I love you my fans & supporters who always stand by me I love you so much now go to Sears & show the love back please.
- Plan A5: Create a carefully PR engineered distracter or a similar controversy about someone else to have my (dummy public)’s attention shifted from the negativity they associate to me.
- Plan B: Pretend I am sad & “let down princess in the tower”-depressed
- Plan C: Cancel some small endorsements & business engagements I wasn’t even interested in to begin with, to show I am serious
- Plan D: Act as if I want to reconcile with Kris
- Plan E: Smile it off & make people forget there is a problem to begin with
- Plan F: Make my mom & my brother & other siblings go on the spot light more so to show a brighter side about the brand & to make people forget
- Plan G: Write a sad book (by my writers), do interviews or film a movie or TV special and CRY CRY CRY about how its bad that people hate you just to hate you because you re right and they’re wrong. They don’t know you. & the sinless shall throw the first stone. I am the princess and they’re the narrow-minded low-life pigs.
- Plan H: Do “covered by photogs” charities & make sure paparazzis are around to snap my volunteering & helping of the needy… ME & my career
- Plan I: Buy more Twitter dummy account followers (maybe throw a $5 million on that in an attempt to surpass Lady Gaga & become the new queen of Twitter Pop & so relevant by default. The $5 mil will exponentially come back after the boost & new queen crown
- Plan J: Quote mother Theresa & Gandhi about how judging other people is bad
- Plan K: Date someone new, a new costar, hotter, more A list, richer, cuter, blacker or out of the box (girl, redhead, Arab billionaire…)
- Plan L: Go back with Reggie Bush (even it might show I never loved Kris) Papa always said to follow your heart
- Plan M: Pretend I am spiritual & caring you know the new mmmHotter Theresa & make some quotes from bible & budha & Kabala & what not here & there
- Plan N: Cry, bring papa (the other liar King) to the picture, & cry cry to show how poor non-con-artsy & princessy (footnote: spoiled brat) me & my family are
- Plan O: Do something huge, like show on some big star show or music video so to be repeated by force on public’s eye and boosted up by association
- Plan P: Leak another sex tape to try reboost interest in me again
- Plan Q: Get my celebrity friends to root for me
- Plan R: Pretend I was beaten Rihanna style by Kris or someone from his family
- Plan S: Do interviews and say my rehearsed PR packaged answers to show I am smart business girl, des*****, perfumist, genius, & deep hoepless lover that has been mistreated so many times
- Plan T: Support some out of the box campaign that will boost my popularity
- Plan U: Film our reality show in some exotic places to boost interest again
- Plan V: Do an alliance for our stores with someone huge
- Plan W: Make a new reality show. Kim Kardashian the Bachelorette & show how I am hoepeeing to find true love.
- Plan X: Leak my sextape with Kris to show he has a small one & does it like Frankenstein and no right girl should want him. While in the sex tape I am so pious and he doesn’t pee on me this time cause I am a good mother to be.
- Plan W: Act surprised & uber-happy and reinvent the valley girl in me.
- Plan Z: Pay TMZ, Perez & others (through mentioning them in my show) so to keep my cleansed name relevant & by force-on-your-throat-ing me on the dumb narrow-minded no-life public

- Plan NEVER: Disappear Pari******on “Blonde” style & realize that Kris & the world are right: I am just a nobody hoe-ing my self through my fakeness into the A-trash list of Hollywood at the expense of principles, value of others, & value of one’s self. I stepped on & used too many people to build my fake empire. Me my mother & my father & family we are all con artists. Money & career is everything to me I contribute nothing to society just my beauty & presence & genius valley-girl opinion on things is enough contribution for CA$HING IN …who are we kidding??? I have to still always try to hold up to my fake roots, cry and pretend I am of value, I am classy, and I am better than even Princess Diana cause I am Kim Kardashian the hottest woman in the (my my my my) world & Google. Y’all better swallow it! (Helium voice: Thaaaank youuuuw) REAL x-ray proven bottox smile @ y’all  Oh! I am a natural!  (Helium voice again: Thaaaank youuuuw)

1054 days ago



1054 days ago


LOL! A fraud indeed! The skank thought she was fooling someone!

1054 days ago


Good, take that bish down.

1054 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....stay strong Kris...you are a honest guy that got sucked into the KKK..live n learn..good luck!

1054 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Her ass is a big fat smelly fraud, that's for sure!

1054 days ago


Hope he gets it because that's all the KarTRASHian's are - one big FRAUD. Hey Kim, you got pissed on in a sex tape - #NeverForget

1054 days ago


Good for you Kris...take that ho for all you can get..

1054 days ago


God Kim is a spolied Brat !

Note to Kim: Can you for one minute just CONSIDER leaving leaving Kris with just a shred of dignity ? THe annulment makes sense . God you just make things worse every day..
Grow up ..you thirty year old adult ! You act 14

1054 days ago


this is one whore that needs to suffer horribly....i never wish ill on peoiple but this bitch aint people.....just a dog in heat when it comes to money....aint she a thief also...didnt she use someones credit car for her own benefit.......this bitches karma is so bad....i would not want to be around this living cervical cancer cell, when it happens!

1054 days ago


I have no doubt they will release a sex tape of the two of them having sex in clown costumes.

1054 days ago


Let us not forget, when her then-boyfriend won the Superbowl, WHO HAD TO GET THEIR FATASS ON CAMERA AND STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT? That's right. Kim. Fame whore

1054 days ago


Yay for Kris--he has every right to bust her because she is a major fraud!! Kim hun, you're going DOWN!

1054 days ago


I'll bet he didn't know that Kim and her mom were shopping for a husband on the basketball rosters before he hooked up with her. You live and learn!

1054 days ago
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