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Kris Humphries

The Annulment Documents

12/1/2011 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the annulment documents Kris Humphries filed in response to Kim Kardashian's divorce petition.

As you can see, Kris is seeking an annulment based on fraud.

Take a look.

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I like Kris Humphries, he is a tell it like it is type of guy and he takes none of the Kardashian's B.S. He is younger then Kim and acts more mature then that spoiled spiteful diva that she is.

1060 days ago

BB not bb    

Ok, and maybe this Baby Hughie looking husband of hers should stop crying his crocodile tears and man up to his responsibilities. If she is not happy, he should try to make her happy, not throw a temper tantrum.

He needs to pick up his clothes, stop calling names, stop shoving her around, and get a job where they are living. He needs to man up and stop being such a creep.

He was out partying in clubs using her fame as a way to get in, while leaving her home and telling her to get over it. Who was the one committed to the marriage then? He is a selfish jerk from what I see and read.

He reminds me of another Kevin Federline. Kim needs to rescue herself before she is brought to ruin like Britney Spears. These men are sickening jokes.

1060 days ago


Please Do NOT give up. Pursue the annulement. Sue the jeebers out of this deceitful group of greed mongers. You have every right to get an annulement and win a huge lawsuit against the superficial, sex-ridden kartrashian empire all built on lies.

Sue the KartRashian family, the pimping mom, Ryan Seacrest, E! TV, Dash stores, Shoe dazzle, SEars, Kmart, Opi.......anything remotely affiliated with this trash of people.

Do not give up. We, the 'honest' american public are behind you 100%. Please do not let Kartrash pr machine bring u down.........it is what it is.......pure garbage...and garbage eventually gets thrown away!!!!

Good luck Kris. Sorry u got pulled into this nightmare!!!!!

1060 days ago


Good for Kri*******his should have NEVER been filed as a "divorce" as it was never legit to begin with. Long ago, there used to be a law that if you were married less then 6 months it was automatically an annulment. Stand your ground Kris! Kim K. should be ashamed of herself trying to fight this!

1060 days ago


Nicely played, Kris! Clean out Kim Whoredashian's gold v_agina and empty it out! No one else wants to marry it! Bravo to you, Kris! That whore isn't fooling anyone anymore! Make that fraudulent whore pay!

1060 days ago


BB are you a Kardashian or working for their PR Team?

Kim can kick rocks, she is nothing but a fraud, a spiteful vindictive piece of work. She and her family brought all of this on themselves. Kris stood up to them all because he would not let them control him and be their puppet for ratings.

Good for him that he is standing his ground and protecting his rights and his reputation.

Kim trashed her reputation the day she let a guy pee on her then sold the sex tape. Kim will always be low class gutter s***, she can put on all the designer clothes and heavy makeup and spanx she wants, but she will still be the fame ho who sells and exploits anything and everything for money and attention.

She worships Money, that is her God. One day she and her family will have to account for their gluttony, for their immoral and corrupt behavior, for their greed and deception.

They can run their little PR mouths off but they cannot hide, people are so on to them now.

Fake, fake, fake! Their self proclaimed reality is nothing but fake and shows their insecurities and not a one of them have any character, self respect, or dignity.

Their Mom encourages exploiting the men in their family, abusing them on TV and doing all they can to make the guys look horrible, while they sit back and smirk and smile and get their way.

The Kardashian women are mentally ill and have a sick sense of entitlement, so take that BB, real is real and that is the REAL truth. Kim, her sisters and Mom are FAKE and vindictive spiteful narcissistic low lifes who will stoop to the lowest level to get revenge if you cross them or stand up to their wrongdoings!

1060 days ago


Good for Kris. I m all the way team Kris. Whith that I msure that he was not in the scam all the things we read about him were kris Jenner leaked informations to the media to make him a villain in our eyes. Thanks god. God bless you Kris Humphries.

1060 days ago


the begining of the Kardashian end in on thank you god.

Inside Wall Street: Kardashian can't save Sears.
Superstar collections fail to bring in the crowds as the deparment store continues to struggle.


1060 days ago


You rock Kris! Hope you get the annulment based on fraud.You have to hurt the Kardashians where it hurts them the most and that's in their pocketbooks and their so-called "brand". Do it for all of us who are tired of their fraud, trashiness, and over-exposure for doing nothing worthy of the millions they make.

1060 days ago


GO Kris H!!!! I say he needs his own reality show!!!!!

1060 days ago


advice for humpries:

everytime kim makes a false statement about you or even mention your name in the media
come out with your own statement.

sue her and the kk brand for emoional distress
also sue fordelafamionrly beacuse the have defamed you and make it impossible for you to ever have your own brand or be taken seriously just from being cuaght up in thier sceme. making you gulity by ascoiaon.

write a tell all book and dontae the proceeds to chairty

hire all the best and most powerful atternys beacuse the karshines are out to slannder you and your family should you take it
If you dont stick up for you and your family you well forver regret it the karshines have now power beacuse they are gulity as charged and exposed for the frauds they are.
however they well stop at nothing to ruin you.
They are at this moment hireing people to ruin you and your familys good name.
show the karshines and the world your not the stupied chump they thought you were wehn they perptrated thier crim on you.
Let kim be procecuted for fruad pay a fine and do some jail time.
Dont get stemed rolled by the karshine pr machine when they make a coment yoou make a coment. They well quickly run out of lies then say there not comenting on anything thats when you say the prers for fraud speak for them selfs.

1060 days ago


These are very serious charges to be sued for fraud. this isnt something any media spin can fix. It is a crimnal offense kim could to time in the slammer. chris can also sue every kardashine and pr person and enetwork for emaional distress cauzed by being tricked into a fraudualnt marrigne and having his name smaldered.also he can make a thieft report for her stealing his half of the gifts.
he can write a tdell all book about he inner workings of the
scma impire they are running and donate the proceeds to chairty. If k humpries is to not forver be known as the worlds biggest chump than he needs to do all of the above and more.
eveerytime kimmakes once of her media statements he shoudll make twice as many statements of his own. This well throw the trashines pr machinein over drive they well not be able to gnerate enough lies to respond is such a short amountof time. even if they came out with the statement that there not responding to his allegations makes them look even more gulilty. sens they have been exposed for cheats liers and frauds the public sees righ threw ALl thier BS. kris should stand up for himself all while having a blas*****ching kim and her BRAND go down in flames. he should have his atternys file as many motions as he can think of and tie kims fat ass up in court. she well eventualy admit under otah she had no intion of staying married she wanted to pose in a weeding dress and be on all the magazine covers at any cost.Evenif it meant making amockery out of
l;eagal marrige and making a fool out of chris. she intionaly has tried to get the public to hate kris but they see right threw her conving manupiitve selfserving waysa.
she has no one lick of hosnesty or acountablity over the matter. Her feet should be held to the fire. The papers filed by chris speak for themselfs. Kris comes from good family and if he says it was fraud I belive him and so does all of america and a jedge well to unless he is paid off by thekardsahines wich by the timeit goes to court kims mom well eb reimiend g everyone she is ajenner now and the brand is jenner. Kims mom well jump ship and admit it was fraud when sepeinda by the court. The other kardshines well throw kim under the bus and damit it was all a lie. even her brother who called her a whore on national tv nowwants to save his own image and hes certainly not going to let his whore of a siter ruin it for him. The young jenner girls are growing bobbies and mom has them displaying them to anyone who well look plaiing on making more millions off the jenner girls. Mybe bruce well divore her and try to stop it but I doughtit hes too far gone on the money.
Kimw as a wife for 72 hours but now she is a crimanla for life! kim is wasteing her money hiering the bloggers 99% comments are she is agulity as charged.
what ruied kims plans was humpries making her look stupied on her show. she thought he was more of a chump than that.
ban this bitch now!

1060 days ago


LOL get em Kris!!! teach her fake ass a lesson.

1060 days ago


When are people ging to sign gopetition.com/nomorekardashians.....we need to get these beachs off tv and take their fame down with them

1060 days ago


Thumbs up for Kris....

1060 days ago
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