TMZ Live Why Kim & Kris REALLY Broke Up (Maybe)

12/1/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Kim vs. Kris: Why They REALLY Broke Up ... The New Theory

Kim Kardashian is calling shenanigans on Kris Humphries' claim she defrauded him ... and made him a disposable groom for her TV show -- and we have a pretty solid theory on what really went wrong. It's all about high school.

Plus, we talk to Abraham Lincoln -- well, a really good impersonator named Michael Krebs -- about Daniel Day Lewis putting on Abe's hat for a new Spielberg flick.

Also, Harvey's wild OJ Simpson-prison connection -- and the hottest TV wives EVER!

(0:00) Kris Humphries isn't going down without a fight -- he wants to prove Kim used him as a disposable groom.
(3:15) Mike wonders: Why would Kim "shoot herself in face?"
(9:00) Finally! Chad figured it out why Kim dumped Kris.
(10:58) Harvey's spot-on impression of Kris.
(14:05)  Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln -- even more spot-on than Harvey's Kris impression.
(16:03) Michael Krebs -- who makes a living as a Lincoln impersonator ... video chats with us from Chicago.
(21:30) Krebs -- lacking in the abs department.
(27:10) Jennifer Lopez wears her wedding ring during a make-out session with her new boyfriend -- is it so wrong?
(34:50) Is sex on the table if a stranger gives you an $8 mil ring? You gotta hear Raquel's answer.
(48:30) What do you do if your at a restaurant and run into a celebrity who's done something horrible?
(48:30) So ... who was the hottest TV wife ever?