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Kris Humphries

I Can't Handle Divorce

12/2/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries cannot handle divorce
Kris Humphries has a plan A and B to end his relationship with Kim Kardashian, but neither involves divorce.

Sources directly connected to Kris tell us ... the BBaller has deep-seated feelings -- rooted in religion -- against divorce. He's filed for an annulment because it wipes the slate clean by erasing the marriage.

If the judge refuses to grant an annulment, we've learned Kris will then ask for a legal separation that will extend indefinitely. He feels even though an indefinite separation would preclude him from marrying again, it's preferable to divorce.

The legal experts we've spoken with say ... unless Kris can prove with "clear and convincing evidence" Kim defrauded him into marrying her ... the judge will almost certainly grant her divorce petition.

In California and most states, it only takes one to UN-tango.


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So all you people accusing Kris of saying anything at all should look no further than the Kardashian's Camp. Loser's all of you Kardashian's and their little army of commentors here. You all are stalking Kris Humphries and making it like he said anything here. Trying desperately to make some kind of fuss the public will hold onto. NOT WORKING...THE TIDE HAS TURNED..KARDASHIANS ARE COOKED...


Making up stories to get people invested in your lives...Now we get you cancelled because you are the gum on the publics shoe. Kris Humphries has more class than the little toenail he accidently stepped on you domestic abuser.
He does not speak and yet you put words in his mouth...rot in hell for that.

1055 days ago


Kris is a total moron with no emotional or intellectual composure or identity whatsoever to NOW be pulling ideas like that out of the Hollywood circus boy hat. Please, just zip it, leave religion to the thieves and murderers who operate it. Get divorced from that scammer. DIVORCE, and be proud of it!

1055 days ago


Live and learn Kris.

1055 days ago


iF THEY SUPENA e networks production sechudal they well see the divorce was planned. The show was getting broing so they came up with we need either a baby or a marrige to pump up rateings.khole cant get preggers so it was on kim to find a husband. enetwork dangeld 17 mil to get married plus 30% of alll comercials. Then money from the weedding pics. kim made close to 50 mil on this. If someon scams you into marrige and makes that kind of money off of you I think it would be pretty easy to prove fruad. If you watch the show yoou can see they clearly tried to defame him by putting him in awkard situions hopeing hed blow up on cmera.
then they planted all the fake storys about how hes a husband from hell how he was lazy how he likes fame then tried to say he was gay. then they say how dare you qustion the kardshine pr machine cuz were pr guieuies. even when thier slannerous fake storys went over like lead balloon they still think there in control of the publics opion. the kk clan treats the public like kris drink the krdashine kool-laid or be dammed. all kris has to do is study the law and not take no for an anwser he difently can prove fruad.
no matter how much PR pressure the kk clan puts on him he well hold firm about the anulment. its also hes way of letting the public know what scam artiest the k/jenners are.
They should be happy he just wants an anullment and isnt sueing for a wrold of other things like destroying his repution. hes constional rights were viloated when he was tricked into this marrige. he has the right to practice his religon and the kk clan stopped him from doing that.
when he asked her hand in marrige hewas practicng his religon trying to do the right thing by marrying the old whore.The values that the jenners/trashkines foce on america is as anti religous as you can get.
when someone is gay we tollarte that more than if someon wants to practice there religon. The trashkines neverliked kris but he thoguht he was mrrying for th right reasons. theyplanned to defame him and kick him to the curb from day one. what more of a case do you need for fraud.
kris needs to drag the whole clan inot court to tesyify under oath. we know kris jeenr would do anything for the brand so she well pressure veryone to lie lie lie.
well bruce jenner lie under oath? I think kris needs to get it all onfilm and let us see what is realy behind this anti chistiane brand. sears of all peol is uspporting thekk brand if they can be tricked so easy so can kris mybe sears needs to go to court to and sy we neversgiend up to reprsent frauds and get those tacky slut clotes out of thier store. If they dont they are saying they want tweens to emilualte the krdshines lack of family vaules.
with thekardashines money they well try to squash chis I bet right now k jenener is looking for a hit man!
Thier number one goal is to make him out a bad man ad make kim look like avictiem so that they can go on forceing thier anti christne values on america.
humpries needs to sue for lost wages beacuse i dought anyteam well hier him beacuse of this mess and his career is over.he hsould sue for the emtional distress too.
hes been put threw the ringer but all were suppose to care about is how some pornstar feels.
Yikes so unfair and unbalcned.
It was fraud plain and simple.
Kim herself has all but admitted that she knew it wouldnt last but got caught up in the fame and money.
She made a conuioous desions to take the money for the wedding speical and go ahead thiknkgn it would be super easy just to get a divocre and keep all the gifts and defame chirs,. however it turns out humpries is moreliked by the public than anyof thekardshines cuz peole hate those losers witha vengance and its no wonder way. They are lie and cheat and pimp and whore,plus they are related to the man that letnicloe browns killer walk free.
suday enetworks phone lines well be jammed with people wanting the show off the air. The public has spoken.
no more anti- christne values being forced on us!

1055 days ago


Kris is an NBA basketball player, who has talent. He's doing pretty well for himself and I feel the only reason why he wants an annulment is because he wants to not only have this pathetic marriage erased from His record but to have the ability to also speak out. In his prenup it is said that Kim and Kris can't talk badly about each other or the marriage. Kim, on the other hand, is talking since day one! I don't understand why people think Kris is out to make money from Kim! She's the one doing interviews and magizines and opening her big c*ck sucking mouth! What has Kris really said? Why is it stated in their prenup that he can't talk about HIs marriage? Are you scared of something Kim? People think about it..

1055 days ago

Jack Peter    

Kris wants an annulment- which will void the pre-nup and allow him to sell his story.

1055 days ago


@ DahhTroll 36 minutes ago, through all your Gift of Dyslexia I totally got your message, which is "It was fraud plain and simple" and you are 100% correct. I enjoy reading your paragraphs. Keep them up, you are a startling example of truth and justice.

1055 days ago

Dick Grayson    

Kimbo this planted story is faker than you are. This isn't puritan, 160...0s New England. You are a vile, repugnant, succubus that needs to go back to the pits of hell that you waddled out of. Just think, you can be reunited with your father.

1055 days ago


Kris hasn't said anything, so I'm not buying this article until there's a direct named source. Sources close to Kris could be someone from his church he doesn't know and is speculating, or even a donut shop girl he bought a donut from.

It took him a moment to get to this point, if religion was the cause he would've reacted right away. It was only until her blog post he realized it was fraud. He's getting it annulled because she's true poison.

1055 days ago


There is something wrong with this man.

1055 days ago


I am going to say this ones because I've seen her and now him on so many celebrity sites..

Don't Care!!!!! Never did! Never Will! First and only time i'll click on a kardashian link.

1055 days ago


C: Push her down a big flight of stairs, with her family at the bottom.

1055 days ago


why does kim allways have to be in control.
beacuse shapping public opion of herslf is her number one goal in life.khole and lamar make a statement today that theya re happy and we all should be jealous. What? lamar is a nice enough guy but hes an idot. Plus the minute khole gets fatt he well hitt the streets running.

Now kim s comming out saying i was thinking of anulment.. yahh right! I guess her lwayer justinformed her that she
is about to be sued for fraud and doesnt have much chance of lieing her way out of it. so to save face shes now makin git like sheis for it. Realy! If chris gets an anulment he well write a jeuciey tell all and bye bye all endorsements for kk brand. If they were telling the trucht way do they need to hire 3more publist and two new atternys?
gulity thats why. They planned a fake wedding to make millions and chris had no ieda it was a toatal scam. he thoguth kim would act right once married but he got a huge wake up call when she stopped sucking **** right after h signed the pers and took off out of the country and then just up and filed for divoce without so mcuha s givng him the respt of telling him first. he had to read it int he papers. then she went on her slander campine and now this week we have to look at thier pathitc attemtp to make himm look gay! Not one day can go by without one or more kardshines throwing some fake pr in our faces.
Im sure kortny well be happy tos pread her leggs and let us allwatch her baby come out on thjier tbv show.
YUC! if i hear one more anncoment comming fromkardshine Ill throw up!

Sears sucks!!

1055 days ago


hehehe... poor Kris. All that ass that Kim has and you still come out looking like the bigger one.... "ass that is"

1055 days ago


FTB in the face

1055 days ago
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