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Kris Humphries

I Can't Handle Divorce

12/2/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries cannot handle divorce
Kris Humphries has a plan A and B to end his relationship with Kim Kardashian, but neither involves divorce.

Sources directly connected to Kris tell us ... the BBaller has deep-seated feelings -- rooted in religion -- against divorce. He's filed for an annulment because it wipes the slate clean by erasing the marriage.

If the judge refuses to grant an annulment, we've learned Kris will then ask for a legal separation that will extend indefinitely. He feels even though an indefinite separation would preclude him from marrying again, it's preferable to divorce.

The legal experts we've spoken with say ... unless Kris can prove with "clear and convincing evidence" Kim defrauded him into marrying her ... the judge will almost certainly grant her divorce petition.

In California and most states, it only takes one to UN-tango.


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Kris needs to get some kind of injunction to stop these false Headlines they are using to create interest in their show this Sunday. It is like they are throwing stuff up on the walls to see what sticks. They have fake commentors now bad mouthing Kris H. Kim is slandering Kris all over the internet and it's kind of like stalking him. She is really in desperado mode. Kris Humphries has not talked at all and the Kardashians are and how is that possible? They are violating contractual commitments and don't care whether they are in violation at all. Why? Cause for them who cares- so they get a sanction in court and pay a fine. Big deal. Meanwhile they slander Kris H and put words in his mouth. Money is nothing anymore to them, just to keep the "Brand" (cough) going and Seacrest backing them up to make millions of dollars OFF OF OUR KIDS. Ban Twitter from the kids that follow them. Get to who you can that have kids to get them off following them on Twitter. That is how they are doing it folks. NO TWITTER THIS SUNDAY.. AND TAKE THE TRASH OUT THIS SUNDAY...TRASH THE KARDASHIANS THIS SUNDAY. BOYCOTT ON YOUNG AMERICAN SOLDIERS...

1005 days ago


lay with dogs and you're sure to attract a few fleas

1005 days ago


I just read here that Kim K was pissed on in that sex video. I am repulsed but now it seems fitting. She is so worthless it is unbelievable. Kris Humphries deserves better than Kim trash. He sure got drawn into the evil Kardashian empire. I dislike the whole family and hope they suffer greatly for their spreading evil in this world. Karma!

1005 days ago


People,let's just stop this drivel!Who cares what these dumb people do,from now on!Let them solve their own problems.BORING,BORING.Died of over exposure!Who cares any more.Let it die a quiet death.THEY are boring and dumb! Who cares anymore!

1005 days ago


If you take any two Kardashians and rub them together they fart.

1005 days ago


Kardahines give bread and butter to all the news outlets so they kiss kardahine butt all day long.
we may llive to see the day where there is no balnced reporting at all the only reports that get out well be the ones that are paid for. Thats why the tabs are so quick to publish fabricated storys about kris h beacuse it sells the papers and the kardshines supply them with endlesss pics of themself and insider scope of what they want to public to belive. kim got busted doing a fake wedding for money why are we so shocked. This is comming from a family who even films there check ups to genocygiest on tv.(khole)
Nothing is too tastelss for them.Jenner girls on birth control at 15!,ect. Now im sure your 15 yearold wants to go on birthcontrol and steal daddys criedt card.
The mags allways put goffy pics of of kris h cuz they are sucking up to kardshines.
there comes a point when its real odvious who is greasing the wheels. E news oulet well letkim announce anythign she wants no matter how trival and weall have to lesson to it.
she just wont go away!


1005 days ago


Moron marries Moron..Details at 10, film at 11..

1005 days ago


I have never watched an episode of any Kardashian show until this morning when I watched Kourtney and Kim Take New York while getting ready for work. And...honestly, if I were Kim Kardashian I would have filed for divorce at the end of this episode. Kris Humphries may be one of the most condescending men I've ever seen. When Kourtney apologized for freaking him out his response was "Thanks, I mean that's a nice gesture". A simple "Thanks, I appreciate that" would have been much more appropriate and much less covertly abusive.

1005 days ago


Yes Kris Can handle it, do you think he is gonna be a little do what ever they say like scott disisk Go Kris

1005 days ago


i like kris alot and think kim is totaly wrong for him!!!! she is way toooo hard for him he deserves a more american beauty over kim...... he would look better with a blonde!!!!!!

1005 days ago

Lola Marie    

Kris count your blessings for getting rid of Kim a pathetic money hungry bitch. She is a disgusting human being...not a wife material. The Kardashians are trash, they are a bunch of fame whores. I hope you can get your annulment and get rid of those people for good.

1005 days ago


Kim is a joke, a beautiful girl, but a joke...facts: her 1st marriage was a fail, she dates Ray J who exposes their sex tape, then dates Reggie Bush for a few years who never wanted to propose, and ultimately her 2nd marriage is a fail after 72 days....to me, Kim was jealous of her sisters, Kloe finding real love and marriage, then Courtney haveing a kid, with both her sisters occupied with their own families, kim found herself being alone. This is where Kris Humphries becomes a victim of Kim K...Kris coming from a loving down to earth home in a small town of Minnesota, both parents still married, im pretty sure he wanted to marry kim for all the right reasons even though they only new eachother for a couple months. Kim took advantage of his feelings especially knowing Kris is 26 and Kim is 31, kim used Kris as a rebound for Reggie, her heart was with Reggie, but Reggie didnt want a commitment, so she was forced to move on, therefore she found Kris and manipulated him to marriage. When she basically came to terms with her real feelings that she didnt want to deal with Kris nor want to be with him for the rest of her life, she decides to let him go for all the petty reasons in the world and tries to point the finger at him making him looking like the bad guy. Kim married this guy, seems like she doesnt have a clue what marriage is and led Kris on which she is totally wrong and she needs to apologize to him for her actions..
i personally think kris was a good guy for her, she needs someone sarcastic and down to earth cuz her and her family are sooo hollywood and bougie. She needs to come down to earth and realize life isnt about million dollar wedding, diamond everything, materialistic things period, money doesnt buy love miss Kim k....she could still make her marriage work but shes too selfish to do so

1005 days ago


Annulments can be granted for impotence as well. To save face on both ends I think she should grant him an annulment based on that. Whats a little "impotence" when you no the real deal. All parties will get what they want. Kris will get his annulment because of religion, and Kim will keep her honor.

1005 days ago


Good for Kris Humphries! Kim Kardashian certainly used Humphries for personal gain. At the end of the day even the mighty Kardashians now know what it's like to be pimped out! E executives sold Kim and company on how great it will be to put this sham of a wedding together. The only problem was they didn't care either way how Kim felt or if she would even stay married. What E executives weren't expecting was the mighty back lash from the Kardashain fan base or did they!

1005 days ago

Loving Latina    

If Kim Kardashian has nothing to hide or lie about, then she should give him his annulment.But she won’t, because the snake doesn’t want him to talk. After the way she and her family has portrayed him and ran his name thru the dirt, she should pay him a pretty penny for silence. If she is smart, she will. But will her pride let her…In fact, she follows ALL of the 7 deadly sins, PRIDE, GREED, ENVY, LUST, ANGER, GLUTTONY (NOT PERTAINING TO FOOD BUT TO ENTERTAINMENT, GOODS, THE COMPANY OF OTHERS)AND SLOTH (Most people think of sloth as laziness, not doing much of anything, but just sitting around doing nothing.
Sloth (or acedia) is a kind of spiritual laziness (as opposed to mere physical fatigue or depression). It means not making it a priority to do what we should, or change what we should in ourselves. Some people might call it apathy, which means a lack of feeling.

1004 days ago
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