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Lady Gaga's Naked O-Face

Is O-Kay With Us

12/2/2011 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Naked and Nude Lady Gaga covered in Cheerios
Lady Gaga can pour Cheerios all over her wet, naked body as long as she wants -- the cereal company tells TMZ, the singer's controversial new music video is all just freedom of expression.

If you haven't seen Gaga's new video for "Marry the Night," you're missing out on 14 minutes of naked, avant-garde weirdness ... including a scene where she empties a box of cheerios on her naked body.

A rep for Cheerios tells us, the cereal company had nothing to do with the video -- but it also has no plans to pursue legal action.

The rep tells us, "We feel that people express their passion in a lot of different ways ... This was certainly a first!"

Probably the point, no?


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I appreciate that she is a talented singer and dancer, and actually a pretty good actor, but where's the story? She's crazy, then she burns cars, then she marries the night? What? Did I miss the story? Or is it really just the random crap that it appears to be?

1026 days ago


She is a pig inside and out, She acts like she cares about kids then does pornographic stuff like this what kind of role model is this hog.

1026 days ago

Ozzie X    

she tries too hard. it's almost at the point of ridiculous.

1026 days ago


Can she not just sing and leave the ridiculous crap alone? I refuse to buy her music because of it.

1026 days ago

It will be interesting when she whips out her penis in a video someday.

1026 days ago


This lady obviously needs some psychiatric help, and fast.

1026 days ago

an honest liberal    

Wow another no talent Madonna/ Dale Bozzio/ Blondie wanna be. If you think this is music and talent you must be under 18. If not you have the mentity of a fruit fly.

1026 days ago


I stop at 0:27...I wanna hear music in my ears not bla bla story tell.

1026 days ago


this was on's comment section regarding this video:

So basically, she struggles with perfection as a dancer, has a breakdown because of it, loses everything except her "bedazzeler" aka Satan, the father of all lies, aka, the one who "invented it (lying)" so is this really Gaga speaking.. think about it. she goes to meet satan at night at the crossroads, sells her soul to him in a ritual that involves blowing up a car, or the destruction of her soul, is a better dancer in the next scene and stands out above the rest because her hair and makeup is for the "stage", gets her friends to go out to the crossroads at night to sell their souls. She helps them do this by setting gasoline on their cars, and they too sell their souls when their cars explode. The result is the beginning scene with her and her female co-dancers, recovering from the explosion. she says she has nothing else to lose because she sold her soul, she "married the night", the darkness, gave herself to the evil and that is why she says she's going to be a star. The end scene: she makes it to hollywood. my take anyway...

then this reply:

btw did anyone notice how the camera pauses on the pianist who seems to resemble Adele? did she do the same?

1026 days ago


Well, that's almost 14 minutes of my life I will never get back.

1026 days ago


She's one weird biotch

1026 days ago


This is the all time worse video I have ever seen. I only made it to the six and a half minute mark. Just couldn't take anymore.

1026 days ago

Ozzie X    

the unfortunate part is a large portion of her fan base are underage.

1026 days ago


Gaga is so gross lol

1026 days ago


Stop judging by the outside, look at the pain and trauma on the inside. Her video is something that ACTUALLY happened to her. It hints of having an abortion, Gaga calls it the worst day of her life which an abortion would be such. Watch the video and imagine living it, would you make it? Probably not. Look at the MESSAGE she is sending, look at what she stands for. She uses her platform in the most wonderful ways and helps many people and groups.

What would people think of you if they judged you on the outside? Are you fat? Ugly? Short? Tall? Big nose? Small lips? Does ANY of that make you a good/bad person? Exactly. Gaga brings it, the girl has mega talent and atleast she SINGS live unlike MANY out there today. Her passion is in her music, in her videos, in everything she does. Listen to the words for once, you may FINALLY get it.

1026 days ago
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