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Kardashians Declare War

You Can't Sell Our Eyelashes!

12/4/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kardashian sisters
The Kardashian Klan only has eyes for themselves ... and that's why the family is threatening to take legal action against a woman who wants to use the family name to sell an eyelash-elongation product.

The product is called KardashianLash (a kind of eyelash-growing make-up thing) and the person behind the company -- named Sarah Ehrlich -- just filed a petition to trademark the name.

We spoke to Ms. Ehrlich -- who tells us, she wanted KardashianLash to help raise money to send Honduran orphans to cosmetology school (a worthy cause) ... and she didn't think the K's would mind.

But Kim & co do mind -- claiming no one ever asked them for permission ... and we're told the girls are planning to fight her petition, claiming it's a blatant rip-off of their trademark.


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However noble her intentions, Ms. Ehrlich appears to be an idiot.

1057 days ago


I've just got 1 question TMZ why do you keep reporting on these people. It's obvious that no one cares about these attention whoring idiots. From now on when i see the ****rashian name i am gonna skip the article. Don't give them any press and hopefully they will fade in to obscurity where they belong!

1057 days ago

Biggie Johnson    

The SKANK SQUAD needs to GO AWAY !

1057 days ago


Keep up the good work TMZ. Shnit like this is just making me hate them even more.

1057 days ago


Wow....normal people with caring hearts would say, "Oh yeah, that is totally cool and such a good cause, so happy you are trying to help make the world better." Oh wait - the KardASSians are money hungry s***bags who only care about themselves. Stop being a detriment to society and GO AWAY you dumb bimbos. Some of us think you are disgusting.

1057 days ago

The Real Deal    

Seriously, the only reason twiddle fake, twiddle wish she was Kim and twiddle amazon is angy is becuase they might not make a penny off the product.. Here is an idea try to help the 1 million organizations that might just make your existence worth something instead of wasting space and time!
I will be so glad when they are 20 year ago news ( which they will be)

1057 days ago


But...but...if they did that, then not ALL of the profits would go to them!!! And those FAT ASSes ho's ain't gonna be havin' that!!
Yep..."feeding the hungry" (which was more like holding a ladle, and being photographed with other celebrities) doesn't take $$$ out of their pocketbooks!!!
Nasty, vain, whorey mcwhores!! Lol.

1057 days ago


Rob, Kim & Courtney have very similar characteristics... If I were Khloe, I'd be taking a DNA test to make sure that Robert Kardashian was indeed my father.....

1057 days ago

george fudge!    

Forget the fake eyelashes, someone should market KarTrashian Trash cans.

1057 days ago


The woman has got to be a complete idiot for thinking that she could use the name Kardashian, arguably one of the most recognizable celebrity brands/names. I mean, honestly, the stupidity of some people is mind boggling.

1057 days ago


While I have no love for the Kardashians, I have to admit they are in the right here. It is a pretty obvious attempt to capitalize on their name for her financial benefit. The orphan angle sounds like BS.

1057 days ago


Kris Jenner had an intense relationship with O.J Simpson in the 1980's.It has been alleged that he is the father of Khloe.(Goggle photos of his other children & see the resemblance)This also accounts for Khloe and Kim's obsession with black males.When will this bunch crash and burn?

1057 days ago


I'm surprised she'd be interested in using the Kardashian name, since it is so tarnished and many have threatened to boycott all of their products.

1057 days ago


good gosh, now they've stamped their name to eyelashes? And how many lawsuits does Kim going so far this year, Old Navy, Brett Lockett, another one I can't remember, and now this? I'd like to know what happen to that credit card scam they were getting sued for, 75 million.

1057 days ago


Kim can sell her wedding, get rid of her husband , have a sex video but her last name to be associated with eyelashes? No way! How disrespectful !!!

1057 days ago
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