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Michael Lohan

Undergoing Surgery

to Fix His Bad Heart

12/5/2011 8:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Undergoing Heart Surgery
Michael Lohan
's life is in the hands of doctors ... who are performing surgery on Mike's heart in an effort to unclog an important artery ... this according to Lohan's rep.

TMZ broke the story ... Lohan had trouble breathing and speaking a couple of weeks ago ... and docs believe the trouble stemmed from Mike's ticker.

Now, the rep tells us ... Lohan is currently undergoing a procedure to "repair a blockage."

Once Lohan is stable, the rep says Mike will return to his court-ordered treatment center -- where he will continue to participate in a domestic violence intervention program.


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Oh, sorry, I thought you said "repairing a blackhead..."

1018 days ago


Man needs a brain transplat, not angioplasty.

1018 days ago

middle finger    

He just filed a lawsuit against kate,dina,and lindsay..with all the stress they have put him though,his heart couldnt take it.."do you know how hard it is, on the heart to beat Kate like I do?"
"And all the sex and drugs with lindsay has made my heart like a 100 year olds"

1018 days ago


The rep has it right: he's undergoing a procedure to repair a blockage. So they still are planning to just run a stent to unclog things, definitely not heart surgery. There's a reason they call it a procedure rather than surgery. Is TMZ just cluelessly overdramatizing or are they getting wrong info from Michael himself? He might not understand it very well or just likes to bump up the drama. I'm sure he's uncomfortable if he's having trouble breathing and speaking but that apparently is because of reduced oxygenated blood flow. He should feel a lot better soon after the stent. Maybe if he would just shut up long enough, he would stabilize and they could get on with the procedure :).

1018 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

You haters theme song should be "JUMP" by Van Halen!

1018 days ago

Good riddance!    

He's just having some doc top off his high test douche water supply with a couple of liberal splashes of old Old Spice thrown in for good measure. He'll be back to his normal woman punching, coke snorting, hard drinking, rehab failing, self martyrdom histrionics in no time flat. Count on it.

1018 days ago


Julia, have you seen Dina's photoshoot and read her interview from Harper's Bizaar of 2007? I just re-read it. Oh.

1018 days ago


Thats what greed and stupidity does to the heart.

1018 days ago

Red Cloud    

Lindsay will be on The Helen DeGeneres Show on December 15. The audience will stand up and applaud and cheer.

gone, gone, gone...............

1018 days ago


He can stay in the hospital for six months but when he gets out he still has X amount of classes to complete, so he isn't getting out of anything. I have a friend who had DUI classes, got in a car accident half way through the classes (not alcohol related) had to go back to court to get an extension and finish out the number of classes ordered by the judge. So again I say, he's not getting out of anything!

1018 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Michael Lohan: Open Heart Surgery for Lindsay's Dad!
December 05, 2011 03:40 PM EST

Micheal Lohan is scheduled for open heart surgery on the same day that ex Kate Major goes missing from another hospital and her rehab. Just when things seemed like they couldn't get any stranger!

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan, who had complained about having chest pains just last month, is now scheduled to have heart surgery. According to reps, Michael "is undergoing a procedure to repair a blockage."

Of course, as soon as he is out of the hospital, Michael Lohan is expected to head back to his anger-management rehab. He was ordered by the court to go to treatment after he plead no contest to domestic violence charges.

It was these anger issues with ex-fiancee Kate Major that put him in a treatment facility to begin with. In an odd coincidence, Major had to go to the hospital for seizures on the same day Michael Lohan was admitted for his heart issues. Unlike Lohan, however, Major has reportedly wandered off from the hospital. Is she on the way to visit Michael? Hopefully not, she is probably the last person he wants to see.

1018 days ago


Oh whoopee - he is getting a stent - thousands of people do it every day. Not like he is getting a transplant - and even if he was does anyone really care?? He is a train wreck.

1018 days ago


Linds says she refuses to do Big Brother UK because they would make her do humiliating things like wear clothes and stop smashing champagne glasses. When they told her, she peed on the floor of the producer's office and knocked over a one-million-dollar statue on her way out. I guess I'll have to get more "work" so my Mom can get her "hair" done. Damn.... I don't feel like doing anything.

1018 days ago


Since when is putting in a stent ...Open heart surgery ? They go up their the main artery at the groin area and snake that wire up and into the area of the heart were the blockage is and first they inflate a tiny balloom to break up the clot and expand the area then they insert the stent to that area and tacking it in place...all internel the only open area is a tiny little cut in the groin....takes about 45 miles all told..." they don't even put you to sleep just be you the forget me meds in a drip and you float for a while watching them doing their thing.....They joked about me talking my head off all the time they were doing it asking them questions ..LOL
So TMZ stop with the drama queen act or are we going get another naked chested Micheal laying in his hospital bed...
I don't wish him ill but Gee Wezz stop with the drama it was a standard procedure not open heart surgery ...Isn't therer one Lohan who can do anything without making a major production out of it...

1018 days ago


TMZ your post reads as if it was put together by an idiot who has absolutely no knowledge of what they are talking about. "Fix his bad heart" utter nonsense. Michael Lohan's rep must be a fool because his explanation is foolish and pathetic, going for the sympathy vote...he won't find it here.

1018 days ago
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