TMZ Live Brooke & Charlie Trading Places?

12/5/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Brooke Mueller & Charlie Sheen -- Trading Places

Brooke Mueller's latest Aspen arrest is doing a number on the time-space continuum ... because suddenly Charlie Sheen looks like a ... stable parent?

Plus, is taking care of pets a good warmup for kids? Everyone says it, but Bravo's maternity expert Rosie Pope ain't buying it. Also, why Herman Cain's decision to pull out is seriously bumming us out.

And porn star Lisa Ann -- aka "Nailin' Pailin" -- gives us some sex ed ... and reveals more about her "parts" than we wanted to know.

(1:00) How many trips to rehab does it take to fix a drug problem? Well ... we don't have an answer, but we do know Brooke Mueller need to give rehab another try!
(7:00) We try and figure out who should get the kids ... Charlie or Brooke?  We can't come to a conclusion.
(11:50) Do you think good pet owners make good parents?  Maternity Trend Expect and host of "Pregnant in Heels", Rosie Pope, tells the guys what makes a good parent.
(19:00) Charles and Dax both think their dogs have prepped them to care for a child.  Anyone need a babysitter?
(21:10) (30:40) Tiger Woods finally wins a tournament!  We have mixed reviews in the newsroom if Tiger is back or not.
(34:52) Herman Cain is no longer running for president.  We think the debates will now be boring-er.
(37:00)The very beautiful and talented, Lisa Ann calls in and tells us how we can win a date with her to the AVN awards in Vegas.
(45:22) Wait ... What's a fleshlight?!?!
(47:02) Watch as Dax's face turns red while we talk about lady parts and flash lights.