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'Jersey Housewife'

Call Me a Stripper Again ...


12/6/2011 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Melissa Gorga is adamant she never, ever STRIPPED during her stint as a bartender at Lookers Gentleman's Club in New Jersey ... and now she's threatening to sue anyone who says otherwise.

Gorga's been hounded by the stripper talk ever since a former Lookers employee began calling BS on Melissa to the media ... insisting she was an exotic dancer at the club.

But Gorga claims she can PROVE she never got naked -- unearthing payroll sheets which list her as a "bar maid" ... and getting a sworn affidavit from longtime club owner Chris Kontos, in which he testifies Melissa "worked solely in the capacity as a bartender."

Gorga has also hired attorney James J. Leonard Jr. -- who tells TMZ, "At this time we are aggressively pursuing the commencement of litigation against any and all individuals, in any jurisdiction, who have or continue to disseminate false statements against Melissa Gorga."


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LOL...She is ugly to be a stripper and her body isn't that hot to pole dance.

1055 days ago


theresa encouraged the rumors because she is so frikkin' jealous of melissa.

1055 days ago


i'm saying it first, bet she was a stripper.

1055 days ago


Public figures cannot sue for stupid **** like that. Not that I have ever heard of name in my life but everyone should call her a big fat whore stripper because she can do nothing about it.

1055 days ago


Who cares, she's trash. A loud-mouth, gold-digging, no-talent, greasy slob. You're on a trashy reality show honey, you're not Elizabeth Taylor, so quit acting like you are God's gift to television. You know who cares about your life, your family, your monster-looking kids? People that like trash tv, the lowest form of society.

1055 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    


1055 days ago

BB not bb    

There was another woman on that show whom they all turned against for concealing an immoral past. One of them flipped a table at her in a restuarant. She seemed like a nice lady from what I saw, but these women acted too good to associate with her.

Now it turns out this lady worked in a gentleman's club as a bartender. Isn't that still selling sexuulity? Don't those barmaids dress in like bras and miniskirts and heels and tons of make-up? How is that different? Even if she workded in a strip club but didn't strip, she was still around the same environment where there was probably prostitution also.

It seems like karma to me. Some people just need a scapegoat. When one disappears out of the picture, they try to find another one. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones it seems.

1055 days ago


She's a stripper?

1055 days ago


She looks more like a hooker than a striper.

1055 days ago


What a loser! She is also an immature jerk. She had her friends harass a blogger (via Twitter) who outed her as a stripper, then her "lawyer" got on Twitter and called the blogger a "skank." This woman is a nasty creature.

1055 days ago


When someone acts out in a defensive manner it usually is to cover up something they feel guilty about. If she was a secure confident woman, she'd not let what others think of her bother her or upset her.

Keep giving power to mentally unstable Theresa, she is the one you should sue.

All of the New Jersey housewives are unstable minded attention seekers. That is my opinion.

1055 days ago


You worked in a gentleman's club. In my opinion anyone who is a barmaid at a gentleman's club, manipulates men with flirting, sexuality and their body, using their scantly dressed body to sell booze and get tips all the while showing a lack of dignity and respect for yourself. That is pretty close to what you are being accused of. The end.

PS...your family sure likes to make threats and try to intimidate, you are starting to act like Theresa, red flag alert.

1055 days ago


Consequences to you choosing to work at a "Gentleman's Club" People know what those clubs are all about and why the men go there.

They have a right to their opinion of anyone who works at a "Gentleman's Club", as bad as many of the women working at such places in Vegas.

A "Gentleman's Club" exploits insecure women who sign up to work there, such "clubs" are all about promoting immorality and hyper-sexuality.

You chose the behavior, the job, there are consequences to working at such a place, people do not have to like it and can have a voice and an opinion against such clubs and women who work at such clubs.

Don't like it? You should not have CHOSE to work there...(you were not forced to work there, you chose to), so that is on you. Stop trying to blame everyone else threatening them with legal action, for what you are guilty of doing, for you CHOSE to work there and promote what a Gentleman's Club is all about.

Now you cannot take the heat? As bad as Theresa not wanting to accept accountability and needing to blame and use others as a scapegoat to avoid taking a long hard look at her own wrong doings.

1055 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

You're a stripper now go STFU!

1055 days ago


Melissa Gorga IS a stripper. And this Lawyer is A PHONY! They both threatened a blogger when SHE got a story of an ex boss confirminging she was a dancer. This is the interview the blogger had with melissas ex boss.
and ths is where her "LAWYER" threatens a BLOGGER ON THANKS GIVING DAY

1055 days ago
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