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Science to Alec Baldwin --

Shut it Down!

12/7/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Alec Baldwin's ridiculous cell phone standoff actually raises a great question -- why DO you have to shut down when the plane door closes? We've got expert testimony about how your gadgets mess with a plane and put lives at risk.

Plus, Madonna vs. Gene Simmons ... in a battle over her Super Bowl gig. Live or lip-synch -- YOU make the call! Also, baseball's forcing sexy sideline reporters to tone it down, and Orioles reporter Amber Theoharis thinks it could be a big mistake.

Oh, and before you watch -- apologies to Missouri.

(0:30) Jason starts the show off with some smack talk.  Charles seems to have gotten his shirt from Dax's closet.
(3:55)  Jerry Sandusky is behind bars!  We talk to Evan in the newsroom who fills us in with the horrific details.
(7:49)  TMZ's Lawyer, Jason Beckerman, lets us know what could possibly happen to Jerry Sandusky if he is found guilty.
(10:33) American Airlines fires back at Alec Baldwin after he bashes them on Twitter.  Come on Alec ... just turn your damn cell phone off when you're on a plane!
(20:00) An ex-pilot and Chief Flight Safety Operator calls in and tells us about the risk of keeping our electronics on while taking off and landing.
(26:43)   If you're from Missouri ... you should hear this.
(31:36) Does it matter if an artist lip-syncs during their Super Bowl performance?  Our newsroom has mixed thoughts.
(43:19) The MLB has new regulations.  There is now a dress code the media has to follow.  Check out the picture that started the controversy.


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Actually, earlier this year it was proven that cell phones, PDAs and computers DO NOT interfere with aircraft electronics. However, there was a travel poll performed, whcih the FAA used to continue the ban... effectively travelers voted NOT to allow cell phones on the plane because people would be in close quarters with people talking loudly during the flight - annoying passengers.

Think about it, at an airport, you are bonbarded with cell phones ground repeater microwave towers, satellite microwaves and most importantly the high-power ground radar. Tiny .4W to 1Watt cell phones would not make a difference at all.

Secondly, during pre-takeoff the flight attendants want a marginal attention rate. During takeoff and landings, they are the times when most crashes and incidents occur so they want people attentive.

I don't know who your specialist was, but being a pilot since 1980, past holder of HAM radio operator licenses, electronics geek... the guy you had on was being overdramatic and excluding data.

996 days ago


I do what the stews tell me to do when I do fly. Given the fact that we are still targets of terrorist, we should all do what they say. They have a crappy job and Alec acted like a typical New Yorker. When I lived in FL, they come down on vacation and act like they own the place. Very bossy, outspoken, and brazen bunch for the most part. I can't tell you how many times I heard them fighting with the elderly cashiers at Publix or the road rage they cause on the FL highways. "I'm from New York"...does that mean your mothers don't teach you to be polite?

996 days ago


waaa, waaa, I want my toys! What is up with this obsession with games and cell phones? Geez, take a nap or read a real book while your flying. You might just help some of the paper mills stay open that are closing all over the country.

996 days ago


I just flew on a friend's private plane and we didn't have to ever turn our cell phones off. I'm sure all planes have the same instruments so what's the difference?

995 days ago


Seriuosly? you're going to go with that lame excuse from the airline industry?
If all a terrorist needs to do to crash an airplane and cause havoc is leave is cell phone or ipad on, that's a big security issue. it also doesn't make sense since the airlines use these devices theselves (the pilots use them for the pre-flight check list) but if it's true, the solution should be to FIX the volunerabilities in the airplanes, not hope that bad people listen to the flight attendant and turn off their device

995 days ago


Madonna is lame.. I would like to see someone I want to watch.. She is not a good American, she needs to crawl under a rock..

995 days ago


Show his entitlement up his behind!

995 days ago
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