TMZ Live Science to Alec Baldwin -- Shut it Down!

12/7/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Science to Alec Baldwin -- Shut it Down!

Alec Baldwin's ridiculous cell phone standoff actually raises a great question -- why DO you have to shut down when the plane door closes? We've got expert testimony about how your gadgets mess with a plane and put lives at risk.

Plus, Madonna vs. Gene Simmons ... in a battle over her Super Bowl gig. Live or lip-synch -- YOU make the call! Also, baseball's forcing sexy sideline reporters to tone it down, and Orioles reporter Amber Theoharis thinks it could be a big mistake.

Oh, and before you watch -- apologies to Missouri.

(0:30) Jason starts the show off with some smack talk.  Charles seems to have gotten his shirt from Dax's closet.
(3:55)  Jerry Sandusky is behind bars!  We talk to Evan in the newsroom who fills us in with the horrific details.
(7:49)  TMZ's Lawyer, Jason Beckerman, lets us know what could possibly happen to Jerry Sandusky if he is found guilty.
(10:33) American Airlines fires back at Alec Baldwin after he bashes them on Twitter.  Come on Alec ... just turn your damn cell phone off when you're on a plane!
(20:00) An ex-pilot and Chief Flight Safety Operator calls in and tells us about the risk of keeping our electronics on while taking off and landing.
(26:43)   If you're from Missouri ... you should hear this.
(31:36) Does it matter if an artist lip-syncs during their Super Bowl performance?  Our newsroom has mixed thoughts.
(43:19) The MLB has new regulations.  There is now a dress code the media has to follow.  Check out the picture that started the controversy.