Snoop Dogg Conflict in the Middle East ... Over Weed

12/16/2011 5:00 AM PST

Snoop Dogg -- Crisis in the Middle East ... Over Weed

Snoop Dogg
is in the middle of an international crisis ... accused of sparking a phattie burbatty blunt in the middle of Lebanon, which ignited a criminal investigation ... this according to a major Middle East concert promoter.

TMZ has learned ... Big Snoop has been threatened with a lawsuit over an appearance he made in Beirut back in 2009 ... an appearance orchestrated by Middle East concert bigshot Roger Kalaouz.

Kalaouz claims Snoop blazed up some weed in the middle of a concert after-party -- which is illegal in Lebanon -- and then featured footage of the puff session in a music video for his song, "That's Tha Homie" (image featured above).

Kalaouz claims Lebanese authorities caught wind of the weed smoking -- and launched a criminal investigation into his company ... leaving his reputation "severely damaged."

Kalaouz claims Snoop also promised he could be the rapper's exclusive Middle East representative -- but after Kalaouz started booking Snoop, Dogg's people told him the deal was never officially authorized.

Kalaouz has fired off letters to Snoop's people -- demanding more than $280k in damages ... and a commitment for Snoop to perform 2 concerts in the Middle East.

Snoop's people told Kalaouz they were taking his complaint seriously -- but so far, no agreement has been reached.

A rep for Snoop had no comment.