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NL MVP Ryan Braun

Medication to Blame

for Dirty Banned Substance Test

12/19/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Braun
Ryan Braun
's positive test for banned substances was caused by medication he's taking for a private medical issue -- NOT performance enhancing drugs ... this according to sources directly connected with Major League Baseball.

We're told the reigning National League MVP is adamant he has not taken drugs or steroids of any kind.

One source simply told us ... "The medication contained banned substances resulting in the positive test."  We're also told prior to taking the dirty test, Braun had always tested negative for banned substances.

The nature of Braun's medical ailment is unclear.

It's also unclear if the Milwaukee Brewers star knew the substances were in his medication before he took it -- though it seems highly unlikely.

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Braun has herps    

What is the man supposed to do? Not get his herpes cleaned up? That is just stupid. You can't fault a man for trying to stop the burn. Herpes med's are not PED's and should not force Braun to miss any games.

1017 days ago

john wayne gacy    

a ball player with herpes ?

thought kim kartrashian
only slept with black guys .....

1017 days ago


complete bull****. it took them this long after the news broke to come up w/ this excuse? braun is full of it.

1017 days ago


He has herpes. The medication raises your testoserone levels.

1017 days ago


I love you man! You're a great ballplayer and always will be!

1017 days ago


Reading these comments shows why whoever leaked this information in the first place should be sued - and that the American public are generally a bunch of morons. He tested positive because of a new kind of herpes medication. He didn't cheat, and make a joke if you want, but it's not a bad thing to be taking medication for that. I hate you stupid people.

1017 days ago

Mr Cool    

Everyone hating on Braun right now for being a liar and a cheater is insane. Same with everyone who is comparing him to Bonds and Clemens. It is not a rumor, but a FACT, that he has herpes and took medication for it that caused the test result. Whoever said that the medication for it would lower testosterone levels and not increase it, is misinformed, this is also incorrect. Please everyone, stop and think about this for two seconds ... the guy has never had a positive test his entire career (which has all been since MLB added much more stringent testing policies), and all of a sudden he decides to start taking them in the post season after starting in three consecutive all-star games and winning the MVP? That doesn't make any sense. Who does that all and then decides, yep ... it's time to take them. His numbers weren’t going down at all, and he also isn’t any bigger. The only thing he is guilty of is fooling around with too many skanky women, which says nothing about his baseball legacy. He has every right to have it treated so that he doesn’t have symptoms, and so that he doesn’t continue passing it on to other people. The reason he didn’t have a medical exemption is because it’s kind of odd to see these types of results from a test, and it wasn’t expected (but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible). His testosterone level was more than twice that of ANY other test MLB has ever seen … that includes people who are known to have taken steroids, so even if he was hypothetically on steroids, this test result would do nothing to prove that he was. It was a medical anomaly, deal with it. He took a test immediately after, and it came up completely normal. Wouldn’t a guy taking enough roids to have a testosterone level more than twice that EVER seen before have trouble providing a clean sample immediately after? The answer is YES. He did nothing wrong and everyone assuming that he did is insane. Numerous reports around the Braun situation have said that this is a particularly odd situation and that he will eventually be exonerated. I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that with Bonds or Clemens. ESPN quickly backed off their initial report (odd for such a huge story), and the media has never been known to let stuff like this go. I think the writing on the wall is pretty obvious if you actually look at the evidence available and don’t automatically group him in with ‘everyone else.’

1017 days ago


"Private medical condition" most likely translates into erectile disfunction, a low testosterone count, or male menopause. Treatment for one of those could trigger the positive test, and none of those conditions are anything a man would want to reveal publicly.

1017 days ago

Brian Lund    

heard supposedly medicine was for herps dont know if true or just rumor

1017 days ago


Gee, is a herpes epidemic in professional sports about to occur? Call the CDC - then go to clinic and get your shots!

Best case, he should have gotten an exemption for said med, worse case... always innocent until caught.

1017 days ago


Perhaps if he is so (mysteriously) ill, he shouldn't be playing baseball at all. Does he put others at risk? Is he at risk? The guy has such a big mouth (2010 couldn't stop blaming his teammates)perhaps he should give the details that he claims will prove his innocence. I never trust a guy who publicly throws teammates under the bus and it would not be a stretch to imagine he did steroids because he thinks he is the only one pulling his weight. Fielder may have bat, but this creep thinks he is the only defensive threat on the team.

1017 days ago


Braun is INNOCENT. Sucks for all you haters1!!!!

1017 days ago

J. Gravelle    

Yeah. "Medicine". That's the ticket:


There are no drugs in "medicine". This was all just one big misunderstanding...


1017 days ago


Let me guess his junk doesn't work and he was taking viagra like Manny

1017 days ago

John Simpson    

First off, you don't treat herpes with synthetic testosterone. Secondly just because you do not look like a steroid freak like Brock Lesnar does not mean you do not take them. Moderate dosages of Test are proven to increase endurance and lower fatigue significantly as well as increase strength without any noticeable difference in body type. Bottom line he took synthetic test and got busted. Take the MVP away as he is the first person to win an award and be proven to have popped on the test after the amnesty period. Sad but true he is a gear head!

1006 days ago
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