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Kardashian Clothing Scandal

Human Rights Group Leader

Says NO PROOF of 'Slave Labor'

12/21/2011 9:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The leader of the human rights group quoted in a story implying the Kardashians use "slave labor" to manufacture their clothes and shoes says the story is misleading.

Charles Kernaghan, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, tells TMZ, he told Star Magazine, "It was a wise idea to wait on the article," because he had no proof that the specific factories the Kardashians use violated child labor standards or human rights.

Star's headline reads, "Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal: Family's Fashion Empire Makes Millions from Child Labor."  Kernaghan is quoted as saying, "The Kardashians are in bed with some pretty bad people ... Not only are celebrities like the Kardashians taking advantage of these workers, they are holding hands with a government that spits on democracy and women's rights."

Kernaghan tells us ... his quotes were taken out of context ... that the violations he described to Star apply to the REGION in China where clothing and other items are manufactured.  He says child labor practices in many of the factories are appalling, but he has no proof the specific factories the Kardashians use employ such practices.

Kernaghan says his organization is investigating the factories the Kardashians use, but so far he has NO EVIDENCE of any human rights abuses.

Kernaghan does say ... 75% of the factories in the region have violations similar to the ones described in Star.

Kris Jenner tells TMZ ... the factories the Kardashians use are "strictly policed" and there are no child labor or human rights violations.

We put a call in to Star.  So far ... no response.



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buzz kill    

Anyone who purchases anything associated with the Kartrashians, or watches their prigram is just as sick and perverted as they are.

1036 days ago


I believe the Star report anyway. The whoretrashians are avaristic, greedy misers who take for themselves & give nothing to charity (unless you call stumbling down a red carpet at a fashion show or having pictures taken/signing autographs "charity"). They're the most reprehensible trash; they need to die already...

1036 days ago


The fans of these fame wh*res should read this and STOP buying their clothing line...Made in China

1036 days ago


With all of their money, they really can't take a vacant factory in the US and revamp it and create hundreds of jobs!
Do the right thing for once girls!!!!!!!!!

1036 days ago


Nothing surprises me anymore, but in all fairness some US Corporations don't even know the scandals that go on within their own companies. The fact that they hired a company for cheap labor isn't disputable its a good money choice, and if that company is in an area where bad practices occur - you cannot judge a book by its environment. When you get to that level you aren't on the floor everyday so even if child labor laws are in violation they may not even be aware of it. I don't think that they are intentionally practicing malicious ill will on others to profit.

1036 days ago



1036 days ago


Sounds like Kernaghan is trying to avoid a law suit. The Kardashian trash are very quick to pull the lawyers out. If Chris Jenner has never been to the factories in China, how does she know for certain they are "strictly policed"?

1036 days ago


who did kim blow to get them to say this.......after all whores will do anything for publicity and she needed this kind of publicity right now!

1036 days ago


Please people, get some more education before opening your mouths! This story is only developing and the major characters (not Kardashian or Jenner's) are all saying these accusations are premature.
If you had some more education, you would find out that both APPLE and The GAP have ALL been in trouble for using child labour. So pull out those iphones, ipods, and over priced GAP sweaters and enjoy the benefits of child labour.

1036 days ago


Oprah exposed when they went to Haiti, Kim and her pimp.."mom" ...stayed in $1000 a nite hotels and wore all name brand expensive clothing. The orphans had to go to them to meet them as they wouldnt travel into the poverty areas to meet them. They went on a PR trip to a country that is hurting and they just hurt them futher. Bet they took their makeup and hair people also. It was just a photo shoot, not a humanitarian gesture. These people are sickening. Personally, I have yet to see anyone wearing or buying any of their clothes. I heard they give off an odor and even at Xmas, the area where their clothes were was a mall in a very nice area. HAH!! LOSINGGGGGG

1036 days ago


Out of context? Really? Wow, how odd that a tabloid would print something out of context. They're all idiots!

1036 days ago


Instead of just boycotting the Kardashians, how about people boycott everything made in China? How about starting with Apple? Apple supposedly used child labour. How about Walmart that makes everything in China too? The problem is a lot bigger than just the Kardashian clothing...

1036 days ago

Do you have eyes?    

If it is not true, they would threaten to sue and follow through. That's what they do, they will leave no opportunity for cash unresolved. Short of that it's true.

1036 days ago


the Kardouchians seem very proud of themselves. Well here is a news flash. The image they see in the mirror is a complete opposite of what the rest of the world sees.

1036 days ago


They're still producing crap ripped off from other fashion designers in China while paying people a tiny wage the Kardashians sure couldn't live off of in order to fatten their profits.
They're just greedy that way. I hope they have a Merry Christmas. Lord knows their workers in China can't afford to.

1036 days ago
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