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Air Jordan Madness

Violence Everywhere

... Except Los Angeles

12/23/2011 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beverly Center line for the new Air Jordans
From Baltimore to Washington to Atlanta ... people waiting in lines for the new Nike Air Jordan shoe are getting CRAZY violent -- except at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles where PATIENCE IS RUNNING RAMPANT!!

TMZ spoke with several people at the Bev Center who have been waiting in line for hours ... and some for days ... and they all seem to say the same thing -- it's been cold, but everyone has been extremely cordial.

It seems to be a sharp contrast from other shoe lines across the country -- so far, there have been reports of pepper spraying at a mall in Washington, a brawl in Kentucky and girl fights in North Carolina.

New Air Jordans

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The reason this is not happening in Los Angeles is because your the only dummies who have faith in Kobe Bryant! Kobe and his ugly Christmas Day shoes will be in the clearance section at ROSS by Monday. Jordan is GOAT and loved all over the world and his retro shoes still a relevant today, now Kobe? Only his homers in L.A. by his garbage shoes, I have yet to see one black person wearing Kobe sneakers, but then again I have lost nothing in L.A.! Go CLIPPERS!

1034 days ago


Really? These look like every other Air Jordon that was made...

1034 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

ha when Jordan comes out with new shoes people are no longer broke and struggling... lol but they are still unable to buy food for their kids and are quick to go to the unemployment and welfare lines.

1034 days ago

paul a.    

Stupid people!

It's a f#$%ing shoe.....

1034 days ago


People want this shoe because it's "new" and was probably slapped with a "limited" seal.

In reality, there is nothing extravagantly magnificent about it. The overall appearance resembles many other shoes previously designed and released by Jordan.

People need to realize the shoe is not worth the price tag. The extra hundred spent is for the name brand alone, which in the long run does nothing for you... Unless you're all about egotism and material - This shoe is perfect for you.

1034 days ago


Knockoffs $90 Next Week !

1034 days ago

Rodney Vernon    

These are the same old Air Jordan design from years ago, why would there be such a frenzy for a tennis shoe that already came out years ago. I already have these shoes in storage in my garage, do I hear someone saying Ebay?

1032 days ago


for those people that don't understand is that these hold weight and their are people that stand in line and still don't get the shoes it's **** up when some stores only get 30 pair of them and two people got killed in houston,texas the day they came out something needs to be done about that

1031 days ago


Parents why are you buying your children $200 shoes. Why not a savings bond, a labtop. How about some fresh vegetables or open up a savings account. Shoes - really. What a message you are sending to the kids. Shoes and fashion are the most important things - some message.

1031 days ago


I don't know why it still shocks me when hear about stupid people since there are soooooo many out there. Why are there so many STUPID people in line for a ridiculous pair of overpriced sneakers. THEY'RE JUST SHOES YOU MORONS!!!!!!! WTF?!?!

1031 days ago



Michelle Foxx: 5 days ago

I'm sorry, but the shoe is UGLY! lol


Fc ugly if you ask me, but the more ugly things look now a days, the more people want it. It doesn't always have to be limited too. People just want to stand out in public, no matter how stupid they look, or if they look like a moron idiot waiting in long lines (IN THE COLD) for nothing. LOL
Shoot! Men don't even hang out at Hooters that long. Those shoes must have more magic in them than Dorty's shoes had in them in The Wizard Of Oz. LOL This reminds me of Forrest Gump getting his magic shoes and running a cross country in them.

1030 days ago


I Love Those ! #SWAG Lols

1016 days ago
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