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George Michael

Pneumonia Nearly Killed Me

'The Worst Month of My Life'

12/23/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Michael just showed his face for the first time since being rushed to a Vienna hospital last month with a serious case of pneumonia -- telling reporters, the illness nearly killed him.

George spoke to reporters outside his London home this morning -- claiming, doctors spent "three weeks basically keeping me alive ... It was by far, the worst month of my life."

George choked up, insinuating he had been in a coma during his time in the ICU -- "I spent the last ten days since I woke up literally thanking people for saving my life."

GM was forced to cancel his European tour over the illness -- but promises to play several concerts to make up for it ... including a private concert just for the docs who saved his life.


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why do people always assume that he has aids because he had pneumonia, I looked it up and there are a number of reasons one may come down with this, why does everyone always think aids, it is because he's gay?, narrow minded much! If you listen to what he is saying he caught some kind of infection, duh!

998 days ago


Just because he is gay doesn't mean that his pnuemonia is a result of AIDS. Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia and she wasn't gay.Bernie Mac and Corey Haims also died from pneumonia. And people do die of the flu, every year thousands die from it.
I had pneumonia 3 times last year and almost died once from it. I can TOTALLY RELATE to what he is feeling. It was hell. I wanted to die, actually. Now this year I got a shot to prevent it so hopefully I won't get it this year. And I AM NOT GAY. It used to be that only old people died from it but not anymore. So to all you who think that gays just die from this, THEY DON'T. Average everyday people get pneumonia every day and some do die from it because they don't realize what they have as was my case. I just thought I had a chest cold but I didn't.
So George: I hear ya man, I am glad that you are better. I understand COMPLETELY what you went through and am glad that you battled back from it. Best wishes

998 days ago


Hopefully this will change him for the better...I wish him the best

998 days ago


AW!! I didn't even know he had AIDS till now! How sad!

998 days ago


A tremendous talent and genuine sincere person. Take care of yourself. Having a near death experience can certainly make you take inventory of your life. I wish you the very best. Best of luck George and have a wonderful holiday season

998 days ago


And there, fortunately, is where the similarities end. GM looks nothing like a person with end stage AIDS. The math equation I'm seeing most for this post is:
Gay + pneumonia= death/dying of AIDS
This equation is oh so wrong. Geez, we've been hearing and learning about HIV/AIDS since the 80's, you don't have to be an RN to figure this one out. Yes, I will admit I "wondered" when it was first announced he was ill, if he "may be" HIV+ but, I did not automatically assume he was dying with a T-cell count of 40.
Community-Acquired Pneumonia can strike ANYONE, particularly if you are extremely busy, stressed, and around large crowds of people on a regular basis. His immune system may be down from traveling, not eating right, not getting enough rest, etc. Doesn't mean he's immuno-compromised due to HIV. I had CAP in my early 20's! I KNOW my immune system was f'd up- low paying job which left little $$ after rent, and I partied my face off pretty much 7 days a week with maybe 3-4 hrs sleep per night!! A perfect storm....
People, its the 2000's.....can't we at least ACT like we've learned a little bit over the years. A little education can go a loooong way!! =o)

998 days ago


There's a newer, very viscous, strain of pneumonia out there, in our first world "rich" countries that's killing healthy young and middle aged people. If George had HIV or AIDS he wouldn't be coming out the other side most likely because this virulent pneumonia in a body with a compromised immune system would have won it's hold. In 2008 Cameron Diaz's 58 year old father died of pneumonia, and that same year Bernie Mac died at 50 of pneumonia as well. It's not to say that George doesn't have HIV or that he couldn't have had PCP pneumonia, how would I know, but just deciding he did because he's gay is obnoxious and ill-informed. Not to mention it wouldn't matter. He's a human and he almost died. That's awful.

997 days ago


With the severity of this bout of pneumonia, I wonder what his HIV status is? Pneumonia was what was killing many HIV patients earlier in the pandemic.

997 days ago


I doubt George will be around in another 3 years. Now that he's had his first brush he won't bounce back as easily the next time. I believe he got the gift a long time ago and the reckless behavior and drugging came after.

He doesn't owe anyone an explanation and I doubt one will ever come. Too many potential lawsuits. He does appear to be in denial though, thinking he can peform again in the near future. He can still barely breathe.

995 days ago

wake me up before he go go's.

475 days ago
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