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Maria Shriver

Second Thoughts

About Divorcing Arnold

12/26/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Maria Shriver
is telling friends she's now unsure if she wants to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Maria is torn, partly because of her strong religious beliefs that do not include divorce. 

Making matters even more complicated -- we're told Arnold still desperately wants Maria back, and has been "extremely sweet" to her and has made numerous gestures -- which include presents -- to win Maria back.
Maria filed for divorce on July 1, though she moved out months earlier.  She's already bought a mansion in Brentwood, CA, which she's in the process of renovating.



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There's a problem here    

TMZ? Do you know what I find fascinating? Your commenters get edited with words like (sounds like) dock_you_ment but if anything has a web address it's no problem. Your site is so chock full of spammers these days you're losing your readers AND I'm beginning to think these people are paying the site to put their ads in your comment section.

1010 days ago


Marriage is complicated. This thing with the maid is not a deal breaker for me. What goes on behind closed doors, we'll never know. We have no idea how intricate their relationship had been. May e she was frigid. Maybe he is just not attracted to her anymore? Maybe the same for her towards him? Maybe they were living in a comfort zone like two old friends. Now, I still think the maid was a poor choice because of the proximity, especially with the children around. But, we just don't know and shouldn't jump with a quick recipe if we don't know the details... Maybe Maria knew all along... Maybe they had an agreement...

1010 days ago


She knew he was cheating on her for years and most likely knew the maid's kid was his. Maria can afford to buy herself presents so that's lame. She is an enabler like all of the Kennedy's. It's all about power to them.

1010 days ago


The real Maria needs her crazy two timing man to define her and make her whole...all her talk about standing on your own two feet flys out the window...Go back to the man that will always cheat on you and treat you like dirt. You are such a great role model to your kids (daughters especially) and other woman you always feel the need to preach to! I guess Maria can't walk the talk! No more preaching to others Maria! You are done!

1010 days ago


If she takes him back then she's a weak, weak woman who sees no life for herself without the man who manipulated and deceived her for years and then handed her a HUGE dose of public humiliation.

1010 days ago


Oh come on Maria! Years ago, my younger sister was married to the loser of the world, was playing around w/ some ****tail waitress, moved out, didn't pay his taxes for a couple of years and was addicted to on-line porn, which the bills were coming to their marital home. Not only did he jeopardize her good credit, w/ all that she wouldn't file for divorce because she was a 'good Catholic'. After about 3 years, out of sheer desperation, she finally filed and has been happily divorced for years. No children, she was able to get her marriage annulled. Once a cheater, always a cheater, for the sake of your own dignity and sanity, no second thoughts. Believe me, this higher power will let you through the 'golden gates', it's Arnold who may have trouble squeezing through.

1010 days ago


Welcome to 2012... What about Infidelity Maria.. isn't that against your Religious belief. Thought you were an intelligent woman. Anyone that could be married to this ignorant man certainly lacks in the Brain department! Coupled with the fact he ruined Californ..eia.. Sadly he wasn't to stupid to reproduce. Poor kids!

1010 days ago


Yes, they should be back together and grow old, they are old and is terrible to grow old alone. You should give people a second chance plus if you are really catholic you should pardon, the hate is not good corrodes your spirit and daily life..

1010 days ago


What is wrong with some women thinking so little of there selfs that they would stay with a man that cheated on them. I don't care if it is religious believes or whatever there is no excuse for someone to stay if a man has been that disrespectful. I think more of myself then that!

1010 days ago


Sorry, TMZ. Not an exclusive. This same story has been circulating in the tabloids for weeks. :)

1010 days ago

Shady's slave    

WOW!Listen folks I understand this supposed to be a celebrity site but .. seriously.When you elect a looser like Arnold( I cant even spell his first name much less)to office then you are playing games with this nation, I'm so angry right now as a result of what I perceive as your ignorance. This stupid a$$ country bneeds to show some class. I'm not too sure the dudes in the south wit htheir sincear boo hoo songs are goin get us there


1010 days ago


She better get back with him. As far as I can tell she's been dead for the last 10 years. Why he wants to sleep with a skeleton I don't know, but if he's willing she better take.

1010 days ago

Oh well    

Too funny, sleeps with another woman in your bed, has a "love child" but yet she loves him. Cheating or being cheated on is in the Kennedy blood...

1010 days ago


If she takes him back, he is the luckiest SOB in the world!

1010 days ago


Marie, knew what Arnold was when she married him . and also knew about that child for a long time, all she had to do is look at him one time to know he belonged to Arnold.but she choose to stay in her marriage and I don't believe that she would have filed for devorice at all except the maid demanded more hush money and they didn't give it to her....Then when she went public with it Marie got caught up in the media blitz to bring Arnold down....
I don't believe this thing would every have come to light if the maid had not got greedy...far from being the used other woman she jumped into his bed fast enough while still working with his wife.and stayed after the affair was over and started to collect extra pay from the time she knew she was pregeant....she has held that baby over this couples head for 15 years now....but Maria has know for about that long a stayed....The true evil in this story is the maid and her greed....I hope they get back together...and would if the media would get the hell out of their private lives......!!!

1009 days ago
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