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Maria Shriver

Second Thoughts

About Divorcing Arnold

12/26/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Maria Shriver
is telling friends she's now unsure if she wants to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Maria is torn, partly because of her strong religious beliefs that do not include divorce. 

Making matters even more complicated -- we're told Arnold still desperately wants Maria back, and has been "extremely sweet" to her and has made numerous gestures -- which include presents -- to win Maria back.
Maria filed for divorce on July 1, though she moved out months earlier.  She's already bought a mansion in Brentwood, CA, which she's in the process of renovating.



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She's a Kennedy, all of them get treated like doormats because they let the men do that.

1009 days ago


No! Don't know if I can say this....but just buy a vibrator. Be happy....without the heartache!

1009 days ago


This **** is soo STUPID! For real, I DON'T FEEL SORRY 4 MARIA NOT ONE BIT & everyone else shouldn't either NOBODY BUY INTO THIS AND GO OH WELL GOOD FOR HER...NOPE! she's the dumbest & most fakes of them all. Just because she played the victim card, has a decent reputation and layed low dosen't make her an angel at all. She's a dumbass for so many reasons. #1: SHE KNEW DAMN WELL FROM THE START SHE DIDN'T WANT TO DIVORCE HIM, Let alone kim him out of her life. She just wasted EVERYONE'S TIME & energy with that ****. I FEEL BAD FOR THE CHILDERN, IF SHE KNEW SHE STILL HAD FEELINGS FOR HIM WHY PUT THE KIDS THROUGH IT LIKE IT'S SERIOUS? #2: SHE WASTED MONEY! there's people who are broke, and want a dviorce but can't afford it..hell can't even afford to put food on the table but she had to be all snobby & make Arnold pay the fees for her "BIG SHOT" attorney. If she knew there was a chance, whether big or little, that she wasn't going to go through with it..OR EVEN HAD THE OLD FEELING STIRRING UP INSIDE, She shouldn't have made them do that. I'm glad her son is alright from the accident, but other than that w/e. #3: I don't care whether you people don't like Arnold or not, You can NOT honestly sit here and deny the impact Arnold has made on our society with his films, unqiue personality,& health with bodybuilding & training. Without Arnold movies wouldn't be the way they are because there was a time were no one & I mean NO ONE WAS FIT OR MUSCULAR, all of the action stars of today all said right from the mouth, that they Admire Arnold and he inspired them. So my point with reason 3 is that ARNOLD TO ME PERSONALLY HAS DONE WAYY MORE THAN MARIA HAS GLOBALLY. Yes she has done good things, good tv reporter and what not, but you can not hate a man who accomplished everything he set out to do in America, a place where in the entertainment industry no matter what field it is, IS PICKY AS HELL AND HARD TO BREAK INTO especially in those days, SO WTF IS MARIA MAKING A BIG ASS DEAL ABOUT. Cause for real, yes Even though I love Arnold I'm not gonna take his side on what he did overall, it was wrong- Maria had one of the best well-rounded men in Hollywood. I'M SURPRISED SHE MANAGED TO GET SOMEONE FROM HOLLYWOOD O.o Arnold was(still kinda is) good looking, Very well built, charismatic, and one of a kind. THERE'S WOMEN WHO GET BEAT AND ABUSED SO SHE NEED TO SHUT UP LIKE HER LIFE IS A HELL HOLE. #4 Half (well I'll say a good 45 or 50%)Is her fault! yes it's hard to stand by a man who is always busy with work, never knowing who he's really talking to etc but If she really loved him she'd stick it out some more and seek real LOGICAL HELP. Counseling, GETTING A BACK BONE AND STRAIGHTENING ARNOLD OUT TELLING HIM SHE NOT TAKING IT NO MORE! a vacation for just them 2 to be alone and focus on their marriage probs, Guidance from the family THERE'S SO MUCH MARIA COULD HAVE DONE. She just sat there like a lapdog and let the **** be handed to her. #4 Personally, If I had Anrold and we been together THAT LONG 25 YEARS NOW, HOW IN THE HELL AM I GONNA FIND SOMEBODY ELSE WHO KNOWS ME THAT WELL, LET ALONE LED A GOOD LEGACY?!1(besides his bs that I would clear up from the start). Maria knows she'********* up in age and divorcing like she's 28 isn't gonna solve anything-especially since they got kids too. #5 I ALREADY KNEW THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN IT'S NOT NEWS TO ME! Ever since the divorce some time after she was done making him look like a husband from hell, She spent a lot of time with him (some necessary for the kids, but need I remind u they are like what 17+ besides the younger one so really, it wasn't really required unless they were little childern). I could just tell even if it was something regular like going out to eat that that she was gonna get back with him. #5 If Arnold was really such a s***bbag as we potray him to be HE WOULDN'T BE BUSTING HIS ASS TO GET HER BACK, If I was a man especially him I'd own up to my responsibilities (which he is/has been doing) and move on from her. Sorry but if Arnold was really that cold like she makes him out to be he would been like **** it then, or just dealt with it quietly. #5 ARNOLD IS STILL WORKING DOING ENVIRONMENT STUFF AND HANDLING IT WELL, what has she been doing? looking at homes? milking the story for more than it's worth>? Mmmhm bitch please. #6: I agree with POOKIE BELOW, SHE JUST WANTS TO MILK ARNOLD FOR ALL THE GIFTS. Sorry but if you really that ******* pissed with a man WHY THE HELL U STILL LEADING HIM ON AND ACCEPTING HIS STUFF? #7 like reason 6 SHE MADE HER OWN FEELINGS HAPPEN BY LETTING ARNOLD IN, if she kept him away maybe it would have been the same but still, I don't wanna hear that ****. #7. WTF LEAVE RELIGION OUT OF THIS HOE! She using god as an excuse, I'm Christian but if I was catholic idc I'M STILL GONNA DIVORCE OR TRY TO FILE FOR AN ANNULMENT! SHE WORSE THAN KIM KARDASHIAN, SAY WHAT U WANT ABOUT HER TO BUT AT LEAST GOT THE **** UP AND LEFT WHEN HER JERKY ASS HUSBAND WASN'T ACTING RIGHT. If you guys buy her religious **** then you all need GOD AND CHURCH AND PRAYER! because anyone can tell this is just her civilized BS as usual. WHO IS REALLY THAT HARDCORE RELIGIOUS TO BE WORRYING 24/7 ABOUT LEAVING A MAN BECAUSE THE BOOK SAYS NOT TO? please I'd leave him if I wanted to. #7: Like I stated before Between Maria and Arnold who is luckier to have who? because for real I think MARIA IS LUCKY TO HAVE ARNOLD, not the other way around. #8: HER DUMBASS KNEW WHAT SHE WAS GETTING INTO FROM THE START! She knew how Arnold was, so why the ******he let it spin out of control without trying to help him with his problem? #9: She dosen't seem to be too fond of the kid with mildered( I mean you can't expect any woman to) but stil it's not the kids fault he's in this world, I'd rather have a good well mannered child come out of this than something more sleazier. NOW WHAT IF ARNOLD HAS A SUPERMODEL LOOKING WOMAN OR HELL PULLED A TIGER AND HAD MORE GIRLFRIENDS ON THE SIDE THAN SHE EVER HAD JOBS?! # she is so homely, ugly, and such a drag I WISH ARNOLD WOULD LEAVE THIS BITCH ALONE AND GO ON ABOUT HIS BUSINESS AND BUILD HIS REP BACK WITHOUT HER! Getting back with Maria wount really fix anything unless they did tons of charity events, tv specials and all that. BOTTOM LINE AFTER 10 REASONS (PLZ BELIEVE I GOT A MILLION MORE) ARNOLD NEEDS TO LEARN THAT IF YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS WOMAN'S LOVE WITH GIFTS AND MATERIAL ITEMS SHE DON'T LOVE U!! If she divorce u at first SHE NEVER LOVED U! if she was really a strong woman as people make her out to be SHE WOULD HAVE STAYED STRONGER AND SET HIM STRAIGHT AND BE WITH HIM. PLZ, NOW TIME I WATCH COMMANDO AND BE HAPPY<3

1009 days ago


Oh haters; HE'S the father of HER CHILDRENNNNNN, i can hear her now. Oh uh huh and he will be back , to cheat again. For on this one fact , we can be positive.

1009 days ago


kick him out of her life* Lmao lord jesus I said Kim, swear the kardashians can even infect your brain O.o but yeah read my comment below because I'm speaking the truth on Maria. If I was Arnold I'd leave her alone.

1009 days ago


In all fairness, "BOTH" parties are only "OBLIGATED" to do what makes the "BOTH" of them "HAPPY"!!! If a "reconciliation" FLOATS THEIR BOAT, I say "GO FOR IT"!!! Regardless of what transpired during their marriage in the "PAST", there's nothing preventing this couple from giving their relationship a "SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH or even a FIFTH" chance. Couples marry for "BETTER OR WORSE" and Arnold Schwarzenegger WASN'T the first "MARRIED" man to father a child with another woman and he WON'T CERTAINLY BE THE LAST!!! As "SHOCKING" as this may be, it's a fairly "COMMON" occurrence and I personally know several people who were born as a result of such "ILLICIT" liaisons. Perhaps, Arnold Schwarzenegger has "LEARNED" his lesson or "MAYBE NOT" but "ONLY" Maria Shriver can decide, if she's willing to "GO THE DISTANCE" with him. She won't the "FIRST" and CERTAINLY NOT THE LAST woman to stand by her husband in these cir****tances. What works for "ONE" woman -- DOESN'T WORK FOR "ALL" WOMEN REGARDLESS OF THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!!!

1009 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Tell her to study up on 1st Corinthians and come to realize that she is in fact allowed to divorce according to scripture. A christian counselor pointed it out to me once.

1009 days ago


Maria, you are Catholic... remember... "THOUGH SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTREY..." AND HE PRO-CREATED with another woman... HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!?????

1009 days ago

John Hay    

Who does the dried up old turnip think will marry her if she leaves Arnold?

1009 days ago

Hollywood Dave    

Maria has a home in Brentwood ?? Well so does Arnold .

1009 days ago


Great example to set for your kids Maria! Your boys will grow up thinking it's OK to treat their partners this way and your dgt will think it's OK to be treated like this. Sad!

1009 days ago


This is great, great news for me.

Because of my great Respect, capital R.

And great Admiration, capital A, for both Maria and Arnold.

If anyone deserves a Second Chance:

It's Arnold.

God Bless both of you and the Maria-Arnold Family.

1009 days ago


Another case/example o*****oddess (Maria Shriver) doing a Goddess-like thing.

Thinking outside of the box:

Which the Shriver-Kennedy's are known/famous for.

It also speaks to Maria's courage - because she knows she'll receive tons of Flak:

That this isn't the POPULAR thing, right now, for her to do.

1009 days ago


Good for her. She woke up. Women like that maid come a dime-a-dozen. Marie is the queen here. Forgiveness is the greatest test of all. The Lord says if you want forgiveness from him, you must forgive others.

1009 days ago


Look Maria... Here is the deal... He does not want to be your faithful husband. He did not even have the respect for you or your kids to use a condom or at least be discrete. You do not need him. Shake the dust off and MOVE ON. You are an intelligent woman. Use your intelligence and brain and find yourself a man who wants to be a husband if that is what you can't live without. Its a No Brainer and God WILL UNDERSTAND!!!

1009 days ago
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