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'Fresh Prince' Star


I'll Never Reunite w/ that 'A**hole'

12/27/2011 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel Air
The woman who played the original Aunt Viv on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" says there's a damn good reason she wasn't at a recent reunion dinner with the rest of the Banks family -- she HATES Will Smith.

15 years after the show went off the air ... Janet Hubert tells TMZ, she's still upset with the way she was fired from the show ... and blames the whole thing on Smith himself.

"There will never be a reunion ... as I will never do anything with an a**hole like Will Smith," Hubert said.

1227_fresh_prince_facebook_dateShe adds, "He is still an egomaniac and has not grown up. This constant reunion thing will never ever happen in my lifetime unless there is an apology, which he doesn't know the word."

Hubert has said in the past she believes Smith is to blame for her departure in the middle of the show's run -- claiming he turned on her because she wouldn't kiss his butt.

But Smith refuted the claims after Hubert left the show in 1993 -- telling an Atlanta radio station Hubert simply had a bad attitude which played a major role in her demise.

Smith told the radio station, "[Hubert] said once, 'I've been in the business for 10 years and this snotty-nosed punk comes along and gets a show.' No matter what, to her I'm just the AntiChrist."

We called Smith for comment -- so far, no response.


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Dave H    

Janet who?

1000 days ago


Maybe if you werent such a f-ing b*tch you would not have been fired. Sour grapes wont get you anything but a bad taste in your mouth. Learn from your mistakes honey. If you cant get along with Will - then YOUVE got the problem!

1000 days ago


Funny as humans we like to call the kettle black :)

1000 days ago

Michelle Foxx    

That woman's meaning of 'apology', is actually $$$!!

1000 days ago

Blue Lake    

Team Viv! Keep telling the truth, lady.

1000 days ago


I think it's pretty obvious she was the problem--that is one angry woman.

1000 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

I have been a fan of Will Smith for years and I have never seen anything but a smile on his face ~ I think she's the one with the issues, jealous, bitter has been.

1000 days ago


Will is not the only person to "go in" on this chic! Alfonzo Ribero said that she had a VERY bad attitude, and was hard to work with. It's funny how she never really got to work again in the biz. There must be some truth to it!

1000 days ago


She was the much better Aunt Liz and I believe the butt-kissing story. However, I wouldn;t use the word "a-hole" in public. I think she should apologize for that.

1000 days ago


This woman has a criminal record (she got into some argument with some people and threw a gun into someone's face!!!). Now I wonder why she doesn't talk aboiut that in her interviews. She comes out with some bull**** to say about Will Smith every 6 months for tha last few years at least. She developed a sort of stokerish obsession about him. Somebody get her a psychiatrist before she does something crazy to someone. I hope Will's security has her on some black list cause she is absolutely unpredictable!

1000 days ago


What a BITCH, tell the truth, when your contract came up you tried to hold out for more money than anyone else, then you refused to come to work, they simply replaced you, Quincy Jones was in charge of that show not Will he was a kid, you need psychiatric help, that's why you no longer work.

1000 days ago


man she still on was like 20 yrs ago....GET OVER IT....can't stand people who suffer from BBS (Bitter Bitch Syndrome)...

1000 days ago


Woopie ding dong do!!

1000 days ago


Nobody carries a grudge for that long for nothing.

1000 days ago


While I can agree, I liked the second Mrs. Banks better than the first...It always amazes me that Hollywood is never held to the same standards that the rest of the country is. Basically she was fired because she was pregnant. Yes this was 15 years ago, and yes, there are more laws in place now than at that time. But come on still...
Yep, too fat, too ugly, too pregnant, according to you - not appealing to the general public or "our" audience...What does Hollywierd really know about what appeals to us. Sadly, they think we like Jersey Shore; selfish, over indulged housewives; teen pregnancies and scores of other crap that now fill our airwaves.
I long for the days we had to get up off our asses and change the few channels available to us. I long for the days of television that didn't teach our children that there are no consequences for their actions.
Ohhh...sorry...worked the entire holiday weekend and felt the need to vent...Snotty kids and snottier parents...What a world...

1000 days ago
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